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ABP Diagnostics Inc.
Develops and manufactures biochemically based diagnostic products serving medical communities world-wide. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Alletess Medical Inc
Providing worldwide distribution of testing kits for inhalant, food and occupational allergens, with details of reagents and company information. Rockland, Massachusetts, USA.
Axis-Shield PoC AS
Creates and supplies in-vitro and point of care diagnostics for cardiovascular, autoimmune, and alcohol related, and infectious diseases, and diabetes monitoring. Based in Norway.
Distributor of diagnostics products and laboratory equipment for territory of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, virology, allergy, autoimmune, blood grouping diagnostics products.
Biomedica Immunoassays
Biomedica immunoassays for (Big) Endothelin, vitamin D, natriuretic peptides, oxidative stress, Borrelia (lyme disease), cell proliferation and cytotoxicity.
Diagnostic supplies for human and veterinary medicine.
Providing scientific immunoassay techniques of human serum, synthetic serum, bovine serum, equine serum, Urine and diagnostic calibrators.
CTC Analytics AG
A privately owned, ISO 9001 registered, Swiss based company develops and manufactures laboratory front end automation systems.
Franz Widder Gmbh
Manufacturer of measuring instruments and laboratory equipment. Kreuzwertheim, Germany.
IntraCellular Diagnostics, Inc.
EXA test for magnesium deficiency, cardiac risk, cardiovascular disease, mineral electrolyte imbalance, osteoporosis, fatigue, using analytical electron microscopy
Laborie Medical Technologies
Offers flexible urodynamics machines for diagnosis of pelvic floor problems.
LGP Consulting
Independent consulting firm specialized in laboratory workflow analysis. Includes details of trademarked equipment.
A toxicology company offering on site and Laboratory Drug Testing. FDA certified device manufacturer.
Metabolic Solutions, Inc.
Provides healthcare professionals with non-invasive medical diagnostic breath tests and laboratory services to analyze the breath samples.
Monoclonal Technologies, Inc.
DFA test for Legionella pneumophila serogroups 1-14 and DFA test for Legionella species b-p. Test for all 14 serogroups or all nineteen species with one test.
Pointe Scientific, Inc.
Manufacturers of clinical laboratory diagnostic products including clinical chemistry reagents, and instruments.
Rheumatology Diagnostics Laboratory
An innovative immunology and infectious disease reference laboratory. Located in Los Angeles, CA.
Spectral Diagnostics Inc.
Manufacturer of health care diagnostic products, plasma separation and collection membranes, antibodies and other biochemicals. Based in Toronto, Ontario. (TSX:SDI)
Teco Medical Instruments
Develops and produces high performance coagulation instruments for the low and mid-size market, from doctors and physician labs up to hospital laboratories. (Germany)
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
Manufactures analytical instruments plus reagents and consumables, laboratory equipment, software and services for the laboratory.

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