There are many therapeutic and diagniostic uses for blood derivatives, plasma proteins and hemapheresis products.

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AHF, Inc.
Providing next-day hospital and home delivery of several blood products.
Providers of a variety of blood products. Company and product information is available.
Blood Online
Magazine published by the American Society of Hematology.
Cerus Corp.
Develops systems designed to improve safety of blood transfusions by inactivating infectious pathogens in blood components, platelets, fresh frozen plasma and red blood cells, and to inhibit leukocyte activity. Details of system and company based in Concord, California. (Nasdaq: CERS).
CJD Blood Products
Information on blood products, research, and blood screening is available.
CST Technologies, Inc.
Scientific substance identification of human serum, synthetic serum, bovine serum, equine serum, urine and diagnostic calibrators.
Gibson Laboratories Inc.
Large producer of blood products. Provides information about test kits, blood products, plates, and tubes.
Donate blood and plasma to help contribute to various other blood products.
Haemonetics Corporation
Manufacturer of blood processing technology. (NYSE: HAE)
HemoStat Laboratories
Blood products for animal cell culture. Company profile and product lists are available.
Immucor, Inc.
Develops, manufactures, and sells reagents and systems used to detect and identify cell and serum components of human blood prior to blood transfusions. International distriubuter contacts, with headquarters in Norcross, Georgia, USA. (Nasdaq: BLUD).
Lorain County Blood Bank collects blood from volunteer donors in the communities where it will be used.
Machaon Diagnostics
Clinical reference laboratory developing products for diagnosis and monitoring of hemostatic and thrombotic conditions.
Operates in the field of blood purification treatments for CRRT, providing a complete range of products.
New York Blood Center
Many blood products, transfusion options, and services are provided.
Possis Medical, Inc.
Develops, manufactures and markets innovative medical products such as disposable catheters which utilize pressurized saline jets to remove blood clots, and synthetic grafts which act as substitutes for native blood vessels used in coronary artery bypass surgery.
Quad 5
An OEM company producing sterile donor animal blood, sera and purified antibodies. Product information available.
Stanford Blood Center
Description of blood and its components. Information on weight requirements and physical condition of blood donors.

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