Companies that offer some form of clearly identifiable medical record software (EMR/CPR) will be listed. Medical software resellers and consultants should be listed under Healthcare: Computing: Consultants. Developers, please indicate the distinguishing features of your software.

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1st Providers Choice
Offers several health IT services and software. Site contains software demonstrations, product information, company information and contact forms.
Provides electronic medical record to enterprise practice management, secure intranet messenger, internet patient portal for physicians and healthcare facilities.
Addison Health Systems
Offers medical documentation software Writepad with SOAP notes for chiropractic and rehabilitation clinics.
Ajexus Healthcare
Offers a configurable administrative, clinical and EMR patient information system.
Offers EMR Systems to speciality specific medical practices.
Includes office scheduling, email, interoffice messaging, advanced search, and SOAP notes.
Apollo Practice Management
Site offers physician software suite for practice management. Site includes software information, company information, pricing, a blog, and software support.
Arctrieval Inc.
Medical record correspondence management for healthcare providers and patient privacy protection for individuals and families.
AVS Medical
Provides McKesson billing software and billing services to clients in the Maryland and Mid-Atlantic Region. Site offers product information, support, client login, and company information.
Benchmark Systems
Offers EHR vendor and support services, testimonials, client login, and company contact information.
Beyond Software
Offers chiropractic records management software. Features screenshots and download.
Binary Spectrum
An IT services and software company that specializes in healthcare and provides EMR solutions. Site focuses on solution information, production information, and provides contact and customer support.
Provides medical software that concerns electronic medical records, databases and medical office management. Client-server based software, website offers product information, contact, support, tutorials, and demos.
Cara Clinicals Inc.
Site offers web-based correctional healthcare software for jail management, Uniek software description, company contact information.
Electronic medical record and practice management system for psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and mental health counselors.
Chart Capture
Rapid medical chart scanning for easy access on your computer. Use with your existing EMR or as a stand-alone product.
Electronic medical chart software, electronic medical record program, patient portal, practice information
Offers emr software for physicians. Includes product slideshow.
Chinese Medical Technologies, Inc
Electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management designed specifically for TCM.
Reviews and rates chiropractic software applications each month. Software is categorized by price and functionality.
Cientis Technologies
Offers blog, app downloads, community forum, research information, and company contact information. Latest EHR news and products reviewed.
Offers EMR and documentation system for medical practices. EMR is certified for MU stage 1, includes customizable templates. Site includes sales, signup, and contact information.
Offers cloud based medical software for healthcare organizations. Based in India, Australia, and Africa. Includes list of products and services, pricing, and contact information.
Complete Practice Solutions
Electronic medical records and medical billing services.
CompuGroup Medical
Site provides information on electronic health systems for laboratory, clinical, billing solutions and patient portal. Site lists company services, contact information, product information, and client login portal.
COR Medical Technologies
Site offers comprehensive outcome support system software, company information and contact pages, product description, subscription signup, and login pages.
Cottage Med
Trailside Health community practice. Provides and supports open source electronic medical record program, patient portal, practice information.
Provider of EMR systems for rural, community and critical access hospitals. Site features product information, contact information, product support.
CS2 Corporation
Paperless solution for patient medical records, scheduling, and work flow issues in clinical offices. Can be interfaced with your billing system.
Daw Systems, Inc.
E-prescribing and electronic medical record software vendor. Includes list of products and services and contact information.
Digital Cairo Software
Offers simple and low cost Electronic Medical Records software, digital store, and contact information.
Docs Inc.
Offers Soapware, an electronic medical record system for patient records. Includes support and newsletter.
DoctorsPartner, LLC
Offers an integrated electronic medical record and practice management software. Designed for small to midsize multispecialty practices.
Website offers picture-based practice management and electronic medical records software for the chiropractic and physical therapy industry, specializing in documenting treatment and rehab exercise.
Offers a Surescripts certified e-Prescribing platform specifically designed to integrate with multiple forms of electronic health records. Site includes software download, support, demo, and sales contact information.
Electronic prescribing vendor offering standalone and integrated e-prescribing solutions as well as patient medication history and "meaningful use" qualification solutions.
Dynamic Healthcare Systems
Offers Medicare managed care services and software solutions for the Irvine area. Includes list of products and services and contact information.
E-Possible, Inc.
Site offers health IT operation and compliance services, builds and maintains secure IT infrastructure. Based in Orange County, Ca.
Provides electronic medical records for patient health care management, patient portal, software support for small healthcare practices.
EMR Experts, Inc.
Offers a wide range of electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management software solutions.
EMR Scope, LLC
Offers software recommendations, comparisons and consulting to physicians. Site includes comparison form request, service description, contact information.
Site offers information for business and educational professionals to interact and gather information about the healthcare industry
Offers an internet-based prenatal care record system. Includes product tour.
Offers customizable EMR software with touchscreen and voice recognition.
Provides bedside charting template software for physicians. Includes screenshots, links and contact details
Provides technical consulting to healthcare facilities. Site offers descriptions of products, services, company information, and contact forms.
Offers digital dictation and transcription services, complaint-driven charting templates, and web-based documentation products and services to all medical specialties.
Provides patient discharge instructions for hospitals and clinics.
Expert EMR
Offers EMR consultation and template development information. Company information and contact form also available.
Optometrist EMR software for practices of various sizes. Offers software download, support, tutorials, and contact information.
Offers document automation programs that work on any operating system. Includes screenshots.
Offers records and billing software for chiropractors, software and company information.
Fusion Web Clinic
Features EHR for various therapy clinics. Site offers software description, explanation of benefits, features, and contact information.
Site offers information on procurement of biological specimens and clinical information, company information & contact pages, and description of services.
Global Medical Networks
Provides a centralized database Life-On-Key system, to collect all computer-based medical records, and make it available through a secure patient information network.
GroupOne HealthSource
Site offers software solutions for medical practices. Website includes list of products and services and contact information.
Desktop and mobile electronic medical record patient tracking software for use in hospitals and clinics. Offers enterprise level tools for recording the patients’ condition, invoicing, and medical calendar management.
Health eFormatics
Offers EHR conversion services for healthcare organizations. Based in Elgin, IL. Includes list of products and services, other clients, news updates, and contact information.
Health Probe
Offers a patient information manager documents, stores and retrieves patient encounters and can be integrated with accounts receivables in a seamless environment.
Health Record Corporation
Offers medical record system and support. Includes software and portable storage devices for patient records.
Offering clinical information services for intensive care unit, and systems, solutions for anesthesia. Site provides company and product information, client login, contact information, and support services.
Provides integrated mobile dictation, charge capture, and clinical results solutions as well as a secure content creation and delivery platform for physicians, clinics, administrators, and hospitals.
Site offers electronic medical record system designed specifically for physical, occupational and speech therapists and chiropractors. Site contains information on product, features, company, and contact details.
Life Systems Software
Provides chiropractic practice management EHR software. Created for documentation and SOAP notes. Site includes product sales, information, support, client login, and company contact information.
LRI Partners, Inc
Provider of EMR, RIS and PACS platforms to medical offices, clinics and diagnostics imaging facilities. Site offers information, support, contact links.
Madison Technology Systems, LLC.
Technical services and solutions for healthcare data, custom Meditech report writer services, integration for EHR systems. Includes list of products and services and contact information.
Provides physician EHR. Site offers product information, contact, support, community forum, and company information.
Offers customizable EMR, practice management, and medical transcription software, as well as medical billing and coding services.
MDS Medical Software
Full service electronic medical records software and medical practice management software systems.
Site offers an ePX system that can run stand-alone or integrate with EHR/PM systems. Site contains product information, company information and contact form, service description, and client portal.
MedAptus, Inc.
Offers handheld charge capture with real-time coding engine, point-of-care dictation and electronic prescribing. Patient information can be updated with a web browser.
Medical office automation, electronic records and billing solutions with support for imaging lab results such as X-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, MRAs and CTs.
Medical Legal Spider
Medical records sorting & indexing services. Complete document solutions for the legal and medical professions. Offers client login, blog, contact information.
Medical Web Office
Online patient portal, forms, medical front office, and EMR solutions for doctor office websites
Offers and EHR on a web platform, site features software solutions, support, community, and contact information.
Offers a customized online patient forms for medical service providers. Site provides downloads, descriptions, customer login, and company information.
Offers electronic charge capture at the point of billing, full patient rounds and schedule management, and wireless mobile access.
Medisoft Ltd
Provides ophthalmology electronic patient record software with cataract audit, IOL power calculations and automatic generation of correspondence.
Site offers data collection systems using mobile phones, software services, company, and contact information. Based in Surat, In.
Portable data file that enables mobility within locations of patient medical histories, electronic medical records, integrated images, reporting, and statystics.
Offers a free pill reminder application, web-based patient medical record solution. Website contains production information, signup, company contact, faq, and features showcase.
Cairo based software developer, site offers software solutions for a variety of medical and professional offices. Site includes sales information, downloads, contact information, client login, and support.
Features web based EHR for various practice specialties, product information and pricing, support and contact information.
Reseller of several for medical billing and electronic medical records products.
Offers PDA medical charting and record keeping software.
Mobile Physician Technologies
Provides EMR software developed specifically for and by practicing geriatricians for use in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home care.
Mountain Medical Technologies
A turnkey electronic health records (EHR), also called EMR software system that enables medical group practices to finally shift from paper-based patient record keeping to a digital format. Physicians and nurses use a tablet PC to remotely access EMR patient records.
NextGen Healthcare
Provides EHR, financial, and HIE solutions for hospitals, health systems, physician practices, and other healthcare organizations.
Clinical support software system for mental health professionals to track and document work with clients.
Online EMR, LLC
Site offers therapy documentation software for speech, occupational and physical therapy, company information, and terms of service.
OnService Solutions, LLC
Medical software company that provides hospital EMR services. It describes the purpose of the software, reviews software features and capabilities, and includes information about the company.
Website offers virtual scribe and EHR software solutions. Site includes company information, product description, client portal, and contact information.
Physician Select Management
Offers a professionally competent medical billing service or help with your information technology infrastructure, information about services, client login, and company contact.
System generates personalised, hypertext explanations of patient records, for patients. Papers and demonstrations, and related links. (University of Glasgow)
Pitchstone Health
Site contains information on medical coding software, product information, company contact, news updates, and fee schedules for physicians.
Podiatry Systems
Site provides an EHR for podiatry practice management solution which automates the paperwork of podiatry practice. Site contains tutorials, pricing, services, and Colorado based contact information is provided.
Offers EMR for office based physicians, with links to many billing software packages. Downloadable single user version available.
Practice Fusion, Inc.
Free, web-based, live in five, secure EHR for physician practices and telehealth facilities. Site offers software, client login, contact and company information, product information, healthcare community connections.
Prime Clinical
Site describes and offers patient management solutions to medical professionals in all fields. Information is provided about services, solutions, company, contact, and a client login portal.
Priority Consult
Provides technologically advanced workflow solutions for spine and oncology facilities in the Ohio area. Includes list of products and services and contact information.
PRM Platform
Site offers patient portals, EMR solutions including Msold and Dsold, contact information, and company information.
Q.D. Clinical
Offers EMR including progress notes, prescription refills, and patient-specific reminders for touchscreen, pen tablets and voice recognition software. Demonstration available.
Provides software for medical release of information, EHR information, support, and contact information.
Revenu XL
Provides EMR, EHR and practice management solutions to physicians. It also provides medical transcription, coding and billing services.
Rushcliff Ltd
Patient and practice administration software for physiotherapists, osteopaths and anyone in private practice. Includes an overview, screen tour and order information.
Simple Rounds
Offers secure text messaging mobile app with HIPAA compliant software for providers and EHR encrypted data transmission. Site includes software download, client login, support, company information.
Provides electronic medical records, patient chart management and patient scheduling software for the medical practitioner. Complete solutions to medical practice management and patient scheduling with modular, low-cost, software.
A fully automated, interactive, expert, medical office system, including electronic medical record, prescription writer, and billing system.
A Web-based electronic medical records solution that enables physicians to record patient encounters and test interpretations quickly and easily.
Offers EMR software systems and practice management solutions that enables physicians to document the patient interaction quickly and thoroughly using an electronic form.
Offers EMR software and services for medical use. Site contains information on products, company, and services as well as contact details.
Software Motif
Specializes in web based smart phone and computer based electronic medical records for healthcare facilities. Features online video demonstration and training series, software download, sales, and support information.
Software Solutions Group
Integrated practice management solution which incorporates EMR, billing, scheduling, coding, charts, forms and transcription.
Site offers medical billing solutions and services. Information on services, company, and contact is provided and also a client portal and login.
STI Computer Services
Offers patient charting software which integrates with practice databases. Includes screenshots.
Provides software for healthcare professionals to securely and safely access clinical information, product information, company information, contact form.
Systec Solutions
Network and internet services for the Houston area. Includes list of products and services and contact information.
Bedside charting system for emergency physicians.
Technical Dr, Inc.
Site offers electronic medical record consulting and implementation services. Site provides information on company services, contact information, client login, and industry news updates.
Thareb Alhayat
Offers medical software for healthcare organizations. Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Includes list of products and services and contact information.
Transcription Partner
Offers medical transcription services based out of New Delhi, India. Site offers service description, contact information, and information about the company.
TriMed Technologies
Site offers information about healthcare information systems and designs, sells, implements, and supports a suite of integrated practice management, medical charting, portal and mobile software.
Site offers an enterprise level ONC certified for meaningful use stage 2 practice management and EHR software solution. Includes information on solutions, services, company information, and product support.
Vertikal Systems
Romania based software solutions for hospitals and clinics. Site features descriptions of software, services, pricing, and contact information.
Virtual Diabetes Center
Site offers information on two integrated software modules for healthcare professionals and patients, software demonstration, and contact information.
Vitreos Health
Website offers health analytics company services, company information, physician education, client login, and contact form.
Web-based electronic medical records system for physical therapists to manage their documentation, scheduling, practice management, and billing. Site offers guides, resources, client login, support, and contact information.
Website offers a population health management solutions, description of services, customer portal, sales information, and company contact information.
Wellsoft Corporation
Software solutions for emergency departments and facilities. Site contains list of products and services and contact information.
Provide services for population health management. Offers health improvement programs, devices and applications. Based in Delaware, includes list of products and services and contact information.
Wolf Medical Systems
Medical software for physician practice management including scheduling, billing, workflow tools and electronic medical record modules.
Drummond certified chiropractic electronic medical records vendor offering integrated practice management solutions and meaningful use qualification.
WRS Health
Provides a fully integrated, web-based electronic medical record and practice management solutions for medical practices
File management and EMR services for the Ontario area. Includes list of products and services and contact information.
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