Microchips can be implanted ( usually by a veterinarian ) to enable animal identification by means of a hand-held scanner. This system is used by pet and livestock owners, zoos and wildlife researchers.

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Supplier of electronic identification for animals. The product range consists of transponders as well as portable and stationary readers.
Allflex New Zealand Ltd
Supplier of livestock tags and pet implants using radio frequencies. Includes product specifications and information about industry standards. Palmerston North, New Zealand.
Allflex USA, Inc
Producing visual and electronic identification systems for large animals and pets, with details of technology and applications. Manufacturing facilities in Boulder, Colorado, and in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, USA.
American Veterinary Identification Devices - AVID
Developer and manufacturer of microchip technology for identifying wild animals, livestock and pets. Includes company information and portal to international sites. Head office in Norco, California, USA.
Digital Angel Corporation
Developers of radio frequency identification products for use in fisheries, companion animals and livestock. Includes lost pet database. South St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.
Eidap, Inc.
Distributor of implantable devices and tags for pets, horses and livestock. Includes FAQ and slide show of applications. Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.
GrowSafe Systems Ltd.
Offers implantable and attachable RFID management systems for livestock.
Offers implantable and attachable RFID tags and readers for livestock and small animals.
Ketchum Manufacturing Inc
Making and distributing identification tags and systems for pets, livestock and aquaculture. Features product catalog and company information. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Leader Products P/L
Manufacturer and distributor of visual and radio-frequency tags for the livestock industry, with company history and dealer network. Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.
Microchips4Solutions, Inc
Manufactures implantable devices and readers for pets, with product description, manual, FAQ, and North American database. Mitchell, Ontario, Canada.
Trovan Ltd
Developer and marketer of radiofrequency technology for the electronic identification of birds, wildlife, and marine animals. Includes a recovery database service for microchipped pets and a list of international distributors. United Kingdom.
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