Livestock is the term used to refer to non-pet animals that are bred or raised on a commercial basis ( often to provide food ) such as cattle, sheep, poultry and pigs.

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1 on 1 Nutrition
Providing nutrition consulting services as well as producing a feed supplement. Includes free ration analysis. Corinth, Texas USA.
Agtech, Inc.
Provides embryo transfer, artificial insemination, and reproduction products for cattle, sheep, horses and goats. Kansas, USA.
Battle, Hayward and Bower
UK manufacturer and wholesaler of licensed medicines for horse, cattle, sheep and other animals. Includes news, product information, and company history.
Produces a dietary supplement for the treatment of diarrhea in sheep, lambs, and kids.
Develop and produce feed additives and premixes, with information about ingredients and research, as well as details of international distributors. Herzogenburg, Austria.
Canadian Animal Health Institute
Trade association representing companies that develop and manufacture pharmaceuticals, biologicals, feed additives and pesticides.
Colorado Veterinary Products
Suppliers of biologicals, instruments, laboratory reagents and serums. Includes information about subsidiaries. Denver, Colorado, USA.
Manufacturers and distributes feed supplements and pharmaceuticals for disease and nutrition management.
Hennessy Research Associates, LLC
Research and development of animal health products, vaccines and diagnostic tests. Includes company history, credentials and patent details. Shawnee, Kansas, USA.
Laat Veterinary Supplies
Based in the Netherlands, and producing disposable injection systems for livestock vaccination.
LaVitella Horse Care
Produces feed supplements for horses. Information on products offered and distribution channels.
Livestock Concepts, Inc.
Supplier of oral, topical and injectable products for cattle, sheep, swine and horses. Includes product catalog and ordering information. Hawarden, Iowa, USA.
Mayo Healthcare
Irish based manufacturer of trace elements for cattle and sheep. Includes product and company information.
Mg Biologics
Producer and distributor of equine plasma, immunoglobulins and testing kits. Includes research profile and testimonials. Ames, Iowa, USA.
Wunder Hoof
Horse hoof conditioner and growth stimulant. Includes product and ordering information.
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