This category lists sites for trade associations that inform, and enable the support and development of maple syrup and related food products.

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Bennington County Vermont Sugarmakers Association
List of members, producer news, and meeting information.
Eastern Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association
Local chapter of the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association (OMSPA), a provincial non-profit organization formed to represent syrup producers across the province.
Indiana Maple Syrup Association
Represents maple syrup producers in the state. Includes membership details, events, newsletters, news and articles.
International Maple Syrup Institute
Founded to offer marketing advice and to ensure the quality of product by participating enterprises. Service area includes the US and Canadian maple syrup industries. Page offers company news, contest information and membership FAQs.
Lewis County Maple Producers Association
Provides networking and a support system for area producers. Includes membership benefits, a list of officers, and a directory of members.
Maine Maple Producers Association
Features articles about production, a buyer's guide, recipes, a directory of producers and a membership form.
Maple Producers' Association of Nova Scotia
Provides a list of producers, events, recipes, news, classified ads and production facts.
Massachusetts Maple Producers Association
Nonprofit organization which promotes maple sugaring in the Commonwealth. Information on maple history, nutrition, economics, the process of making syrup, recipes and membership.
Michigan Maple Syrup Association
Non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of maple sugaring and the promotion of pure maple products. Provides a history of syrup making, facts and figures, a membership application, recipes, a list of equipment suppliers and producers.
Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers Association
Non-profit membership organization serving people involved in the production, processing and marketing of pure maple syrup produced in Minnesota. Offers recipes, equipment, photo album, facts, events, membership application, and bulletin board.
New Brunswick Maple Syrup Association Inc.
Non-profit organization dedicated to the producers and promotion of maple products in New Brunswick. News, educational resources, information for beginning sugar makers and a membership form.
New Hampshire Maple Producers' Association
Promotes use of the state's maple products through education and publicity, and strives to improve conditions affecting the industry. Includes membership details, articles, events and a directory of sugar houses.
New York State Maple Producers Association
Represents approximately 500 syrup makers in North America. Provides a description of maple products, list of maple producers, maple events and tours, maple facts and maple recipes.
The North American Maple Syrup Council
Nonprofit network of maple syrup producer associations representing sixteen states and Canadian provinces. Provides details of membership, a research fund and links to state and provincial websites.
Northwest Maple Association
Represents maple syrup producers from five Pennsylvania counties. List of members, maple history, recipes, and a description of the maple tour.
Ohio Maple Producers Association
Offers a collective voice for the promotion of the Ohio Maple Producers. Includes membership information, a directory of sellers and tour sites open to the public, and equipment dealers.
Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association
Represents over 400 Ontario maple syrup producers. Includes a directory of equipment manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers, exporters and educational tours, product regulations, facts, recipes, educational resources, festivals and membership benefits.
Quebec Maple Syrup Producers Federation
Offers consumer, school, industry, and international information for the production of maple syrup and other related products.
Upper Hudson Maple Producers Association
Represents maple syrup producers from the Upper Hudson Valley of New York. List of members, maple facts, grades, recipes and news.
Vermont Maple Sugar Makers' Association
Features the sugaring story, annual production figures, grades, membership details, recipes, resources for teachers and lists of producers and retailers in the state.
Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers Association
Represents commercial and hobbyist sugar making in the state. Includes membership benefits and an application, a list of members, officers and delegates, events, recipes and articles.
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