Exporters and/or processors of finned fish.
Big River Fish Corporation
Processor of fresh water bottom fish including big head carp, gar, catfish, and other species. Company profile and product information.
British Columbia processor and distributor of smoked salmon in retort packages.
Forever Frozen Seafoods Inc.
Taiwan supplier of fresh ocean and freshwater fish.
Fresh Island Fish Company
Hawaiian wholesale fish distributors shipping throughout the United States, Canada, and Japan. Company and product details.
A Brazilian company that raises, processes and distributes aquaculture products in the domestic and international markets. Major products include fresh and frozen Tilapia fillets.
Jaczon BV.
Dutch producer and wholesaler of small pelagic fish species such as herring, mackerel, horse mackerel, blue whiting, silver smelt, sardine and sardinella.
Latvian producer of prepared fish products.
Mariner Seafoods
Harvests and markets Pacific hake and arrowtooth flounder for the export market. Company details and contact information.
Moveable Feast Inc.
Produces smoked fish for food service distributors and retail markets. Product and contact information.
Northseafood Holland b.v.
Fresh and frozen flatfish processing company in the Netherlands.
Norwell AS
A Norwegian producer and exporter of farmed salmon and trout products. Site is in English and Norwegian.
Nova Seafood, Ltd.
Markets fresh seafood products, including haddock, cod, pollock, and flounder.
Olsen Fish Company
Minnesota producer and distributor of lutefisk made from Norwegian dried cod.
Pacific Harvest Seafood Inc.
Distributors and processors of fresh and frozen Alaska salmon and halibut. Bellevue, Washington.
Pesquera Landes S.A.
Chilean producer and distributor of smoked mackerel and salmon products. Site is in English and Spanish.
Seafood Supply Company
Wholesale seafood distributor to the foodservice industry nationwide for fresh and frozen seafood
Wholesale exporters of frozen and salted seafood products from North Atlantic. Company profile, product and contact details.
Storm Seafoods, Inc
Norwegian salmon including frozen salmon singles, frozen salmon sashimi loins, marinated salmon home meal replacement portions, and fresh salmon fillets.
Talleys Group Limited
New Zealand supplier of processed frozen-at-sea fish such as hoki, orange roughy, oreo dory, squid, ling, hake and toothfish.
Thai Ocean Venture Co., Ltd.
Providing tuna, swordfish and marlinfish. Includes products range and specifications, a company profile, international certificates and a contact form. Thailand.
TT Agriculture Co., Ltd.
Supplies basa and pangasius fish fillets, steaks, and chunks. Based in Hochiminh City, Vietnam.
Wrights of Howth
Irish suppliers of smoked salmon to hotel, restaurant, catering, and industrial catering outlets.
Wrights of Marino
Irish seafood wholesaler specializing in oak-smoked salmon.
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