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American Tuna Company
American producer of canned albacore tuna using ecological, troll-caught fishing techniques. Website includes recipes, product and contact information.
Producer of smoked Baltic sprats, mackerel, herring, sardines and other canned fish. Company profile, product and contact information.
International company selling canned tuna, albacore, salmon, crab meat, shrimp, oysters, and clams. Company profile, product information, tunafish information, recipes, and contact details.
Canadian Fishing Company
Canadian packer of canned salmon, and national distributor of Gold Seal canned salmon and tuna, and other seafood products.
Chicken of the Sea
Producers of canned seafood including shrimp, clams, oysters, mackerel, sardines, red salmon and pink salmon. Company profile, product information, recipes, nutritional information, and contact details.
Crown Prince, Inc.
California processor and distributor of canned sardines and other seafood. Company profile, product information, recipes, and contact details.
Diavena Ltd.
Canned fish producer from Bulgaria. Offers list of products and contact details.
French producer of canned sardines. Company history, product and contact information.
Fruitful Yield Company Limited
Supplier of canned tuna and sardine products. Company, product, and contact information. Site is in Chinese and English.
Gold Seal Seafoods
Offers a variety of canned fish, smoked oysters, smoked mussels, and lightly-smoked tuna slices. Company profile, product information, recipes, and an impressive history of the canning industry in British Columbia.
International Fish Canners
Manufacturer of canned seafood products located in Fraserburgh, Scotland. Site is in English, German, Italian, Spanish, and French.
King Oscar
Norwegian producer of canned sardines. Company information, product and contact information. Recipes.
Mega Sardines
Philippine producer of canned and pouched sardines. Product and company details.
Miami Crab Corporation
Producer of crabmeat products. Product types, sales, and recipes.
Pelican's Choice
Produces gourmet canned albacore tuna in six flavors. Company information, recipes, and product and contact details.
SK Foods Company, Ltd.
Thailand processor and exporter of canned tuna. Company profile and contact details.
StarKist Tuna
United States based canned and shelf stable pouch tuna packer. Product information, recipes, and contact details.
Tonno Callipo
Produces a range of tuna products. Offers a range of items and company details.
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