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Achnagal Ltd
Manufacturers in Cyprus making products such as halloumi and yogurt. Provides product information.
Arla Foods
Information offered on their cheeses, recipes and newsletter.
Arthur Schuman, Inc.
Importer of hard cheeses from around the world.
Barossa Valley Cheese Company
Australian artisan maker of goat and cow cheese. Provides product information, recipes, reviews and a blog. The company also holds events such as tasting and picnics, and has a store.
Barwheys Dairy
Dairy farm in Ayrshire, Scotland, UK, producing hard cheese from the unpasteurised milk of their cattle. Provides pictures and information about their dairy, cattle and team.
Beemster Cheese
Producers of well aged and flavored gouda cheese. Company history and product details.
Bega Cheese Factory
Includes company profile, products, processes, export information, factory tours, heritage centre, student resources and recipes.
Bel Group
Produces a variety of cheese products. Includes nutritional information, recipes, and employment opportunities.
BelGioioso Cheese, Inc
Manufacturers. Provides product information, awards won and recipes.
Beryl Marton & Company
A New England specialized cheese maker, importer and distributor of artisanal cheeses imported from all over the world. Produce Trempherbe, a soft, spreadable fresh cheese.
Biazzo Dairy Products
Manufacturer and distributor of Italian cheese. Includes retail, deli, and institutional product details.
Biery Cheese Manufacturing Company
Manufacturer of a wide selection of cheese from swiss cuts, cheddars, mozzarella and provolone in the form of blocks, prints and horns.
Black Diamond Cheese
Offering product information and a number of ways to enjoy cheese, including snack ideas, fun food for kids, entertaining tips and recipes.
Bryndziaren a syráren
Slovak cheese factory. Company profile, products, history and recipes.
Centro Latte Stasi
Dairy specializing in the production of cheeses and milk based products. Italy.
Clover Leaf Cheese Ltd.
Canadian full-line cheese processor supplying the retail, industrial and food service trades. Company profile and product details.
Colston Bassett Dairy Ltd.
Makers of Stilton and Shropshire blue. Describes their history and products.
Cornish Country Larder Ltd.
Produces a variety of hard and soft cheeses from goat and cow's milk. Product details.
Dalter Alimentari S.p.A.
Italian company specializing in the packaging of Parmesan and hard cheese under their retail brand of Campirossi. Offers packaging services, providing types of packing and cuts available.
DCI Cheese Company
Specialty cheese supplier offering a variety of domestic and imported products. Extensive recipes.
Drysdale Cheeses
Produces natural and flavored shev, fettina, halloumi, blue and cheddar from goats' milk. Also producing milk, yogurt and curd. Provides product and company information, photographs of the animals and recipes. Located in Victoria, Australia
Manufacturer of a range of cheeses. Company profile, product information, news and history.
Flanders Food Productions
Manufacturer specialized in processing hard and semi-hard cheeses. Belgium.
Forever Cheese Inc.
Importer of European cheese, almonds and accompaniments. Company profile, serving tips and recipes.
Forgrana Corradini Spa
Italian manufacturers of Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano. Exports worldwide. Provides product and company information.
Formaggio Italian Cheese Specialties Inc.
Produces a variety of Italian cheeses and cheese based products. Company history and product details.
Fromagerie Bergeron
Makes primarily Gouda. Company history, product specifications, and list of retailers.
Goatsbeard Farm
Producers of goat's milk cheese. Company, product and contact information.
Grande Fine Italian Cheeses
A Wisconsin cheese manufacturer of fine Italian specialty cheeses, including fresh mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, Romano and restaurant pizza cheese.
Great Lakes Cheese Co
Bulk, food service and private label imported and domestic cheese.
Heart Song Farm
Offers handmade fresh chevre and mold-ripened farmstead goat cheese. Details on varieties and contact information.
Ingredient Solutions
Irish cheese manufacturer producing shredded and grated cheese ingredients for the food industry. Company profile and product details.
Manufactures cheddar and flavored and powdered cheeses. Supplies product information.
Ivanhoe Cheese
Canadian manufacturer of cheddar, brick, gouda, asiago and farmers cheese.
Keen's Cheddar
A British farm producing their own raw cow milk cheese. Provides their history and an article about production, a list of their stockists and news.
La Bufalat
Italian producer of buffalo milk mozzarella. Processing pictures and contact details.
La Casa Del Formaggio
Italian cheese maker serving the Australian market and with export certification. Products, history, and local retail store details included.
La Moutonniere Cheese Plant
Makers of farmstead sheep milk cheeses. Includes information about the products, the sheep, and the farm.
Lactalis American Group, Inc
The owner of brands such as Galbani and President. Provides the company history along with a list of their divisions and products.
Lancewood Cheese
Manufacturers of cottage cheese, cream cheese, cheddar, gouda and edam cheeses, yoghurt and other dairy products in South Africa.
Laubscher Cheese Company Ltd
A cutting, shredding and packaging wholesale company located in Pennsylvania, USA. Provides a product and broker list, company history and FAQs.
Leprino Foods
Manufacturer of mozzarella cheese and exporter of whey and lactose products.
Lioni Latticini, Inc.
Manufacturer of whole-milk cow mozzarella and naturally smoked mozzarella. Product details and company profile.
Lordi S.A.
Spanish factory producing and supplying specialty cheese. Provides product information.
Lotito Foods Inc.
European cheese importer for restaurants, super markets and private label distribution. Company profile, products and private label information, and contact link.
Lyburn Farmhouse Cheesemakers
Local hand-made artisan cows' milk cheeses. Information about the various cheeses and where to purchase them, and about the cows and farm situated in the New Forest, Hampshire.
Producer of cheese and cheese products. Company history, product descriptions, recipes, and distribution and contact details.
Marin Cheese
Producer of French Camembert and Brie cheeses. Product and contact details.
Maytag Dairy Farms
Producers of branded blue cheese and other cheese varieties including white cheddar, swiss, and edam. Company history, processing photographs. and contact details.
MCT Dairies
Supplier of domestic and imported cheese and dairy ingredients.
Meadow Creek Dairy
Virginian family-run dairy farm manufacturing their own cheese. Pictures and information about the farm, the products and the retail locations of their products. Includes a blog.
Merone-N Ltd.
Bulgarian company producing cheese and butter. Provides the company history and the nutritional information for their products.
Miceli Dairy Products Company
Manufacturers of specialty Italian cheeses.
Mikana Foods, Inc.
Supplies natural and processed cheeses available as shredded, bulk, sliced, portion packaged cheese, or meal kits.
Mt. Townsend Creamery
Produces hand-crafted cheese in the French tradition. Details cheeses offered.
Müeller-Moers GmbH & Co. KG
Distributors of European cheese. Supplies company information and product details.
Open Country Cheese Company
A small New Zealand based producer of fine cheeses for both export and local consumption. Company profile, product information, and contact details.
Orna Ingredients UK
Brands include Gr8 and Palatina. Providing cheese in all its forms including sauces and pastes. Also manufactures desserts. Company history and awards.
Oshkosh Cheese Sales and Storage
Specializes in the curing and sales of 40# cheddar blocks. USA.
Pilgrim's Choice
Producers of a full range of English cheeses including cheddars, blue cheeses and territorials.
Providence Specialty Products
New England manufacturer of specialty cheeses: Asiago, Gouda, Mozzarella Curd, Feta, Parmesan and Romano. Company profile, product specifications, recipes, and contact information.
Quorum Internacional S.L.
Suppliers of Spanish cheese and accompaniments. Provides product pictures and information.
Reichert's Dairy Air
A micro-dairy based in Knoxville, Iowa, USA, producing hand-made goats' cheese. Provides information about their family-run company, the products they make and where they can be purchased.
The Rogue Creamery
Makers of artisan blue, Cheddar, and jack cheeses. Company history, online shop, news, recipes, and a list of upcoming events.
S Parr & Son
Producers and exporters of traditional produce including Stinking Bishop, Wensleydale and Earlswood. Provides a brief history of each product, and some contact details.
Sargento Foods Inc.
Supplier of natural and processed cheese products to the food ingredients industry, including shredded, frozen, bulk, and portion control packaging options. Offers company history, and product and contact details.
Seal Cove Farm
Produces herbed, blueberry and cranberry specialty chevres, and goat cheese gift samplers. Lamoine, Maine.
Si Invernizzi
Italian manufacturer. Details of their products and company information. Provides information about their production process.
South Caernarfon Creameries
Manufacturer of cheese in Wales since 1938. Farmer owned co-operative venture based in the Llyn Peninsula area of Northwest Wales.
Southern Aged
Small company located in the south of the USA, hand-making their cheeses. Provides recipes and details of upcoming events.
Spring Hill Jersey Cheese Company
Produces a variety of artisan cheeses. Company profile, and product details.
Surfing Goat Dairy
Makers of a variety of goat cheeses. Includes nutritional, product, and tour information. Maui, Hawaii.
Tahsildaroglu Inc.
Turkish producer of cheese. Company profile, products, history of cheese, recipes, and contact information.
Troyer Cheese
Specializes in Amish cheeses and related products. Company profile and product information.
Unicorn Cheese
Specialists in Brie and Camembert. Company history, product profile, and recipes. Australia.
United Food Company S.A.E.
A goat farm in Egypt producing their own cheese. Providing company history and information about their dairy and farm. Includes product details and recipes.
Valley Shepherd, LLC
Creamery in Hunterdon County, New Jersey produces cheese made from sheep's milk. Includes tour and processing information, festivals and events.
Viotros SA
Greek manufacturer of processed cheese and cheese alternatives; sliced, shredded, and in blocks. Company profile and product details.
Welcome Dairy Inc.
A line of processed cheese products, natural cheese cuts, sauces and spreads, smoked cheeses, private label programs and cold storage.
Wensleydale Creamery
Includes history of the creamery, visitor centre, wholesale and news. Descriptions of all the cheeses, including the official 'Wallace and Gromit' cheese. Online sales of truckles and gifts.
Westhaven Dairy
Producers of handmade Tasmanian goats' and cows' milk cheeses. Company profile, product and contact information.
Westland Kaasexport B.V.
Exporters of Dutch speciality cheeses. Brands offered and nutritional information.
Whitehall Specialties
A Wisconsin, USA based company providing white label services, industrial ingredients and flavorings. With product, service and company information.
Willamette Valley Cheese Company
Produces a variety of cheeses including gouda, jack, and havarti. Product details, and locations available.
Wiscon Corporation
Manufacturers and importers of parmesan, romano, mozzarella, asiago and other Italian cheeses for the retail and foodservice markets.
York Valley Cheese Co. inc.
Manufacturers and wholesale distributors of Druck's cheese. Provides product information and contact details.

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