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A & D Wholesale, Inc.
Located near Chicago, Illinois, USA, and carrying well-known brands of candy, novelty items and groceries. Offers private label services on bags of candy, includes a distributor registration form and FAQs.
Britannia Superfine Ltd.
Manufacturers of chocolate, chocolate compounds, fondant, fudge, cake decorations and ice cream coatings.
C. Howard Co. Inc.
Manufacturing and selling mints and gum. Provides the company's history and nutrition information.
Calico Cottage
Supplier of fudge-making ingredients, equipment and merchandising expertise serving customers worldwide including New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean and the United States.
Candico (I) Ltd
New Delhi based manufacturers of toffee, candy, gum and chews. Information about their products and operations.
Chase Candy
Makers of Cherry Mash as well as other types of candy including: peanut brittle, peanut squares, peco flake, coconut bon bons, and haystacks. Find information about the company and its products. Virtual factory tour, and online sales.
Chocolame - Produtos Alimentares, Lda
Manufacturers of a variety of chocolate salami products. Includes company information and product list. Portugal.
Clasen Quality Coatings, Inc.
Manufacturer of white, milk, dark, peanut butter, flavored, and sugar free coatings for the confectionery and nutritional food industries.
Confectionery Only
Australian supplier of personalized and promotional candy, chocolate and mints. Information about their samples and artwork policies.
Convi Food Sweets Ltd.
Producer and exporter of handmade marzipan figurines and cake decorations. Company information, products and contact details. Estonia.
Creme d'Or
Importer and distributor of chocolate and confectionery products into the UK.
Crills Saltwater Taffy
Old fashion homemade candy and treats.
Danpak Foods Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of bubble gum, chocolate and candy from Pakistan. Offers a private label service. Provides product and company information and photographs of exhibitions.
De Bock NV
Offers a chocolate and sugar coating service and supplies coated products. Includes a product list.
DeLeyer Food
Manufacturers of cake decorations offering private label services located in the Netherlands. Products include sugar paste, food coloring, and edible glazes, glue and text. With product and company information.
Donohue & Higgins Candy & Tobacco Co.
Wholesalers of candy, chocolate, gum and mints. Also sells snacks. Online ordering.
Dupont d'Isigny
French company offering caramels, fruit chews, hard candies and chocolate-covered snacks.
Ferndale Confectionery
Produces mints, sugar-free gum and pastilles. Offers wholesale shopping, brand, nutritional and company information and company news.
Global chocolate and confectionery producer. Products, history and store locator.
France Décor
French company producing edible decorations.
The Fudgery
Offers wholesale fudge and displays to retailers.
Golden Bonbon Almond Nougat Candy
Manufacturer of Italian Torrone. Shipping specifications, product and trade show information.
Haitai Confectionery and Foods
Korean manufacturer and exporter. Company information, history, products and export details.
Hershey Foods Corporation
Chocolate and confectionery manufacturers. Corporate information, gift catalogs, recipe books, employment and investor information.
Joseph Shalhoub & Son, Inc.
Manufacturers of fruit rolls. Includes company history and online ordering.
Kao Mi Food Product Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of candies and preserved fruits.
Karma Candy Inc.
Located in Canada, manufactures everyday and seasonal chocolate and candy. Offers descriptions of each product and their press coverage.
Kondima Engelhardt
Producer of semi-finished products for confectionary and the sweets industry. Germany.
Mars Incorporated
A global conglomerate with interests in confectionery and pet food. Provides sections on working for the company, their background and philosophy and science. Details their brands which include Snickers, Skittles, Altoids, Whiskas and Pedigree pet food.
Marshmallow Fluff
Site devoted to the traditional marshmallow creme product offers FAQ, printable illustrations to color, some Fluff history, and sound file of the Fluff theme song.
Marzipan Specialties Inc.
Manufacturer of edible pastry and cake decorations for professionals. Nashville, Tennessee
Meyers Bay Foods Company LLC
Makers of S'mores Crunch and Crumble-Ons based in Illinois, USA. Product information, recipes and news.
Naveed Enterprises
Manufacturers of candy, toffee, and other confectionery products. Company profile, product and contact information.
Information about the New England Confectionery Company including products, history, and fun facts.
Palmer Candy Company
Offers a full line of confections and nutmeats to stores, wholesalers and mass merchandisers. Includes history, products catalog and order information. Located in Sioux City, Iowa.
Pearson's Candy Company
Products include Bun Bars, Nut Goodie, salted nut rolls, and mint patties. History, job opportunities, online store, and information for customers, retailers, and brokers.
Pietro Romanengo fu Stefano
Produces candy fruit, chocolate, "confetti", and fondants. Includes company history and a blog with company news and recipes.
Premier Brands Canada Ltd
Manufacturers and importers of traditional candy, Belgian and Swiss chocolate and cookies. Provides product information, details on where to buy their Waterbridge branded goods, and a blog.
Raimondi Inc.,
Tennessee-based manufacturer of caramel apples. Includes company history and product list.
Redco Foods, Inc.
Provides a wide variety of ice cream and custard mixes, Danish desserts, and fudge.
Rose Confectionery
Dublin-based importers and distributors of confectionery including mallow products and lollipops.
Rose's Handmade Confectionery
South African producer. Products, history and contact details.
Shibata Trading Co.,Ltd.
Exporter and wholesaler of Japanese confectioneries, crackers, and snack foods. Japan.
Sifers Candy Company
Creators of Valomilk, a marshmallow and chocolate candy. Includes company history, ingredient list, and links to retailers selling the product.
Sokol and Company
Based in Illinois, USA. Manufacturers of cake, pastry and pie fillings, sauces and marinades. Provides recipes using their products, a blog and FAQs.
Wax Orchards
Fruit-sweetened, fat-free products include chocolate fudge sauces, preserves, condiments, and natural sweeteners. Retailer locations.

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