Sites that concern themselves mainly with and serve the soft drink industry; supplies and equipment, wholesalers, and trade associations, for example.

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A. G. Barr p.l.c.
Scottish manufacturer of soft drinks including Irn-Bru. Includes company history and product range.
Bottled in Winchester, Kentucky since 1926. Includes company history, plant tours, recipes, FAQs, sales and distribution, and employment opportunities.
Bottle Green Drinks Co.
Non-alcoholic cordials and pressés made from natural ingredients. Product information and stockist list only.
Bulldog Root Beer
Premium root beer. Includes links to reviews and testimonials.
C&C Beverages, Inc
Manufacturer and distributor of cola, soda, iced tea and spring water. Includes company history and FAQ. Cranford, New Jersey, USA.
Calypso Soft Drinks
Soft drinks manufacturer, with product range, online shop and contact details.
Canada Dry
Corporate web site. Offers product information, product ingredients, company history, recipes, and game ideas.
Chas. Boggini Company
Manufacturers of cola concentrates. Product and contact details.
A burgundy-red cherry soft drink established in 1917. Includes online store and retail locations.
Club-Mate UK
UK based makers of Club-Mate, Club-Mate Cola and Ice-T Kraftstoff, includes contact information, location map, ingredients and recipes.
Cool Mountain, Inc.
Offers a large selection of classic and contemporary fruit flavored sodas. Includes company detail, games, news, contact information, distributors and online store.
Cott Corporation
Produces, packages and distributes a wide selection of bottled and canned carbonated beverages under private label and branded names. (Nasdaq: COTT).
Dr Pepper Snapple Group
Manufacturer, bottler, and distributor of Dr Pepper, Snapple, 7UP, Mott's, A&W, Sunkist, Canada Dry, Sunkist, and other popular beverages.
Evoka Drinks
London based company and the makers of Evoka Cola. Includes distributor and headquarters contact information.
Ginseng Up
Offers ginseng based natural soft drinks and iced teas. Includes FAQ and flavor list.
Hank's Gourmet Beverages
Flavored soft drink producer based in Philadelphia. Includes news, product information, and online shop and contact information.
Havana Cola
Key lime cola. Information about the company including news, product information, events and history.
IBC Root Beer
Producers of root beer in several different flavors. Includes ingredients, nutrition information, contact, sales and brokers, history and games and contests.
Manufacturers of fruit-flavored drinks. Includes fun zone for kids and product location search.
Jones Soda
Manufacturers of uniquely flavored soda beverages. Offers product details and contact information.
Kalm with Kava
Makers of Kalm with Kava, a drink formulated for relaxation. Includes ingredient details, online store, testimonials and contact information.
National Beverage Corp.
Soft drink company that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes a variety of beverages throughout the United States.
Nichols Dispense
Supplier of dispensed soft drinks. Includes company details, products list, distributors, equipment list and contact information.
Nichols plc
UK company specializing in soft drinks, beverage ingredients and systems.
Ocean Valley
UK based distributor and exporter of various canned and bottled drinks. Includes company details, product list, contact information, news and export locations.
Pacara Boza
Producer of Boza a drink made of corn, flour, sugar and water. Includes history, company information, and contacts.
Panda Drinks
Soft drinks containing real fruit juice. Product information, competitions, games and contact details.
Polar Beverages
Provides a description and information about products including ginger ale, seltzers, mixers, spring water and other sodas.
Ramune Corporation Ltd.
Taiwan producer of branded soft drinks. Product and contact details.
Reed's Inc.
Makers of a variety of soft drinks. Includes product list, store locator, investor information, news and contact details.
Makers of root beer flavored with orange and vanilla, with added guarana and Vitamin C. Includes retail outlets, ingredient information, recipes and contact information.
Route 66 Sodas LLC
Makers of a variety of flavored soft drinks. Includes retailer information, recipes, nutritional information, contact information and online store.
Royal Crown Cola International
Official site for the manufacturer and distributor of RC Cola, Diet Rite and other branded soft drinks. Includes contact information, about page and bottler system information.
Sunkist Soda
Orange and diet orange soft drink company. Includes product information, history and downloads.

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