Malt is grain, usually barley, that is allowed to partially germinate to convert its starches into sugars. It is these sugars that the yeast feeds on to produce alcohol. Malt also imparts the majority of flavor to the beer. Malt extract is malt that has been mixed with water, cooked, then boiled down into a syrup or even into a dried form.

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Assured UK Malt
Initiative by the Maltsters Association of Great Britain to create a standard code of practice audited by an independent external body. Requirements, guide, testing information and FAQs.
Barmalt India Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of malt and malt extract. Profile, history, and products.
Briess Industries
Producer of specialty malts for brewing and grain products for the beverage industry. Includes product and services information, company background and locations.
Cargill Specialty Malts
Supplier of malt products for the brewing industry. Includes news, order form and malt descriptions.
Castle Malting
Belgium producers of malt for brewing beer. Company profile and product details.
Crisp Malting Group
Maltsters located in Norfolk, England. News, products, distribution.
The Malt Company (India) Limited
Indian manufacturers and exporters of malt products for the beverage and food industries. Company profile, products and specifications, and contact details.
Mouterij Dingemans
Provides full range of Belgian Malts, including roasted, caramelized biomalts. Available products, company background, brewing tips.
Muntons World Class Malt
Major producers of dry malt and malt extract, based in three sites in England and Scotland.
New Heritage Barley Ltd
Revives old barley varieties as sources of genetic diversity for the creation of cultivars especially for the craft brewing industry.
Premier Malt Products
Malt manufacturer for baking and brewing. Includes product lists.
Simpsons Malt
Supplies malted barley to the brewing, distilling, and food industries. Malting plants in Northumberland, Norfolk, and Essex in the United Kingdom. Company overview, history, news, malting process, locations, and contact information.
Weyermann Specialty Malting Company
Premier German producer. Products, wholesalers, history, homebrew recipes, FAQ. [German/English]

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