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A.C. Tool and Company
Designer and manufacturer of food processing equipment such as the biscuit slicer and sausage/biscuit assembler. Company profile, product details, and contact information.
A.H. Lehmann Blechwarenfabrik
Production and marketing of bread pans and cake pans and sets, cake and special production for baking industry.
Importers and distributors of bakery and pizza equipment, including: rack, deck, static and convection ovens, based in Melbourne Australia.
AD Bakeries Equipment
Food processing equipment in Israel.
All In One Bake Shop
Retail supply source for home and professional bakers.
Suppliers of papers and inks to the bakery industry and home cake decorators.
Specialized in the manufacture of textiles, felts, fabrics used in bakery and in conveyor belts.
Manufacturer of integrated ovens and baking systems; offers company profile, details of products and services, and contacts.
AXA Bakery Ovens
Manufacturer of bakery ovens and equipment. Located in Europe - Slovakia.
Bake-Off UK Ltd
Suppliers of new and used bakery and food processing equipment to the wholesale bakery industry.
Computer software for the baking industry.
Baker Parts Inc.
Offer used bakery equipment to the wholesale baking industry, supply and install tunnel ovens, travelling tray ovens, horizontal mixers, complete bread, roll and cake make-up lines.
Baker's Best
Source for new and reconditioned equipment, doughnut equipment, pizza and pastry equipment for retail, wholesale and restaurant operations.
Bakery and foodservice equipment manufacturing and supply in South Africa.
Bakery Connection Inc.
New and used baking equipment for sale, plus parts and accessories.
Nationwide bakery and food service equipment sales, and service.
Bakery Marketing
Bakery equipment, mixers, donut equipment, sheeters, moulders, and ovens.
Supplier of new and used bakery equipment; offers company profile, details of products, and contacts.
Bakrico s.a.r.l
Lebanon based manufacturer and exporter of bakery equipment for French and Arabic pita bread, tannour, pastries and snacks.
Barmak Barutçuoğlu Food Machinery & Tech Co.
Provides equipment for artisan, through to full assembly line bakeries. Includes dough mixers, fermenters, ovens and production lines. Includes product, after-sales and company information. Based in Turkey.
Belshaw Adamatic
Offer custom designs and builds versatile make-up equipment in the industry. Applications include everything from bagels to fresh and frozen doughs.
Bettendorf Stanford, Inc.
Manufacturers of bread and bun slicers, blades, baggers, topping applicators, conveyors, and other bakery and packaging equipment.
Bimatic s.a.r.l.
Manufacturer of bakery, pastry, and snack producing equipment. Lebanon.
Bloemhof Inc.
Manufacturer of bakery and packaging equipment. Product information and photos, events, company information, and contact details.
Blue Ribbon
Sugarcraft tools and tuition. Online catalogue offers books, cutters, tools, tins and edible decorations. Worldwide delivery.
Bakery equipment manufacturer. Includes bread ovens, mixers, dividers and retarder proofer. Located in Holtzheim, France.
Burford Corporation
US based manufacturer of commercial bakery equipment; offers company profile, details of products, shows, and contacts.
Chicago Metallic Products
Manufacturer of baking pans, bakeware, aluminum foil and plastic containers, and retail housewares.
Spanish bakery machine manufacturer; offers company profile, details of products, and contacts.
Manufacturer of bakery equipment. Canadian based.
Italian based manufacturer of machines for ice cream cones and wafers; offers company profile, details of products, and contacts.
Convex NV
Bakery oven manufacturer, online shop with all kinds of bakery equipment.
Dirmak Machine Co. Ltd.
Designs and produces bread slicer machines, planetary mixers and spiral dough kneaders. Provides a brief company profile, product specifications and photos. Located in Izmir, Turkey. [Turkish and English]
Wafer and waffle biscuit machine manufacturer; offers details of products and contacts.
Manufacturers and distributors of pizza dough proofing and dough transportation trays as well as scrapers. Made from FDA approved materials.
Doyon Baking Equipment, Inc.
Manufactures bakery equipment, pizza ovens, rack ovens, dough mixers and sheeters, proofers, warmers, and bread slicers. Located in Quebec, Canada.
Drader Manufacturing Industries, Ltd
Canada. Plastic manufacturing and steel wire fabrication company, specialised in bakery equipment and components.
Dutch based dealer in used bakery equipment and production lines; offers company profile, details of equipment, and contacts.
Dunbar Systems, Inc.
Distributor of wholesale bakery equipment. Providing service to the wholesale baker from design to start-up and installation.
Edhard Metering System
Manufactures equipment used in the baking, food service, food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries for depositing, injecting and filling liquid or viscous products.
Elenco Group
Supplier of foodservice equipment, specialized in bakery and kitchen equipment. Located in United Arab Emirates.
Empire Bakery Equipment
Flour handling systems, ovens, mixing and make up equipment.
Erika Record
Manufacturer of bakery equipment, including; divider-rounders, dividers and rounders. Locations in Germany and Fairfield, New Jersey.
Excalibur Bagel & Bakery Equipment
Supply a single item or completely outfit a bakery or bagel operation anywhere in the USA.
F&S Engraving Inc
Manufacturer of steel stamp engravings, cookie, cracker and snack food dies; offers company profile, details of products, and contacts. Located in Mount Prospect, Illinois.
Lebanese company manufacturing pita and arabic bread equipment
Ferneto S.A.
Manufactures equipment such as mixers, sheeters and bun dividers. Provides product and company information and videos. Located in Portugal.
Fimak Makina
Produces bread ovens and equipment for the bakery industry. Based in Turkey. Company profile and product information.
Management software application aimed at retail and wholesale bakeries as well as food processors and wholesale distributors.
Food Processing Solutions
Suppliers of spiral systems for the food industry
Gemni Engineers
Exporter, supplier and manufacturer of ice cream cone baking machines; offers company profile, recipes, and contacts.
China based food processing equipment exporter.
French manufacturer of bread processing equipment. Located in Rouen, France.
Guy Paul
Supplying sugarcraft tools for wedding cakes, icing bags piping tools, and other bakery tools.
Haas Food Equipment
Manufacturer of processing plants for the baking industry; offers company profile, details of products and services, and contacts.
Hansaloy Corporation
Manufacturer of bread slicer blades. Provides company history and product information.
Helco Group
Develops, markets and manufactures ovens, mixers, proofers, packaging, wrapping and forming machines. Includes a contact form. Craiova, Romania. [English and Romanian]
Helpan Forni
Italian company producing a range of ovens. Provides product and company information.
Horizon Equipment
A full service wholesale and retail bakery equipment distributor. New and used equipment, parts, and service to the baking and restaurant industries. Eagan, MN.
Hsiao Lin Machine Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of bakery machines.
Innovation in Europe: Fast-response Doser-mixer
Describes a mixer that can deliver water at stable temperatures for dough-making.
Dutch based supplier of used bakery equipment; offers company profile, details of products, and contacts.
International Bakery Equipment Pty.Ltd
Importers and suppliers of new and usd equipment and bakeware to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific rim. Provides product information and user manuals.
J. Gottlieb Marketing and Management Ltd
Israeli bakery and confectionery consulting firm, representing major machinery producers, for bakery and confectionery. Activities are consulting, sales and service.
Jac Machines
Manufactures bread slicers, dough processing machines, dividers, bread moulders and provers. Includes product lines and specifications, information about production centers in Belgium and France, and a list of authorized dealers. [English, French, Dutch, German and Spanish]
Jongerius Hanco BV
Manufacturers of slicing machinery, conveyors, and bag handling equipment for the baking industry. Located in Holland.
Jongerius International Ltd
UK manufacturer of slicing and food packaging machinery; offers company profile, details of products, and contacts.
Jovbak s.r.o.
Distributes ovens, bread dough making and processing machinery, wrapping and cutting machines, and other baking equipment, as well as supplies, assembles and sells spare parts. Includes product photos. Czech Republic.
Koma Koeltechnische Industrie B.V.
Netherlands based company offers equipment for food industries.
Manufacturer of the Kook-E-King cookie machine. These machines can drop 300 cookies per minute, accepts many types of dough with 60 dies to choose from.
Kroslak Bakery Equipment
New and reconditioned bakery equipment and supplies retailer.
Lawrence Equipment
Designs, engineers and manufactures state of the art equipment for most kinds of flat bread as well as many fried snacks.
LC Bakery Equipment Services Ltd
Manufacturer of commercial baking equipment including revolving tray ovens, final proofers, flour silos, baking oven racks, bakery racks, pan carts, and bowl carriers. Also remanufactures dough processing equipment.
Lillsun Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Manufacturer of wooden products for the food industry which included peels, proofing boards and paddles.
Makers of stainless steel and aluminum bakery racks. Located in New York State, USA.
Manufacturer of bakery and pastry machines. Product information, company background, and information request form.
Maine Wood Heat
Offers wood fired ovens and baking accessories, masonry heaters, and cast iron hardware.
Manufacturer of dough processing machines. France.
Modern Baking Systems
UK based bakery equipment manufacturers and bakery engineers, suppliers of new and reconditioned bakery equipment including rack ovens, provers and bread plants.
Molded Fiber Glass Tray Company
Manufactures reinforced composite trays, containers, and flats used in the confectionery, bakery, food service, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries as well as many other markets for in-process handling of goods.
Mono Bakery Equipment
Suppliers of ovens, in store bakeries, and food service systems.
Morello Forini
Italian manufacturer of wood, gas, electric and hybrid static and turntable ovens and fume extractors. Provides product details and videos along with certification details.
Moretti Forni S.p.a
Italian manufacturer of static ovens for pizzeria, bakery and pastry. Provides information about their company, products and training programs.
Muller International Inc.
An engineering and consulting company for the Food Industry.
Naik Oven Manufacturing Co.
Ovens for bakery products, rotary rack oven, India.
New Era Machines Ltd.
Indian based manufacturers of biscuit machinery.
Nicholson Equipment
Wholesale bakery equipment and restaurant supply including ovens, mixers, racks
Oliver Products Company
Providing bakery equipment, including; bread slicers, bagel and bun slicers, tying machines, dough equipment, and ovens.
Orbie Donut GmbH
Manufacturer of donut mixes and equipment for business start-ups. Includes product details and online infomercial. Germany.
P.R.I Bakery Equipment
Builds and renovates special ovens for breadmaking.
P.R.I.M. Italia S.r.l.
Manufactures industrial machinery for producing breadsticks, pizzas, and similar items. Based in Milano, Italy.
Paterson Pacific Parchment
Supplier of paper goods, dealing in many items from napkins to medical supplies.
The Perfect Score Company, Inc.
Manufactures bakery machinery including bread scoring machines, bread cutting and splitting machines, and conveyors.
Piccadilly Circus Pizza
Equipment for convenience stores that bakes pizza, sandwiches, and cinnamon rolls, and then warms and displays the foods.
Pie Designs and Solutions
South African manufacturer of commercial pie making equipment; offers details of products, testimonials, and contacts.
Equipment, machines and ovens for bakery, pastry and pizza available worldwide.
Popcake International
Manufacturers of an automated pancake making machine, located in Georgia, USA. Provides a store selling the machine and pancake batter mix.
PPH Mestrukton-Pol Sp. z o.o.
Manufacturer of stainless steel modular enclosure systems, cookers and fryers, oven and refrigerator housings, tables, racks, and cabinets. Poland
ProBake Inc
Located in Ohio, USA, supplying industrial bakery automation goods, bulk ingredient systems and professional kitchen equipment such as ovens, dough mixers and refrigeration. Provides product information and testimonials.
R&D Engineers
Manufacturer and exporter of baking machines for ice cream cones and wafer biscuit plants.
RONDO Burgdorf AG
Sells, manufactures and develops bakery and food processing equipment and machinery; provides product information and contacts.
Sander Supply, Inc.
New and used restaurant and bakery equipment, with specials and location information.
Sarmatek Makina A.S.
Manufacturers of dough processing machines and baking ovens. Based in Turkey.
Italian manufacturer of bakery and pastry equipment.
Scobie Bakery
New and used equipment, deck and rack ovens, mixers and mixing systems, breadplant, provers, retarders, and depositors.
Secom Ita s.r.l.
Supplies processing lines and plants tailored for the manufacturer of pasta, bakery products, and snack food.
Manufacturer of a non-stick baking mat; offers product details, lists retailers, and contacts.
SMK Solutions
Offers product formulation and plant design for the baking industry. Includes a company profile and details of services.
Somerset Industries
Supplier of dough processing equipment and machines; offers company profile, details of products, shows, and contacts.
South Eastern Supply Co.
Restaurant equipment, mixers, dough machines and ovens.
Italian company, production bakery and pastry equipment: machine and planetary mixers.
Technoheat Ovens & Furnaces Pvt Ltd
Indian manufacturers of bakery machinery including food processing equipment. Provides product details, a gallery of photographs and a list of their showrooms.
Termotehnika Inc.
Manufacturer and installation of thermal units, bakery ovens, dough machines, kneaders, fryers and other equipment. Includes product photos and specifications. Located in Zagreb, Croatia. [English, Croatian and Russian]
Thompson Bagel Machine
Manufactures bagel forming equipment.
Manufacturer of bakery equipment, mixers, grinders, sheeters and slicers.
Thünnesen GmbH
German company purchaser and seller of secondhand bakery machines.
Tom Chandley Ltd
Supplier of baking ovens with years of manufacturing experience. From our purpose built factory in Denton, Manchester.
Sell new and pre-owned bakery equipment.
Unifiller Systems Inc.
Designs and manufactures automated depositing and cake decorating equipment. Provides examples of machinery uses and capabilities.
United Equipment Technologies
Designs and manufactures mixing equipment for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paper, mineral and water treatment industries.
Van Rooy Machinery
Ovens, mixers, proovers, dough sheeters, bread slicers, dividers, and watermeters.
Italian bread and bakery machine manufacturer; offers company profile, details of products, and contacts.
Victorian Baking Ovens Ltd
Potato oven manufacturer; offers company profile, details of products, and contacts.
Manufacturer of deck ovens and baking ovens for in store baking.
Willemse and Van Engelen
Manufacturers of bakery machines.
Wolfram Ungermann Systemkalte GmbH & Co. KG
Manufactures refrigeration, blast freezers, and retarder proofers for the bakery and pastry industries. Germany.
Woody Associates, Inc.
Manufacturer of automatic icing and chocolate decorating machinery for confectionery and bakery products.

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