Venture Capital/Regional lists venture capital sites which have a purely regional focus -- specifically those in the United States, in this case. Venture capital sites with a focus in a topical area (e.g., industry focus or a development stage focus) should be submitted in another category within Business/Financial_Services/Venture_Capital. In the case of a dual focus (both regional and topical), the topical area takes precedence, so this site should be submitted to the appropriate topical subcategory within Business/Financial_Services/Venture_Capital.

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Alerion Capital Group
Focus: private companies in the commercial and industrial industries in the Rocky Mountains, Southwest and Western states.
Alpha Capital Partners, Ltd.
Investment focus: Midwestern enterprises including early, expansion or mature-stage businesses.
Aurora Funds
Investment focus: emerging life science and information science companies in the Southeastern United States.
Castile Ventures
Investment focus: early-stage network equipment, e-business infrastructure, and Internet enterprises located on the Eastern seaboard.
Chrysalis Ventures Web Site
Focus: venture capital firm and equity capital for young growth companies in the Southeast and Midwest.
Cordova Ventures
Investment focus: Southeast startup, early-stage and later stage growth ventures.
Core Capital Partners
Investment focus: early-stage ventures and small to mid-sized growth companies.
The DiBari Group
Focus: business and financial solutions such as equity, debt, leasing, recruiting and strategic alliances and investors.
Egan-Managed Capital
Investment focus: New England based early-stage technology companies.
EGL Holdings
Investment focus: private equity capital to later stage growth companies in the Southeastern United States.
El Dorado Ventures
Investment focus: early-stage, information technology-based companies located in the Western states.
Embryon Capital
Investment focus: Mid-Atlantic early-stage companies involving telecommunications, networking, or enterprise information management.
La Salle Capital Group
Focus: leveraged acquisition and buyout of small to mid-sized businesses in North America.
Madrona Venture Group
Investor in early stage Internet, wireless and telecom companies in the Northwest.
Maxwell Investments
Investment focus: investment banking services, venture capital, private placements and debt placements.
Meridian Venture Partners
Focus: equity capital for later-stage growth companies and to finance acquisitions and recapitalizations primarily in the Mid-Atlantic region.
Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds
Investment focus: Mid-Atlantic opportunities in hi-tech hardware, software, non-technology and services.
Noro-Moseley Partners
Investment focus: Southeastern early-stage or established growth companies involving communications, IT or health care.
Open Prairie Ventures
Focus: Illinois-based firm that invests in early technology companies in the Midwest region.
OVP Venture Partners
Investment focus: early-stage technology-based companies in the western third of North America.
Sequel Venture Partners
Investment focus: early-stage technology-based companies in the Rocky Mountain region.
SmartForest Ventures
Investment focus: early-stage venture capital fund and accelerator to help build companies in the Pacific Northwest.
Valhalla Partners
Investment focus: Early-stage venture capital fund dedicated to helping entrepreneurs in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.
Voyager Capital
Investment focus: Pacific Northwest early and middle-stage information technology companies.
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