Aperture Venture Partners, LLC
Specializes in early stage healthcare services and healthcare IT companies.
Ascension Health Ventures
Focus: faith-based investment group funding companies that offer healthcare-related products, services or technologies that represent potential service breakthroughs.
Biogress LLC
Specializing in biopharmaceuticals, bioinformatics and medical devices. Features works, offerings and online application form.
Capital Royalty
Focus: Private equity firm providing royalty-based financing to companies in the healthcare sector.
Cardinal Partners
Investment focus: early-stage, healthcare technology companies.
CHL Medical Partners
Investment focus: seed and early-stage companies in the medical sector.
Clayton Associates
Focus: start-up capital and strategic planning to start-up healthcare companies in the Southeast.
Essex Woodlands Health Ventures
Investment focus: exclusively in the healthcare industry.
Forward Ventures
Investment focus: early-stage biotechnology and health care companies.
Foundation Medical Partners
Focus: investments in medical devices, biotechnology, and other opportunities.
Genesys Venture Inc.
Specializing in emerging health and biotechnology ventures.
Life Sciences Partners
One of the first European private equity funds dedicated to providing knowledge-based funding exclusively to human life science companies.
MedVenture Associates
Investment focus: early-stage financing of companies in medical devices, medical information technology, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology products.
MPM Capital
Focus: BioVentures family of funds for investing in private healthcare companies in the US and Europe.
NeuroVentures Fund
Investment focus: companies involved in the development and marketing of drugs, devices, therapeutics, diagnostics and other medical technologies for the neuroscience markets.
Newport Capital Corporation
Investment focus: start-up and existing companies involving high technology, biotechnology and innovative products.
ProQuest Investments
Investment focus: seed to late-stage healthcare companies.
Radius Ventures
Focus: start-up and early stage financing primarily in the healthcare industry.
Satellite Healthcare
Focus: offers a broad array of services that includes dialysis facilities, clinical laboratories, research initiatives, and venture capital for early-stage healthcare companies.
Spray Venture Partners
Investment focus: seed and start-up heathcare technology companies.
Versant Ventures
Focus: combines seasoned healthcare investors from three successful venture capital firms to create a critical mass of expertise and capital focused exclusively on healthcare.
The Vertical Group
Investment focus: biotechnology, medical device and instrument industry.

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