Industry focus venture capitalists specialize in providing investments to start-up or early-stage companies in major industries without regard for the exact location of a company. The industry focus may be, for example, retail, Internet, or life sciences.

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A.M. Pappas & Associates
Investment focus: accelerating the development of life science companies, products and related technologies.
Abingworth Management Limited
Focus: venture capital investor on both sides of the Atlantic, specialising in early-stage life science companies.
ABS Capital
Investment focus: management buy-outs, expansion financing and recapitalization in technology, business services, media communications and health care.
Accel Partners
Investment focus: early stage opportunities in information technology and health care.
Alta Partners
Investment focus: high growth information technologies and life sciences companies.
ARCH Venture Partners
Investment focus: seed and early-stage ventures involving information technology, life sciences or physical sciences.
Argo Global Capital
Investment focus: companies that are enabling the convergence of wireless communications and the Internet.
Arsenal Capital Partners
Focused on companies in chemical, general industrial, and healthcare sectors. Features portfolio of companies and press releases.
Asset Management
Investment focus: information technology and life sciences sectors.
Athena Technology Ventures
Investment focus: early-stage companies in the global communications industry.
Atlas Venture
Investment focus: early- and late-stage information technology and life sciences in Europe and the US.
Avogadro Partners
Focus: venture development group and venture capitalist seeking early-stage opportunities in microtechnology and nanotechnology.
Berkshire Partners
Focus: leveraged buy-outs, recapitalizations, industry consolidations in telecommunications, transportation, business services and manufacturing.
Blue Chip Venture Company
Investment focus: start-ups in digital media, ad tech, and big data.
Blue Water Capital
Investment focus: expansion-stage technology and services companies, including software, Internet, Intranet, e-commerce, telecommunications and multimedia companies.
BR Johnson Group
Focus: venture development company working with start-up and early-stage companies principally in the health, beauty and entertainment industries.
Cardinal Health Partners
Investment focus: early-stage e-health and information technology, health care services and life sciences.
Centennial Ventures
Investment focus: seed, startup or late stage opportunities involving electronic communications.
Century Capital Management
Focus: investments in insurance, financial services and related business services.
Code Hennessy & Simmons LLC
Invests in middle-market companies that manufacture and distribute a broad array of consumer and industrial products.
Columbia Capital Corporation
Investment focus: communications and information technology firms at a variety of stages.
Compass Technology Partners
Focus: invests in emerging, high-growth potential companies with a focus on science and technology.
Convergence Partners
Investment focus: early-stage companies in the communications, information technology and semiconductor sectors.
Cortec Group
Focus: private equity investment firm which makes controlling investments in middle-market manufacturing and distribution businesses.
Crescendo Ventures
Focus: early-stage investment opportunities in the communications and e-business fields.
DN Capital
Focus: investing in Western European companies in digital media, communications and enterprise software solutions. Also active in helping US companies enter the European market.
Domain Associates
Investment focus: favors early-stage life sciences ventures
Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Investment focus: early-stage information technology businesses with market potential.
Eakin Macdonald & Associates
Investment focus: specialists in arranging long term finance for hotels, from £1m to £25m.
Focus: invests in US and Japan network and Internet venture companies as a strategic partner.
Global Catalyst Partners
Focus: funding, industry knowledge and a global network of resources to early-stage information technology companies
Guide Ventures
Investment focus: seed and early-stage information technology companies.
Hellman & Friedman
Focus: investing in management buyouts in media, telecommunications, financial services, technology and marketing.
Highland Capital Partners
Investment focus: communications, consumer fund, information technology and healthcare companies.)
HLM Venture Partners
Investment focus: technology, healthcare, business services, education and training companies.
Housatonic Partners
Investment focus: later stage companies in the business services, media and communications industries.
Imin Partners
Investment focus: private equity capital fund dedicated to investing in industrial minerals businesses.
Integral Capital Partners
Investment focus: expansion-stage private and growth-stage public companies in the information technology and life sciences industries.
Intelligent Capital
Focus: specialized advisor for mergers, acquisitions and strategic finance in the information technology sector.
International Venture Partners
Focus: teams with entrepreneurs to create successful new companies that are technology-based ventures in e-commerce, communications and health care.
Kinetic Ventures
Investment focus: communications, Internet, and customer service companies.
Longworth Venture Partners
Investment focus: early-stage companies involving e-commerce, Internet media, enterprise software and information technology services.
M/C Partners
Investment focus: early-stage communications and related information technology companies.
Meritage Private Equity Fund
Investment focus is on communications network and service opportunities.
Meritech Capital Partners
Focus: pursues late-stage traditional growth companies as well as co-investments in corporate buy-outs and spin-offs of information technology companies.
Mohr, Davidow Ventures
Investment focus: early-stage companies with a strong information technology component.
Montreux Equity Partners
Focus: growth capital in healthcare.
New Tech Financing
Focus: companies with revolutionary technology that is ready for commercialization.
New World Ventures
Investment focus: early-stage technology and telecommunications companies.
Newbury Ventures
Equity capital firm specializes in communications and information technology industries.
Oak Point Partners
Focus: Profitable companies with less than $15MM in revenues in niche markets.
Odyssey Capital Group
Focus: equity investments in real estate, leveraged buy-outs and growth companies.
Onset Ventures
Investment focus: startups in information, communications and medical technologies.
ORESA Ventures
Investment focus: companies in the consumer goods, retailing and distribution, health care and pharmaceutical sectors in Central and Eastern Europe.
Oxford Bioscience Partners
Focus: equity financing and management assistance to start-up and early-stage companies in the bioscience and healthcare industries.
PacRim Venture Partners
Focus: investments in early-stage information technology companies in Silicon Valley.
Palomar Ventures
Focus: start-up and early-stage investments in information technology companies.
Polaris Partners
Investment focus: early-stage companies developing information and medical technology
Portico Capital
Focus: venture investment and advisory firm focused on the information services industry.
Prism Venture Partners
Focus: equity investments in start-up, early-stage and growth companies in the communications, Internet and healthcare industries.
Progeny Ventures
Investment focus: turn internal IT ventures and projects into independent start-up companies.
Providence Equity Partners
Focus: equity investments in communications and media companies around the world.
Focused on providing growth capital to companies operating in the healthcare economy.
Quaker BioVentures
Investment focus: life sciences.
Research Corporation Technologies
Focus: identifies promising early-stage biomedical and optics technologies and provides seed funding and management support for critical early development work.
Ridgewood Capital
Investment focus: e-commerce, infrastructure technology, software, telecommunications/wireless and online media.
Riverside Partners
Investment focus: growing industrial products companies.
Rocket Ventures
Focus: early-stage investments in information technology companies, particularly e-commerce and communications infrastructure companies.
Rockport Capital Partners
Investment focus: early to mid-stage energy, environmental and advanced materials companies.
SCF Partners
Investment focus: worldwide energy service and equipment industry.
SeaPoint Ventures
Focus: invests in growing companies in the areas of telecommunication and Internet infrastructure.
Steamboat Ventures
Focus: venture capital arm of The Walt Disney Company to help companies succeed in emerging media and entertainment markets.
Storm Ventures
Investment focus: early stage companies in information technology.
Target Partners
Investment focus: seed financing of young start-ups in the field of information technology.
Telegraph Hill Partners
Investment focus: life science and healthcare companies that are in the commercialization phase.
Three Arch Partners
Investment focus: early stage opportunities in life science companies.
Timberline Venture Partners
Investment focus: early-stage information technology ventures located in the areas of Portland-Seattle, Southern California and Silicon Valley.
TransOcean Capital
Industry focus: equity investments in U.S. based enterprises demonstrating sustainable cash flows and having valuations between $30mm and $100mm.
Venture Bank
Investment focus: financing emerging growth companies in the broadband and wireless media.
Walnut Venture Associates
Investment focus: early-stage information technology, communications, software and Internet companies in the New England area.
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