Contains sites for wholesalers of life and/or health insurance.

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Annuity Advisors
Offers the advisor a much-needed resource providing recent annuity information, products, and other resources.
Art Jetter & Company
General agency and underwriting support for annuity, critical illness, dental, health, life, long term care, and medicare supplement insurance. Located in Nebraska, USA.
Barry J. Fisher Insurance Marketing
Long term care insurance brokerage for life and health insurance professionals. Assisting brokers and agents in the sale of LTC.
Benefits Brokers Exchange
Helps agents find competitive products from financially sound companies. Located in Texas, USA.
Bob McCloskey Insurance
Managing general agent (MGA) and third party administrator (TPA) for student and sports insurance.
Brokerage Services International
Brokers term, disability, and long-term care insurance. Also offers annuities. Site offers case status, carrier links, tips for agents, and company information.
Brokers Access Corporation
Wholesaler of health and life insurance products located in Denver, Colorado. Site offers an interactive underwriting guidelines search engine for represented carriers. [pages may not display correctly in all modern browsers]
Calkins-Kramer Insurance Inc.
Offers insurance products to independent agents. Specializing in life insurance, annuities, long term care and impaired risk.
Cox Health Plans
Provides individual and group health insurance products. Information is provided for the consumer, independent agent and health care provider.
CPS Ron Viola Insurance Services, Inc.
Services agents and brokers throughout the USA with term and permanent insurance as well as annuity brokerage.
David M. Banet and Associates
Brokers helping brokers with employee health benefits in the Philadelphia, United States area.
DMI Marketing
A concept and marketing driven MGA in the USA which represents several life carriers. The company also has a consulting business called Wealth2k.
Exceptional Risk Advisors
Lloyd’s of London Coverholders, offers innovative life, accident, and high limit disability insurance programs for elite advisors and their clients.
Executive Marketing Insurers (EMI)
Offers life, disability, and annuity products to producers throughout the USA. Represents several carriers. Site describes products, companies, and compensation.
Fox Disability Insurance
Specializing in New York state disability insurance.
ICS Global Corporation
Intermediary for financial services including life and health insurance, retirement products, pension plans, and investment products. For persons not residents nor citizens of the USA. [English, Spanish, Portuguese]
Life And Health Insurance For Illinois
Providing health, life, annuity, retirement services and senior products for the central mid western region
Life Insurance | 1 Life Direct
Providing life, auto and home owners quoting engines for South African region.
LifePro Financial Services, Inc.
Offers brokerage services and marketing support to agents for life and annuity products.
LTC Solutions
Long term care insurance brokers. Information source for certified financial planners and chartered financial consultants.
National Benefits Consultants
An agency offering a wide variety of products, including health, life, disablity and other specialty products
New England Brokerage
Insurance brokerage agency for impaired risk substandard life, disability, long term care, underwritten SPIA, annuities and group.
Personalized Brokerage Services, LLC
Providing a wide variety of financial service products, including annuities, life insurance, mutual funds and long term care insurance. Detailed product training is also provided for agents.
Pro Financial Services, Inc.
MGA specialize in high risk, high limit disability and life insurance for sports, entertainment, and business.
Safe Harbor Financial, Inc.
Specializing in wholesaling of annuities to financial planners, life insurance agents, and producers.
The Selario Agency
Brokers life insurance, annuities, and long-term care to agents, financial planners, and stock brokers. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
SIA Marketing, Inc.
USA Site offers insurance agents access to long term care products, marketing materials, and training. [requires Flash plugin]
Towergate Lifestyle
Insurance wholesaler in the United Kingdom offers competitive rates for mortgage code professional indemnity cover, MPPI (ASU Cover), and term assurance.
URL Financial Group
Brokerage a brokerage shop for independent agents, serving many states, providing health, life, annuity, disablity and senior products.
Victorson Associates, Inc
Wholesale insurance and financial services agency in the USA. Offers case management, proposal service, sub-standard life and disability underwriting, pension design and administration.
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