Public adjusters and certain other insurance claim-related services are paid by claimants, not insurers. They serve the interests of claimants, mostly policy holders (1st party as opposed to 3rd party claimants); however they are ethically bound to principles of honesty, just as insurers are. In most states, public adjusters must be licensed separately from insurers' adjusters and their contracts and advertising must state "We Represent the Insured only". A typical legal definition for a public adjuster is "an adjuster who, for compensation, acts on behalf of or aids in any manner, an insured in negotiating for or effecting the settlement of a claim or claims for loss or damage under any policy of insurance covering real or personal property." Public adjusters fees are usually a "percentage of the settlement", unlike insurers' adjusters, who work on an hourly or salary basis.
Nationwide Public Insurance Adjusters referral website.
AA Florida Public Adjusting Agency
Public adjusters serving central and southwest Florida. Representing policy holders, not insurers.
Able Public Adjusters
Serving home and business owners in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with representation when submitting a claim with their insurance carrier.
Accurate Public Insurance Adjusters
Adjusters representing policy holders with property claims against insurers in Florida.
Adjusters International
Provides loss consulting for personal and commercial insurance claims, as well as preparing claims and assisting in their settlement.
Adjusters International Texas
Offers insurance claim adjusting and consultative recovery services to commercial businesses and homeowners. Located in Texas and serves claimants throughout the USA.
ADS Inspection Consulting
Loss adjusting and surveying services in the territory of Kazakhstan and Central Asian region. Cargo inspection, damage inspection, personal injuries.
Advocate Claim Service
Public adjusting firm in South Florida.
Alex N Sill Company
A provider of claims management services. Public insurance adjusters, loss consultants, and appraisers work international for industrial, institutional, commercial and residential policyholders.
All American Public Adjusters
Represent policyholders for insurance claims in the State of Florida. No fee if no settlement.
Alpha Adjusting Company
Public adjusting firm located in Chicago and available for nationwide claim services. Representing policy holders, not insurers.
Public adjusting company representing policy holders with property claims against insurers in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, New York, Texas, Massachusetts, Maine and Missouri.
Andrew K. Knox and Company
Executive adjusters and loss consultants who help business owners fully and quickly recover from the effects of fire, flood, or other natural disasters. Located in New Jersey, USA.
Apicella Adjusters, Inc.
Adjusters to obtain maximum recovery from insurance claims or losses due to fire, flood, and natural disasters. Located in Connecticut, USA, and assists in recovery worldwide.
Arbitration Appraisals
Provides dispute resolution for vehicle insurance claims. Specializes in evaluations for classic care and used or special vehicle. Consumer articles. Located in Edmonton, Alberta.
Atlantic Adjusters
Established in 2003 providing public claim adjustment services to Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire insurance businesses and policy holders.
Atlantic Coast Public Insurance Adjustment, Inc.
Public adjustment firm with licensed and bonded professionals to represent the insured in the adjustment of their insurance claim.
BenchMark Public Adjusting Group
Assists insurance policy holders throughout the Southeast by adjusting their loss claims with insurance companies.
Brian D. Birmingham, Public Adjuster
Massachusetts, USA, public adjuster since 1983. Serves home and business owners when there is a property loss.
Care Home Payments UK
Specialists in recovering care and nursing home fees that should have been paid by NHS insurance.
The Center for Life Insurance Disputes
Represent consumers with claims, denials and victims fraud. Get money without the expense of a lawsuit.
Claim Concepts
Public adjusters in Florida representing policy holders, not the insurer.
Claim Consultants International
Public adjusting firm in Michigan representing policy holders
Claim Quest, Inc.
Florida Public Insurance Adjusters representing policy holders..
Claims Advocates
Public adjusting company specializing in auto physical damage claims in California. Representing policy holders, not insurers.
Claims Management, Inc.
A firm of health adjusters which assists individuals and healthcare providers with the appeal of wrongfully denied medical, dental, and life insurance claims. Nationwide in the USA.
Clearys Insurance Services
Loss assessors and claim consultants in Ireland. Serves the public and businesses directly or works with insurance brokers on behalf of their clients.
Collision Consulting
Provides diminished value assessments and helps consumers get fair diminished value claims. Has offices in Mississippi, North Carolina, and New York, USA.
Commonwealth Adjusters
A public adjusting firm licensed by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department to advise and assist in the handling of insurance related losses.
Community Claims Associates
Public Adjusters located in New Jersey. Representing policy holders with claims against insurers.
Consumer Claims Consultants, Inc.
Licensed in Alberta, Canada; independent claims adjusters serving consumers. Has experience in claims handling, risk management, arbitration, appraisal and mediation in Canada and the United States.
Continental Adjusters, Inc.
Adjusters representing policy holders in Texas, USA. Includes FAQ, information on insurance claims, and contact information.
Corporate Claims International Ltd (CCI)
Business interruption specialists offering forensic accountancy and claims management expertise. [English, some content in Spanish]
Dallmer Adjusters, Inc.
Serving residential and commercial property owners across all of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, USA.
Dietz International
Adjusters representing insureds and specializing in business and property claims. Has several offices in the USA and Puerto Rico.
Australian firm provides digital cataloging of home contents for insurance claims and adjustments.
Diminished Value Company
Auto appraisal website specializing in Diminished Value claims against insurers.
Information resource to assist Florida residents with property damage insurance claims.
English Insurance Services, Inc.
Licensed, Bonded and Insured Public Adjuster in the Chicago Land area.
Executive Adjusting
Public insurance adjusting services for Florida residents.
Fenner & Gravitz
Professional loss consultants and public adjusters in New York, USA. Includes references and information about services.
Five Star Claims Adjusting
Public insurance adjuster settling insurance claims for policy holders throughout Florida.
Florida Loss Public Adjusters
Assisting policyholders, not the insurance company. Assess all damage, hidden losses, negotiate property loss and do claim filing. Free policy review and reopen claims.
Floridian Public Adjusters
Adjusting firm located in Miami Florida. Representing policy holders with claims against insurers.
GAB Robins
Offers insurance appraisals and reserve studies for construction valuation in the southeastern USA. Articles and sample reports.
Gentili & Rossini Associates Public Insurance Adjusters, Inc.
Loss appraisal and insurance adjustments resulting from fire, flood, water, collapse, smoke, theft, and vandalism. Located in Massachusetts, USA.
Greenspan Company / Adjusters International
Adjusters representing insureds for property loss claims for water, windstorm, fire, hurricane, earthquake damages and other natural disasters. Services California and Nevada, USA.
Hardman Group Adjusting Services
Adjusting services in Georgia, Florida, and the Carolinas, USA. Represents policy holders and property owners - not insurance companies.
Harris Claims Services
A Chicago, Illinois public claims adjuster for fire, flood, and other emergency services. Work only for policy holders and not the insurance companies.
Hawaii Public Adjusters
Adjusters representing policy holders with insurance claims filed by policy holders against their insurance company.
HomeOwner Claims Public Adjusters
Florida licensed and bonded, working for the interest of the policy holder. Adjusting insurance claims for property damages.
Horizon Public Adjusters
Public adjusting firm representing insureds against insurers. Based in Florida. Also licensed in Georgia, North and South Carolina and Texas.
Howarth Group
Public adjusters representing policy holders with insurance claims against insurers in Tennessee and Kentucky.
HWD Adjusting Company
Public adjusting company licensed by the state of California to represent the insured (policyholder), not the insurance companies.
Insurance claims consultants in the United Kingdom. Works for claimant to achieve an expeditious and equitable final settlement of both commercial and residential claims.
The Insurance Adjustment Bureau, Inc.
Adjusters representing insureds in Pennsylvania, USA. Site describes services and what the firm offers businesses, homeowners, and professionals.
Insurance Busters
Public adjusting firm representing the policy holder in Texas and Oklahoma.
Insurance Claim Advocates
Twenty years of insurance experience, an MA, and a CPCU designation, Jim Farnham and his associates are claim advocates in the Northeast. Licensed in NH, MA, ME and VT, Insurance Claim Advocates work to minimize the insured's loss.
Insurance Claim Help
Free Q&A by experts. Offers free resources and advice to help maximize auto, home and business insurance claims and get denied claims covered.
Insurance Claims Consultants, Inc.
Adjuster representing insureds and property loss consultant for homeowner insurance claims in Florida, USA.
Intellaclaim Public Adjusters
Adjusters in Miami Florida representing policy holders.
J. B. Poses & Associates, Inc.
Texas, USA, adjusting firm working for the interests of insureds, specializing in property losses.
Lewis and Associates Public Insurance Adjusters
Specialize in obtaining the maximum amount available from property claim when a loss has occurred, and lessens the burden of dealing with insurance adjusters and contractors. Serves Oklahoma, USA.
Loss Recovery Services
A public adjusting company licensed in California that specializes in smoke and ash from wildfire claims.
Main Line Adjustment Company (MLA)
Assists home and business owners in preparing, submitting, and negotiating property damage claims caused by an insured peril. Licensed in Pennsylvania, USA.
Metro Public Adjustment, Inc.
Headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, serves the needs of property owners. Also serves New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, and Illinois.
Metropolitan Adjustment Bureau
Offers adjustment services for fire, vandalism, theft, weather related, and other types of claims. Representing insureds only.
Michigan Fire Claims Inc.
Michigan adjusting firm representing insureds to help recover more money due to and including fire, wind, mold and water damage loss.
My Florida Public Adjuster
Information on using a public adjuster to help you file an insurance claim for damages to your home or business. Covering fire, wind, water, theft, vandalism, hurricanes.
New Jersey Public Adjusters
Adjustment services for the insured not the insurer. Includes Public Adjuster information and blog. NJ Licensed.
Priority Adjusters
Public adjusting firm in the Los Angeles area representing the policy holder, not the insurer.
Professional Loss Adjusters
Represent insureds in the preparation, negotiation, and settlement of insurance claims in Maine and Massachusetts.
Property Adjustment Corporation
Adjusting firm negotiates with insurance companies to maximize property loss insurance claims for the insured. Description of company, services, and staff as well as articles and links. Licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, USA.
Property Loss Consultants
Insurance Adjusters representing insureds and serving the entire state of Florida. Specializing in hurricane claims, arbitration and appraisal.
Public Adjusters USA
Serves consumers in fire, hurricane, tornado, sinkhole, and other property insurance claims. Questions and answers, legal news, and tips on fire safety.
Quality Claims Management Corporation
Provides hazard claim adjustment services to investors, mortgage servicers, homeowners and businesses in California. Representing insureds only.
Randell Smith - Public Adjuster Houston Texas
Adjuster in Houston Texas representing the policy holder's with claims against insurers.
Republic Claims Associates, Inc.
Adjusters dedicated to assisting insureds in obtaining maximum financial recovery from property claims or losses due to fire, flood, and natural disasters. Has offices in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, USA.
Rhino Insurance Claim Solutions
Adjuster representing the interests of residential and commercial policy holders in Florida. 30+ years experience writing building construction estimates.
Rubin, Palache, and Associates
Adjustment firm specializing in insurance property claim. Representing policy holders only.
Salmon Assessors
Insurance claim negotiators in the UK. Claim to be able to guarantee a higher settlement from your insurers. Can legally handle 3rd party claims in England.
Sarasohn & Company
A public adjusting firm representing the policyholder, based in Florida, handling claims in Texas, Georgia and Carolinas.
The Shelley Group, Inc.- Public Adjusters
Licensed and bonded adjusters representing insureds and handling property losses in FL, NC, and SC.
Skipton & Associates, Inc.
Insurance adjusters representing insureds, works to settle commercial or residential property loss. Serves Arizona and California, USA. Site describes the company, its services, and its fee structure.
Stephen R. Figlin & Associates, Inc.
Insurance adjuster representing the insured located in Pennsylvania, USA, also serving New York and New Jersey. Firm handles many types of property claims.
Suncoast Claims Inc.
Public insurance adjusters and loss appraisers based in Dallas, Texas. Licensed in Texas and Florida and Louisiana. Representing policy holders in insurance claims.
Swerling Milton Winnick
Adjusting firm representing insureds for property insurance claims in MA, ME, NH, VT, RI, CT and other US states
TLC Public Adjusters, Inc.
Covering the entire state of Florida. Advocates for the insured (not the insurance company) when they have suffered a loss.
Transco American Claims
Insurance adjusters located in Tampa Florida. Licensed for the state of Florida to assist homeowners and businesses document and properly file and settle insurance claims. Very active members of NAPIA and FAPIA.
Tutwiler Public Adjuster
Licensed adjusters representing policy holders with property claims against insurers in Florida, Texas and 8 other states.
UClaim, Inc.
28 eBooks for policy holders and professionals on how to maximize insurance claims and get denied claims covered.
United States Adjusters
Adjusters representing policy holders. National, but based in Florida. No out of pocket expenses. Contingent fees.
Vaughan & Associates
Adjusters representing policy holders; services include property adjusting, appraisal, and risk management consulting. Located in California, USA.
WorldClaim Global Claims Management
Licensed adjusters representing the policyholder, expediting the claims process and maximizing the recovery. Maintaining risk relations with the insurance carrier.
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