Debt Consolidation is a technique by which a consumer lumps all of their debt together in an effort to obtain lower payments through lower interest rates, reduced/eliminated late fees, and perhaps longer terms. There are basically two types of debt consolidation services: 1) A loan taken out by the debtor to cover all of their outstanding debts. The debtor uses the loan to pay off all of their outstanding debts and then just has to deal with making the one loan payment. 2) A debt consolidation service provider which will negotiate with a debtor's creditors and obtain the most favorable terms possible. The debtor makes a monthly payment to the service provider who then makes payments to the debtor's creditors in an agreed upon apportionment. There are pros and cons to each type and the consumer is encouraged to use the links in this category in determining what is best for them.

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Academic Loan Group
Consolidation of student and parent plus loans.
Debt restructuring for businesses.
American Debt Resources
A debt consolidation and counseling firm helping clients become debt free.
Cambridge Credit Counseling
National firm offering a debt consolidation plan.
Consumer Alliance Processing Corporation
Debt management service provider for consumers and agencies.
Corporate Turnaround
Provides debt restructuring services to financially struggling businesses.
Credifix Inc.
Alberta Canada based debt management company providing service to individuals experiencing stress due to debt issues.
Credit Advisors
Provides fee-based debt counseling services.
Crisis Credit Counseling
Provides debt consolidation & settlement services for consumers.
CRS Financial Services
Debt Management firm assisting consumers via budgeting and debt consolidation services.
Debt Mediators Australia.
Provides debt consolidation assistance in Australia.
Full Circle Debt Solutions
Canada based debt management firm.
Fundamental Financial
Student loan consolidation for medical, law, business and other graduate school professionals.
Offers student loan consolidation, reconsolidation, Federal and private education financial aid loans.
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