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AAC Tenant Screening & Credit Report Services, Inc.
Provides employee and tenant screening services.
American Tenant Screen, Inc.
Residential tenant screening for landlords, realtors and property managers.
Offers tools to landlords and agents. Includes service descriptions, sample reports and company background.
Apartment Owners Association of California, Inc..
Provides tenant screening and eviction reports.
Credit reporting services for commercial and residential property managers to check tenant credit scores.
BCS Background Screening, LLC
Offers tenant and employment screening background checks for business and personal users.
Contemporary Information Corporation
Provides nationwide resident and employment background screening.
Credit Match Tenant Screening
Reports include credit, criminal and eviction data and are available online or via fax.
CreditLink Corporation
Offers tenant credit reports 24 hours a day online.
DETI Enterprises
Offers, a Canadian tenant screening service with help, information and resources for landlords, apartment and property managers.
Develops tenant screening and employment reports in Columbus, OH.
First Advantage SafeRent, Inc
Tenant screening services available online for residents throughout the US. Includes memberships and affiliations, and industry resources.
Key Services Corporation
Screens applications, checks references, obtains credit checks and advises landlords. Based in San Francisco, CA, serving the Bay Area.
Landlord 2 Landlord
Network of landlords sharing and collecting renters histories and qualifications.
The Landlord Connection, Inc.
Eviction records and free screening tips online.
The Landlord Protection Agency, Inc.
Provides forms, resources, advice, tenant screening and credit reports.
Metropolitan Tenant Information Services, Inc.
Information for today's real estate owners, Des Planes, IL.
National Association of Independent Landlords
Texas based firm offers tenant screening, automatic rent collection and service referrals to member landlords.
Pacific Screening, Inc.
Offers credit, criminal background and tenant screening services for landlords.
RealCheck America, Inc.
Providing landlord forms, credit and rental reports on prospective tenants, collections and a tenant management system.
Rental Research Services
Residential selection reports and pre-employment screening.
Rentgrow, Inc
Resident screening, management reporting and decision support.
Residency Bureau
Providing evictions data, credit and criminal reports and rental history information.
SafeRent, Inc.
Internet-based applicant screening and risk management for the multifamily housing industry.
Tenant Screening Credit
Santa Rosa, CA firm offers client agreements and rental applications online.
USA-Tenant, Inc.
Provides credit information, tenant screening, criminal history, and other verification services for the real estate industry.
You Check Credit
Online credit reporting service for landlords.
Zip Reports, L.L.C.
Merged credit reports, scores, criminal checks, evictions data and public records provided online.
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