Collection agencies contract with various types of businesses and organizations to effect collection of their delinquent debts and accounts. Commercial accounts are debts owed by businesses.

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Access Credit Management
Provides commercial debt recovery services. Based in the United Kingdom.
Account Management Systems
National commercial collection agency based in Tampa, Florida. Also collects on NSF checks.
Allen & Associates
Specializes in domestic and international commercial collections.
Allen, Maxwell & Silver, Inc.
A woman owned commercial agency.
Allied Collection Resources
Nationwide commercial collections with offices in New York and Texas.
American Credit Systems, Inc.
Provides services to recover commercial accounts.
AR Help
Provides B2B debt recovery in the USA and worldwide. Access to creditors' rights/collection attorneys and international agencies.
Baltimore Credit & Collection Services, Inc.
Offers commercial collection, outsourcing and a variety of credit related services.
Caine & Weiner
Provides domestic and international commercial collection services.
Cash In USA
Business-to-business telephone collections, providing services of an in-house credit/collection department, on an outsource basis.
Central Collections Corporation
Insolvency department represents clients on creditor committees in major bankruptcies.
Central Mercantile Credit Services
Provides collection services, early intervention, dispute resolution, cash application and reconciliation services.
Charter Adjustments Corporation
California based agency specialized in commercial, industrial and agricultural claims.
Cisco, Inc.
Provides collection service on a contingency based fee schedule.
Commercial Claims Inc.
Commercial accounts specialists in Kansas City, Kansas.
Commercial Collection Consultants
Commercial collection agency with offices in Texas, New York, Washington and Georgia.
Continental Commercial Group
Commercial specialists with offices coast to coast.
Provides commercial accounts receivable management services including pre-collection, traditional collection and outsourcing.
Credit Decisions International, LTD
Assists manufacturers, distributors and service companies in resolving delinquency and recovering funds.
Credit Mediators, Inc.
Uses trained private investigators to collect.
Creditors Adjustment Bureau, Inc.
Commercial accounts collection agency in the San Fernando Valley, California.
Provides collection and credit information exchange services.
Global Debt Solutions
Provides corporate debt recovery for international export companies.
Hampton Associates, Inc.
Commercial collection services with web-based account placement and monitoring.
Herbert P. Sears Co., Inc.
Commercial accounts collector in Bakersfield, California.
Industrial Credit Service
Commercial collection agency based in Bellevue, Washington.
Johnson, Morgan & White
Offers commercial debt recovery on a contingency based fee structure.
Media Receivable Management
Provides collection services to the print advertising industry.
Millennium Collections Corporation
Provides commercial collection, credit application review and letter writing services.
National Judgment Investment Corp.
Commercial debt recovery services performed by debt collection attorneys.
Royal Mercantile Trust Corporation of America
Specializes in commercial accounts collection. Based in Florida.
STA International
International collection agency specializing in corporate debt recovery.
Walker & Weiss, Inc.
Commercial debt recovery services offered worldwide.
Williams & Williams, Inc.
Commercial collections and debt recovery agency.
Williams, Babbit & Weisman, Inc.
A commercial collection agency handling accounts in the United States and internationally.
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