Collection agencies contract with various types of businesses and organizations to effect collection of their delinquent debts and accounts.

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American Collectors Association
An international trade association of third-party debt collection businesses.
Australian Collectors and Debt Buyers Association
A national association in Australia representing the professional interests of collectors and debt buyers.
Business Products Credit Association, Inc.
Not-for-profit trade association for credit persons of manufacturers, wholesalers and factors.
California Association of Collectors, Inc.
The state affiliate unit association that represents third party collectors having offices in California.
California Association of Judgment Professionals, Inc.
Organization in California dedicated to the education and advancement of the Judgment Recovery Industry.
Coalition of Higher Education Assistance Organizations
Association for student loan collection agencies and servicers.
Federation of Credit and Financial Professionals
Association of credit and collection executives in North America. Education, credit reporting, collections and networking services.
Federation of European National Collection Associations
An association representing member companies in 11 European countries in the collection industry.
Hong Kong Credit and Collection Management Association
An association representing the interests of third party collection and outsourcing agents as well as individual credit and collection practitioners in Hong Kong.
Institute Mercantile Agents Ltd.
A national association representing the professional interests of investigators, process servers, debt collectors, security agents, repossession agents and law stationers in Australia.
League International for Creditors
An international association of independent debt collectors, credit reporters, law firms and credit managers. Based in Switzerland.
The Norwegian Association of Debt Collectors
An association in Norway that represents the interest and profession of the collection agencies.
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