Recycled Polymers consists of 2 main categories, post consumer, such as soda bottles and other household product containers and post industrial, the residue plastic left over from manufacturing operations.

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Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC)
Collects and recycles HDPE crop protection product containers. Thousands of farmers and applicators across the USA participate in their programs.
American Commodities, Inc.
Compounder, processor, and recycler of engineering thermoplastics and post industrial scrap.
American Trading Company
Recyclers of post consumer and post industrial scrap plastic. Buys and sell a range of plastic resins.
Bay Polymer, Inc.
Supplier of resin recycled from scrap plastics, to processors for non-food and non-medical applications.
Recycling of commingled plastic and metal feed streams. Recovery and reclamation of post industrial scrap Polymer.
Carpet Recycling Europe GmbH
Recycling carpet fiber through depolymerisation process, monomers gained are cleaned and polymerized into Polyamide-6 (PA-6) and Polyamide-6.6 (PA-6.6) .
Chemiplas Company
Offers recycled LDPE, HDPE, flex PVC, rigid PVC, and various engineering plastics resins for extrusion, injection and blow molding.
Conigliaro Industries
Recycling plastic, paper, metal, glass, wood, and rubber. Provides recycling services to businesses, institutions and municipalities.
Crown Shred & Recycling Inc.
Full service recycling facility specializing in the collection and brokerage of paper and plastics.
CSIPLASTICS trades and recycles engineering plastics and fluoropolymers.
Custom Polymers, Inc
USA. Post-industrial plastics recycling and reprocessing company. Scrap, regrind, reprocessed pellets, virgin prime and off-grade resins and compounds, and color concentrates. English and Spanish.
Denton Plastics, Inc.
Recycle a range of thermoplastics from A.B.S., polycarbonate and nylon, to commodity resins such as polyethylene, polypropylene, styrene, and PVC.
Dohrn Trading GmbH
Dealer of thermal plastic material.
E Klein and Co
Recyclers of nylon plastic lumps, extrusion waste, yarn waste, flakes, and substandard polymers.
Greentech SA
Romania. Plastics recycling company, specialised in polyester, polypropylene and polyethylene chips, flakes and pellets for man-made fiber, plastic manufacturing and industrial applications. English and Romanian.
H. Sattler Plastics Co., Inc.
Buys and sells engineering grade scrap, regrind, and surplus virgin resins worldwide.
Harris Material Exchange
Plastic recycler, grinding, cleaning and separating scrap plastics, and converting to usable pellets.
IMP Polowat Sp. zoo
Poland. Recyclers of polyester bottles into flakes for the extruded fiber industry. Part of the Peruzzo Group. English and Polish.
K-mac Plastics
Distributor and broker of recycled plastic resins.
Lavergne Group
Processes post consumer bottles from curbside collection into clean, PET flake for a variety of markets.
Maine Plastics, Inc.
Buys, sells, and recycles plastic scrap. Offers baling, grinding, material separation, metal detection and removal.
MBA Polymers, Inc
USA. Chemical company, specialised in recycling of high value engineering plastics from complex waste streams. Links to related sites.
Modern Plastics Industries
Modern Plastics is specializing in the field of Recycling, Processing,Upgrading and Export of Plastic Raw Material and Plastic products.
Modern Recycling
Plastics recycling company and compounding manufacturer.
National Recycling Corporation
Grinds, cleans and pelletizes post industrial and post consumer polythelene plastic. Selling worldwide.
Nexcycle Plastics Inc.
A plastic recycling company supplying polyolefins and specialty polymers to the plastics industry.
Norpol Recycling Limited
Provides plastic recycling services for materials can be collected and reprocessed such as packaging waste and plastic containers.
The Norwich Plastics Group
Canada: reprocessor and marketer of post industrial PVC. specializes in recycling PVC from over-runs, purge and chunk.
PET Processors, L.L.C.
Recycling of PET plastic by both repelletizing and by solid state polymerization.
Phoenix Recycling, Inc.
Purchases and processes scrap plastic.
Plastic Recyclers Southeast, Inc.
Brokers and processors of plastic products.
Plastic Revolutions, Inc.
Plastic recycler of HDPE and PP. Grind, wash and dry post consumer plastic. Also manufacturer 100% recycled plastic car stops.
Plastic Trader
Specializes in recycling thermoplastic materials with locations in Ohio and Tennessee.
The Plastics Group of America
recycles, and distributes thermoplastics for molding, extrusion and blow molding processors.
Poly Recycling AG
Switzerland: recycler of plastic materials including polythylene PET, and poly bags and film.
Polychem USA
Recycler of a variety of plastic polymers and feed stocks with compounding capabilities.
Pro Chase Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Offers recycling, exporting and importing of plastics regrind and scrap.
Recycled Plastics Inc.
Manufacturing recycled plastic sheets, Eco Panels and products for the boating, store fixtures and furniture industries.
Regain Polymers Limited
Offers plastic recycling of post-use rigid plastics in the UK.
Replas Products
Australia: manufacturing products from post industrial and post consumer recycled plastics.
RJM International Inc.
Specializes in recycling and compounding of post-industrial and post-consumer plastic materials, trimmings and other manufacturing scraps.
Sonepa Plastics Recycling Industries
Netherlands: recycling post industrial and post consumer plastics, rubber, polymers. Industrial and commercial recycling.
United Plastic Recycling Inc
USA: Full service thermoplastics recycler based in Montgomery, Alabama. Brokers and exports recyclable plastics.
USAg Recycling, Inc.
USA: Specializes in recycling rinsed crop protection products containers into reusable plastic regrind.
Vikoz Enterprises L.L.C.
Offers commercial plastic recycling services including the grinding of scrap, and the disposal of plastic scrap at no cost. Nationwide services include post commercial and post industrial accounts.
We buy and sell plastic scrap.
USA. Specializes in buying and selling plastic scrap. Includes information about services provided and contact details.

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