Contains businesses and organizations involved in composting aspects of waste management.

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Accelerated Compost Ltd
UK. Supplies the Rocket in-vessel composting system, for conversion of food and meat waste on a small to medium scale.
Agroplasma Inc.
Sources plant energizers and fertilizers designed for both conventional and organic farming.
Arborganic Acres
Composting facility that is combining waste products from arboriculture and farming industries with food waste to produce soil additives.
ASM Organic Recyclates
Produces an accelerated thermophilic aerobic digester to process mixed organic food and green waste into fertilizer.
Bag to Earth
Canada. Provides compostable paper bags as an alternative to plastic bags.
Provides bokashi fermenting bins for residential and industrial use. Features recycling information and a blog for bokashi enthusiasts.
Britaniacrest Recycling
Provides a skip hire and waste management service in Sussex and Surrey. Features a news page and photos.
DeBoef Grinding
DeBoef Grinding offers composting grinding services for wood, organic waste, and hay using the Vermeer TG5000 tub grinder.
Earthsoul India Pvt Ltd
Provides 100% biodegradable and compostable bioplastic bags.
Engineered Compost Systems, Inc.
USA. Designs and manufactures equipment and provides technical support for a wide range of composting operations.
Environmental Products Technologies Corporation
Provide an aerobic bioreactor system for turning animal and food wastes into resources through rapid conversion and recycling.
GEOBIN Composting System
Manufactures a speciality composter system for fast acting decomposition. Build for backyard gardeners and municipalities.
Global Environment Management Australia Pty Ltd
Supplies Aerobin compost bin that uses a patented lung or aeration core inside a sealed bin to promote aerobic break down of organic matters.
Green Mountain Technologies, Inc
Designs and manufactures in-vessel composting equipment. Also supplies compost management software and instrumentation.
HotRot Organic Solutions
Offers in-vessel composting systems from 1-150 tonnes per day for environment friendly organic waste disposal.
Inglis Environmental
Specializes in compost technologies and remediation of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soils.
International Composting Corporation
Canada. Develops in-vessel composting technologies and provides solutions for a cleaner environment
International Composting Services
Multi-disciplined consulting engineering company providing engineering project and construction management expertise for all kinds of waste treatment plants.
KCS Engineering
Distributes composting machinery and equipment in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Includes both vessel composters and automatic industrial rotating composters.
Manufacturer of rotating in vessel composters for treating organic waste. The range covers both manual and fully automatic industrial and commercial composters.
Loudoun Composting
Operate a 25 acre fully permitted privately operated yard debris composting facility on the east coast. Soilmate & Karbon analysis, Soilmate compost and Karbon leaf mulch.
Meiko UK Limited
Food waste handling solutions and systems for foodservice establishments. Meiko food disposal equipment is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly answer to reducing kitchen waste to landfill sites.
Midwest Bio Systems
Manufactures compost turners and equipment, microbial inoculates and provides best practices training workshops.
Midwest Fiber
A full-service recycler including composting services for schools, restaurants or businesses with food scraps.
NaturTech Composting Systems, Inc.
Offers an affordable, high-performance in-vessel, containerized composting system that provides pathogen destruction, odor control, and leachate management.
USA. Supplier of compostable plastic trash bags and foodservice ware, including plates, cups, cutlery and deli containers.
Sustainable Environmental Systems
UK. Provides independent advice on waste reduction, sustainable waste management, composting and recycling.
Susteco AB
Sweden. Offers in-vessel composting systems with a choice of waste feeding systems, automatic pellets, sawdust feeding, shredders and surveillance systems.
Thilot Holland
Manufacturer of mushroom farm and organic waste composting equipment. Located in Lottum, Netherlands.
Transform Compost Systems
Develops, designs and implements economically viable and environmentally sustainable compost systems for agriculture, government and industry.
Wasteology Systems Ltd
UK. Provides the Wasteology in-vessel composting system for large scale composting of organic wastes.
Worm Composting Canada
Procures worms for sale for use in composting bins. Includes information on do-it-yourself composting projects including proper bin setup with videos.

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