Equipment and materials for the control of noise and vibration.
ACM Acoustic Engineering
Produce noise control equipment aimed at the 'stand-by power generation' market. Equipment is individually tailored to meet customer requirements.
Acoustical Sound Masking Group
Nationwide installation of the major brands of sound masking, white noise and pink noise generators.
Manufacture and installation of noise control products including acoustic louvres, attenuators, acoustic doors and enclosures. Australia.
Caledonian Ferguson Timpson
Specialists in the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of industrial noise reduction equipment, including acoustic enclosures, noise absorbers, noise havens, acoustic doors and integrated ventilation systems.
Damping Technologies, Inc.
Designs, manufactures, and tests application-specific damping systems for control of noise and vibration in the aerospace industry.
E.I.Williams Company
Manufacturers and designers of industrial silencers and noise enclosures for industrial noise pollution.
IAC Acoustics
Supplier of aero-engine and automotive test facilities, HVAC, industrial and power plant noise control products, TV/radio studios, audiology rooms and acoustic doors.
Industrie Lärmschutz GmbH
Develop and manufacture noise protection enclosures for recycling plants. The company also produce mufflers, absorber cabins and walls . Denmark.
UK distributors for Gif and Doyma. They are also the manufacturers of Inflo stainless steel in-floor drainage and architectural fittings.
Isolated Systems Limited
Manufacturers and installers of anti vibration, thermal expansion, flexible connectors and noise control.
Kinetics Noise Control
Manufacture noise absorbers, stack silencers, vibration isolation and seismic restraint products.
Manufacturers of hydraulic shock absorbers and buffers. Overview and product specifications. Korea.
Lord Corporation
Shock, vibration and noise attenuation, motion management, bonding and coating materials, and controllable fluids and systems development.
McGill AirPressure Corporation
Manufactures noise control products for industrial applications including SoundScreen enclosures and barrier walls, silencers, and Fibersorb acoustical curtains.
Mecart Inc
Offer modular building and air treatment systems for specialist business environments. Based in Quebec, Canada.
Minus K Technology
Manufactures vibration isolation equipment and systems in nanotechnology fields such as atomic force microscopy.
Nendle Acoustics Company
Manufacture duct silencers, vibration isolator, louvres, acoustical wall panels, enclosures and doors for the building services, construction and petro-chemical industries in the UK and worldwide.
O'Neill Engineered Systems, Inc.
Provide noise control products and systems including acoustic test chambers, silencers, barrier walls, control rooms, sound-proof rooms, sound isolation, and sound attenuators.
O'Neill Industrial Corp.
Produce noise control materials and systems, including flexible vinyl barriers, vinyl dampers, quilted blankets, foam absorbers, shock and vibration isolation and steel enclosures.
QE International B.V
Manufacture silencers, pulsation dampeners, vent silencers, separators, and active silencers. Netherlands.
Shock-Tech, Inc
Engineers and manufactures shock and vibration isolators, mechanical assemblies and systems designed to protect electronics, COTS, from shock, vibration, thermal and emi/rfi environments.
Sound-Rite Acoustics Inc.
Supply sound masking systems for office noise control .
Stop-choc Ltd.
Manufacturers and suppliers of anti-vibration mountings, vibration isolators, and aircraft illuminated control panels.
Tech Products Corporation
Manufacturer of vibration / shock isolators and noise control products to protect both equipment and environments. Complete on-line catalog of vibration control products.
Tecnifoam Inc.
Manufactures a complete line of standard acoustical foam products including polyurethane foam panels and baffles.
Tek Limited
Manufacture air distribution and acoustic products. Product range includes; grilles, diffusers, louvres, displacement systems, ventilated ceilings, stainless steel grilles, attenuators, acoustic doors, and enclosures. United kingdom .
Universal Acoustic & Emission Technologies
Manufactures industrial noise control and air filtration products for rotary positive blowers, vacuum pumps, industrial fans, vents, engines, and gas turbines. Includes catalogs and drawings in pdf format.
VibraSystems Inc.
Manufacturer of vibration isolation products, machine mounts and pads. Anti-vibration and leveling machine mounts, leveling wedges, neoprene/rubber and cork pads, stainless steel mounts.
Vibration and Noise Engineering Corporation
Design and manufacture industrial silencers, separators, intake filters, and pulsation dampeners for vacuum pumps, engines, turbines, vents, fans, and blowers.
Vibration Management Corporation (VIMCO)
Manufacturers of engineered vibration, shock, and noise control products for industrial, HVAC, and acoustic applications.
Wakefield Acoustics, Ltd.
Design, manufacture and install noise control products and services. Products include rectangular splitter and cylindrical attenuators.
The Whisperroom
Manufacturer of soundrooms and sound proof enclosures for recordings of all types
Wilrep Ltd.
Machinery installation systems, vibration isolation systems and noise control products.
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