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Acoustics and Vibration Technology, Inc.
Full-service manufacturer's representative firm serving the architectural, commercial, and industrial markets in acoustical system, noise and vibration abatement. Offer consulting, testing, product sales, and installation.
Anco Engineers Inc.
Provide custom test and vibration testing and mitigation systems. Products include servo-hydraulic and servo-motor shake tables, single axis sinusoidal shake tables, and eccentric mass vibrators.
Audio Video Lighting Electronics Corporation
Sound Masking Systems improves office acoustics by masking office noises with an electronic masking sound.
Data Physics Corporation
Noise and vibration oriented products for (1) vibration testing and (2) data acquisition and analysis. Test products include shakers and shaker controllers. Acquisition and analysis products include dynamic signal analyzers.
DRA Laboratories
MLSSA acoustical measurement system and remote controlled analog interface. Online product literature, documentation and white papers.
M+P International
Specialists in UNIX and PC based shaker controllers for environmental vibration testing, acquisition, analysis and reporting with worldwide sales and support offices.
Mason Industries Inc.
Manufacture noise and vibration control products including spring and rubber mountings, hangers and flexible connectors for mechanical equipment, and floating floor, wall and suspended ceiling systems.
Continuous monitoring systems for rotating machinery using inner noise measurement. Improves the reliability and the safety of your equipment, while reducing maintenance costs.
Pulsar Instruments Ltd.
Sound level meters. Type 1 and Type 2 instruments available,..
Russells Technical Products Inc.
Design and manufacture environmental test chambers and provide a varied product line including both pre-engineered and custom products.
Sound Masking Products
Supply and install Sound Masking, white noise systems as well as acoustic panels, acoustic door seals.
Sub Sea Sonics
Underwater acoustic releases and underwater timed releases for shallow water operation and underwater acoustic beacons for tracking or relocating underwater acoustic beacons .
Technical Representatives Inc.
Manufacturers representative for test and measurement companies, embedded systems, power instrumentation, data acquisition and sensor corporations.
Tecnifoam Inc.
Manufactures a complete line of standard acoustical foam products including polyurethane foam panels and baffles.
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