Active Controls
Level indicators and controllers for water and wastewater. Stand alone maintenance free units based on magnetic level sensing.
Adept Pure Water Techniques
Manufacturers of pure water systems for industry. From the highest level of pure water to waste water systems.
Assists public and private sector organisations in reducing energy and water consumption, delivering financial savings and helping to meet today's global environmental challenge. They offer environmental consultancy, bureau management and installation of energy and water efficiency controls.
Advanced Watertek.
Reverse Osmosis desalination water treatment for industrial, commercial and domestic users.
Aguapura USA Inc.
Manufacturer of Water Purification and Desalination Equipment using the process of REVERSE OSMOSIS Water Purification to produce drinking water from sea water or brackish water.
Akkerman Inc.
Manufactures, sells, and rents microtunneling, pipejacking, tunnel boring and sliplining equipment.
American Structures, Inc
A privately-held manufacturing and service company active in the storage tank industry for over 30 years. Manufacturing bolted stainless steel storage tanks, National coverage
Aqua Sun International
Portable and Stationary Solar / 12-volt Powered Water Purification Systems for Remote Applications.
Asia Water Refining Corp.
Industrial/Residential Auto Reverse Osmosis System, Reverse Osmosis System Components, Ultraviolet Sterilizer, Auto Filter Tank and Water Softeners System, Filter Cartridges and all kinds of Water Purification Equipment.
Chemtrac Systems Inc
Optimizing Water Treatment Processes, Manufactures Charge Measurement, Particle Detection, and Turbidity Instrumentation.
Technology for taking fresh water supplies from poor quality brackish groundwater using in situ desalination ISD technology. Descriptive web site with very good product animations.
Drinking Water Services
Provider of private and small scale drinking water treatment plants for consumers with a private water supply. UK and International services
Echo Marine Ltd
Offers reverse osmosis watermakers made in Trinidad and Tobago.
Elgressy International
Chemical free solutions - Legionella prevention system for open cooling water systems and hot water circuits.
Environmental Pumping Solutions
Specialists in Peristaltic pumping solutions providing pumps for most areas of industry
Equipos y Sistemas Hidrocaven
National Venezuelan supplier of plants and equipment for the treatment and handling of water and effluents since 1986.
F. & A. Dunbar, Ltd
UK. Manufactures forged and fabricated products for water utility companies. Includes stand pipes and associated valve, cast iron and hydrant type products.
An automatic water shutoff system designed to minimize or prevent damage caused by leaks in your water supply lines or failures in plumbing system components.
Manufactures, designs, installs, services, and distributes industrial and commercial water bottling and packaging plants and water desalination and purification equipment worldwide.
Gereg Sewage and Water Equipment
Manufacturers of water and sewerage control equipment including Sluice Gates, Penstocks, Channel Gates, Weir Gates and other fluid control equipment.
GLI International, Inc.
Manufacturer of water quality and process monitoring and control instrumentation. Parameters measured include such as pH, conductivity and turbidity From water and wastewater samples. (Formerly Great Lakes Instruments)
GradeLok: Fire Hydrant Adapters
Information on GradeLok Hydrant adapters and N.I.S.(Not In Service). Bags
Custom and rental RO plants for BWRO and SWRO desalination. Support, service, optimization, antiscalants and consumables for water treatment equipment. Australia.
HiTech Technologies
Level control instrumentation for municipal water and wastewater - offers a wide variety of level controls, because there is no single technology that can satisfy ALL level applications.
HOH USA & Carib Ltd.
Containerized reverse osmosis seawater desalination plants with energy recovery system and remote control feature.
HOH Water Technology A/S
Water Treatment for commerce and industry including reverse osmosis, water softening and desalination. English and Danish language website
The Hose Monster
Flow test equipment for testing fire pumps and fire hydrants.
HST Systemtechnik
Products, Systems and Engineering Solutions by one of the leading system supplier for the water industry, waste water industry, for private and public utilities
IDE Technologies ltd.
Provides water solutions for industrial and domestic applications world wide - IDE provides a range of services for saline water desalination, effluent concentration, refrigeration and heating.
India Valve Pvt Ltd
Suppliers of water supply valves including sluice, check air and butterfly valves.
Industrial Equipment and Machinery GmbH
Reverse Osmosis Water desalination units, Boiler and steam boilers Bottling plants and fittings. Based in Germany
Industrial Softener Service
Nationwide supplier of commercial, industrial and residential water softeners, filters, reverse osmosis and purification systems.
Inge AG
Research, development and manufacture of ultrafiltration technologies for drinking water, industrial and process waters, and waste waters. Technical information. data sheets on PDF files. English and German.
Integrated Controls, Inc.
Design and build pre-programmed and tested pumping control systems incorporating multiple VFDs, SCADA, and remote alarming. Specializes in water and waste water automation.
Jim Myers and Sons, Inc.
Specializes in the design and manufacture of material handling and flocculation equipment for the water and wastewater treatment industry.
Supplies industrial water disinfection systems such as ozone, uv and chlorine dioxide. Site Offering English and Dutch versions.
Low Water Pressure
Offers water pressure tanks, regulators, and booster pumps to increase low home water pressure.
Metcon Sales & Engineering
A supplier of instrumentation, water and waste water treatment equipment, liquid metering, flow measurement and analytical chemistry.
Multivis Wastewater treatment
Supplier of tailored solutions for industrial and residential water treatment. Specializing in water and wastewater treatment.
Northern Data Systems, Inc.
Provides radio telemetry systems for the water and wastewater industries. Products and contact information.
Olympus Technologies
Design, manufacturing, and installation of anaerobic digester equipment for municipal water and wastewater treatment plants.
Pure Water 2000
Provides equipment supplies and services for purifying home and commercial water supplies.
R&O Depollution
Wastewater treatment equipment. Manufacture and implementation of electromechanical sewage treatment equipment. [English, Spanish and French]
Res-Kem Corporation
Manufacturer of commercial/industrial and residential water treatment equipment. Also providing associated services.
Statewide Aquastore Inc
Tank Systems for Liquid Storage, water and wastewater, glass-fused-to-steel, bolted tanks
Statiflo International
Manufacturers of static mixers, gas dispersion systems and flow heat exchangers for applications in water and wastewater, petrochemical, oil and gas, food, nuclear, and pulp and paper industries. Also, channel mixers, and aeration and ozonation systems.
International manufacturer delivering industrial water treatment solutions to organizations in the power generation, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and chemical industries.
Tank Level Indicator VS-A020 by Versa Steel, Inc.
Stainless liquid level indicator for municipal and industrial grade tanks customized for your needs.
TAWA Water Desalination GmbH
Reverse osmosis water desalination units, sewage treatment and fittings.
Water treatment systems, desalination, filters, valves, chemicals.
Timber Line Electric & Control Corp.
Full service instrumentation and control firm serving Water and Wastewater utilities in the Rocky Mountain Region. Specializing in radio telemetry systems.
Triangular Wave
Provider of water filtration systems that allows scale prevention, bio corrosion, fouling prevention, industrial water problems, and commercial water treatments.
Trojan Technologies
Provider of ultraviolet equipment for municipal, industrial and residential applications.
Barrier to prevent debris accumulation at water intakes and spillways. Products, features, and contact information.
World-wide equipment supplier for water and wastewater operations provides on-line catalog and numerous customer services.
Veolia North America
Provides water services in North America for local and federal governments and business and industry. We design, build, operate and manage various types of facilities, programs and systems
Water Clinic
Supplier of Ultraviolet water and air purifiers based in Turkey.
Whaley Products
Central and portable air and water cooled chillers, cooling towers, pump tank systems, complete system design and manufacturing.
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