Consultants, Services and Equipment Manufacturers supplying and servicing the water industry.
Achromatic Limited
Experts in analytical process control. On-line monitoring and control systems for the water, wastewater, utilities and process water industries. Problem solving and plant optimisation.
They help public and private sector organisations reduce energy and water consumption, delivering financial savings and helping to meet today's global environmental challenge. Environmental consultancy, bureau management and installation of energy and water efficiency controls.
Akar Impex
Provides turnkey solutions for water treatment plants and services includes designing, commissioning, installation, operation and maintenance of waste water treatment plants.
Technologies and equipment for water purification. Filters with hydroautomatic backwash: without operators and electronics; the rotating motion of polymers granules removes the dirt particles.
Leak detection and flood alarm systems for buildings and installations of all types.
Leak detection specialists,provides a range of tools and technologies to identify leaks
Backflow Solutions
Cross-connection control with certified, licensed backflow prevention professionals.
Biwater Treatment Limited
Design and construction of water and wastewater treatment works and provide engineering consultancy services covering all aspects of the water industry.
California Sub-Meters
Specialize in water and sewer management for Condominium Associations, Apartment Communities and the Multi-Family Builder. Useful FAQ on submeters
Chesterfield Water Treatment Consultants
Independent consultants in the pre-commission cleaning of closed circuit, open condenser and domestic water systems. Monitoring of water treatment. Water quality audits. Water system design reviews. Contaminant problem solving.
Chicago Backflow Prevention Systems
Source for cross-connection control with certified, licensed backflow prevention professionals.
Dales Water Services
Specialise in the installation and maintenance of water services including drilling, pumping and treatment.
David Hope and Associates Utilities Consultant
Independent consultant to the public utilities industry. Specialises in physical infrastructure management and strategies, covering technology, procedures and people. Water industry and SCADA our main specialty. Based in Australia, straightforward web page
Descale & Chlorination Services Limited
Provides Legionella (legionnaires disease) control, prevention and risk management programmes including risk assessments and water tank and system refurbishment and cleaning.
Dioxide Pacific Consulting Engineers
Consulting engineers, specialising in design of water disinfection systems including chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone and UV.
Dirk European Holding Ltd.
The Dirk Group of companies - Provide a sludge dewatering service using centrifuge or plate press dewatering units.
Envirosearch Operations Inc.
Environmental engineering specialists in operation of water supply, wastewater treatment and water sampling. Based in Ontario Canada
FioTec (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Solvent Recovery plants, waste water treatment plants, membrane technology, oil/water emulsion splitting plants, recovery of substances from waste waters
Gemini Group L.L.C.
Assists water utilities in complying with the Consumer Confidence Report mandate by means of a CCR management service program.
George Applegate Water Diviners
Expert Water Diviners/Dowsers. Underground water locators for businesses.
Portal covers exclusively bids,tenders, contract opportunities in all sectors of Water and Wastewater utilities from around the World
HydroSave Uk Ltd
Leak detection and Water Management company serving local and central government departments, Water Companies, industry and others throughout the UK. Europe and the Middle/Far East.
Indigo Piping Systems
Export management company specialized in the representation of manufacturers of valves and pipe products for water transmission, water distribution, potable and waste water treatment plants, industrial fire protection, commercial/residential fire protection sprinkler systems, and storm water management products.
International Water Supply Ltd.
Specialists in groundwater exploration, assessment, engineering, design and construction of high capacity water wells and selection, installation and maintenance of pumping equipment
J. Hering Plumbing
Plumbing, Heating and Backflow. Alterations, New Installations and Repairs. American Society of Sanitary Engineering Certified. Licensed and Insured Master Plumber in the State of Texas.
JBS Associates, LLP.
provider of water audit and loss management consulting using the IWA/AWWA method. Additional services include water use management and reporting.
KW Cross-connection Control
New York State Certified Backflow Device Testers. Stockists of parts for emergency repairs.
Water Leak Detection and home infrared Inspection for Energy loss and Energy Audits.
Legionella Control International
Provides international Legionella control, prevention, training and environmental risk management services.
Liemberger & Partners
Independent consulting firm specialising in Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Reduction, leakage management, water utility analysis, the preparation of water loss reduction programmes and performance indicators.
M.E. Simpson Company
Leak detection services including leak survey's and leak pin-pointing. Also, meter testing, valve exercising, fire hydrant flow testing and sewer flow studies.
Internet based Process Management Service that provides operators and managers of plant with process and cost information as well as operating recommendations on the performance of their plant.
Non Chemical Water Treatment Systems
Lehmier Electric specializes in non-chemical water treatment, water softener, water purification, drinking water and hard water treatment. Informative Web site describes various water problems/treatments - USA - PA located.
Oregon Chapter of American Backflow Prevention Association
Oregon Chapter of American Backflow Prevention Association. An organization interested in protecting the public drinking water from contamination and/or pollution from cross connections in the state of Oregon.
PaleoScience Incorporated
Testing Services company based in Miami providing international water testing services. Testing for Bacterial, Viral and DNA including E. coli, cryptosporidium, Giardia and Viruses.
Raftelis Financial Consultants, Inc.
A water and wastewater financial consulting firm located across the country in Charlotte, North Carolina, Kansas City, Missouri, and Pasadena, California.
Ron Perrin Water Technologies
Provider of potable water storage tank inspections and cleaning. Also a licensed Security Consultant performing Vulnerability Assessments.
SterilAir SterilAqua
Water treatment through Ultra Violet disinfection. Brief German Language site giving company details
Thames Water
A range of water and sewerage infrastructure services offered by Thames Water Utilities plc to builders, and developers, providing forms to enable submission of applications for new and existing water mains and sewerage projects.
Tower Water Management
Water management consulting and treatment company supplying and servicing the water industry.
Wachs Utility Services
National coverage in water distribution system efficiency specializing in valve inspections and exercising, fire hydrant assessments, meter testing and repair, leak detection, water audits and GPS/GIS mapping.
Water Maxim
A water management consultancy offering design and project management services for water and sewerage schemes.
Permanent and Contract recruitment solutions for the global water industry
WaterNet Survey
Provides leak detection services to municipal utilities using computer correlation technology.Midwest USA based company with national coverage
Wisconsin Industrial Water Group
Specialising in designing and installing "complete" water treatment systems for industrial applications including water softening, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis , and deionization.
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