Software listed here is for use for the business, analysis, testing, management, monitoring or conservation in the utility industry.
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Utilities are direct distributors of energy to end use customers such as residential, industrial and commercial consumers of energy.

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Abraxas Energy Consulting
Providers of Metrix and MarketManager energy analysis software, software training, technical support, and related consulting services.
Mobile routing and tracking software and hardware package. Deals with the tracking of utility bills and payments
Acumen Engineered Solutions International Inc.
Consulting firm specializing in information processes for electrical utilities and industry.
AGILITY - Customer Information Systems
New Zealand based Solution Provider servicing Australasia's Retail Energy Companies. Supplier of Orion, a Customer Management and Utility Billing System.
Ampere Software –
Software product engineering company headquartered in India. Technical Expertise: Microsoft Technologies.
Applied Technology Solutions
Integrated client-server software applications tailored specifically for electric utilities.
Associated Systems, Inc.
Utility billing customer information systems with internet customer service features, compatible service work order systems, and financial management systems for IBM AS/400.
C3IT Softwares Solutions:
Provider of solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge. An approach that focuses on combining IT innovation and adoption while leveraging an organization's current IT assets.
Cannon Technologies, Inc.
Software and systems for electric utility remote metering, substation automation and load management. Products, services, and contact information.
Cogsdale Corporation
Billing software program for water, electricity, sewer, gas, phone, and Internet. Services, support, and contact information.
Consipio Corporation
consulting firm, specializing in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) and associated applications.
CORE Utility Billing
Utility Billing software program for water, wastewater and garbage collection utilities that is full featured and designed for small to midsize utilities
Digital Inspections
Providers of utility enterprise asset management software, Cascade, display product information, feature details, and technical support.
Electrical and Systems Advanced Control
Provides integrated software solutions for utilities and industries specializing in SCADA, electrical power systems and process control automation. Includes descriptions of select past projects.
Electrotek Concepts
Products for power quality data management, analysis, and modeling. Plus programs to help utilities and their customers analyze and manage energy use.
EleQuant, Inc.
Non-iterative load flow based software solution for electric power management. Products, solutions, and contact information.
enerbility software
Provides EFET eCM standards complying electronic confirmation matching systems for, mainly European, energy traders.
Energy Watchdog
Online interactive utility bill auditing, tracking, analysis and reporting service with a built in energy advisor. Services, support, and contact information.
System for gas, oil, and water pipelines. Under development to meet new requirements at prominent pipeline companies since 1986.
FirstPoint Energy
Web-based monitoring, management, reporting of energy usage data for billing, energy/load mgt, scalable from few points to enterprise-wide, for all utilities. Products and contact information.
Fischer-Uhrig Engineering
Network simulation system for gas, water, district heating and electricity. Product description, downloads, and contact information. Site in German and English. Company in Germany.
GASearch Energy Intelligence
Supplier of crude oil and natural gas pricing information and databases.
GeoSpatial Innovations, Inc.
Software and professional consulting services to more effectively manage distribution assets using mobile, GIS, and GPS technologies. Product and service information, customer log-in and contact details.
IMSofTech, Inc.
Specializes in utility billing. Includes product descriptions and training and support details. Products include i-nHANCE Suite, Oasis Suite, and i-nHANCE 5000. Part of Invensys
INAR Technology Solutions
Custom offshore and outsource program development for electricity providers. Products, services, and contact information. Based in Argentina.
Internet Energy Systems, Inc.
Provider of complete real time energy command and control solutions.
Jeforz Software Inc.
Developer of Fusion GIS - software that runs as an extension to ArcGIS and AutoCAD simultaneously. Includes mapping, work management, GPS-based field automation, outage tracking and engineering analysis.
Developed to simplify the Joint Interest Billing (JIB) process within the Canadian oil and gas industry. Product and services information, customer log-in, and contact details.
Kalki Communication Technologies Limited
India-based provider of utility automation solutions. Provides global delivery of engineering, field and protocol services to the power and energy industry.
LiveData, Inc.
Captures real-time physical data from intelligent systems, format conversion and routing. Products, support, and contact information.
Broad-based internet solutions to automated meter reading, remote device control, and customer information systems.
Munsys Technologies
Provider of utility applications for spatial data capture and maintenance in an open database environment. Provides central data administration and generates map books.
Optima Energy Management
Energy Management Software and Bureau Services. Software provides monitoring and targeting, tariff analysis, bill validation and financial forecasting, used consultants and bureaus.
Optiron Corporation
Information management system which provides real time billing and customer information.
Progressive Solutions, Inc
Software for private and public entities since 1979. Our Utility Billing solution is flexible and easy to use.
Salient Systems Ltd
Providers of meter reading, field service and resource management software solutions
Sanderson Computers
Utility billing and customer information software for electricity, water, gas and telecommunications companies.
Scadex Technologies
Combines Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) with Management Information Systems (MIS). MAESTRO has the ability to extract data from diverse systems, without interfering with current operations or making modifications to existing systems.
Simpro Engineering
Electrical engineering company specialized in SCADA solution for the power utility industries.
Skye Energy, LLC
Web based energy efficiency software that shows you exactly how much is being wasted each month.
SoftSmiths, Inc.
Transaction Management Systems for energy companies who operate in the wholesale energy markets to sell, purchase, trade, and deliver energy.
Southeastern Data Cooperative
A member-owned data processing cooperative providing consumer billing (CIS) and accounting solutions to electric distribution cooperatives and municipal utility providers.
State Of The Art
Software and meters provide a realtime energy monitoring software program for electricity, gas, oil, water.
Stoner Associates
Energy and water delivery network performance knowledge software. Provide engineering, GIS, SCADA, and CIS integration services to electric, gas, petroleum, and water utilities and companies.
Synergy Consulting, Inc.
Provides a web-based platform for utilities to track and report energy-efficiency and renewables activities, with industry-expert professional services and technical support.
TEAM Energy Auditing Agency Ltd
Products and services to manage consumption and costs. Capabilities, contact details, and overview. UK business.
Provider of total automation systems, monitoring and control, data acquisition, and system integration.
TMS Solutions, Ltd.
Fully integrated operating system designed exclusively for the waste industry.
Utility, Public Sector and Local Government billing system

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