Equipment, tools, and supplies specifically for use in industrial processes which provides measurement and automation functionality by the Utility industry.
Which is defined as:

Utilities are direct distributors of energy to end use customers such as residential, industrial and commercial consumers of energy.

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Related categories 2

E-MAX Instruments Incorporated
Manufactures digital fault and transient recorders, relays, dc/dc converters and other control accessories. Products, software, and contact information.
Self-contained voltage recorder, designed to be mailed or delivered to customers with a complaint. Technical support, registration, and suppliers.
Innovative Utility Products Corporation
Manufactures a portable fault location system for primary underground cable.
ITEC engineering
Electrical and instrumentation engineering, procurement and construction of oil and gas production sites, SCADA, and control cabins. Services, and contact information. Located in France. Site in English and French.
Manufacturing and selling of single jet, multijet and woltmann meters for irrigation, flow, heat, and related functions. Products and contact information. Site in English, Italian, and Spanish. Italy based company.
Northeast Power Systems, Inc. - NEPSI
Manufactures medium voltage capacitor banks and harmonic filter banks for power factor correction. Products, services, and technical information.
Power Logic
Manufactures and supplies electrical power monitoring and control systems. Products, demos, and contact information.
Radian Research Inc.
Portable and primary watthour reference standards, watthour meter test accessories and automated laboratory calibration systems.
Signalcrafters Tech Inc.
Manufacturer of instrumentation and communications status encoders and modules, software, and related equipment. Product overviews and applications.
Manufacturer's representative specializing in electrical test and maintenance equipment, monitoring devices, power system products and services. Products, applications, and contact information.
Underground Systems, Inc.
Real-time monitoring and dynamic rating systems. Services, integration, and marketplace.
Utilities Instrumentation Service
Instrumentation for electric power plants. Dam controls, water towers, waste water systems, hydroelectric, switchgear, and generators. Certifications, product lines, and client list.
Utility Systems, Inc.
Designers and manufacturers of transient and long-term digital fault recording systems. Products, applications, and contact information.
Watthour meter test equipment
Electric meter calibration equipment. Offering portable, single station and multi positions. Software to track all metering needs.
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