Some countries have professional wind energy associations. They provide a unique service to their country and unite wind energy enthusiasts all over the world.

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American Wind Energy Association
A lobbying force for wind development and voice for wind manufacturers in the United States. Includes wind energy information.
ANEV - Associazione Nazionale Energia del Vento
The Italian Association of Wind Energy operators
Bundesverband Windenergie e.V.
The German Wind Energy Association (BWE) has about 7272 individual and corporate members. This makes the BWE the largest individual association for renewable energies in Germany. The BWE represents the interests of wind turbine operators and all individuals who support wind energy.
Canadian Wind Energy Association
CanWEA's Mission is to represent the wind energy community - organizations and individuals - and to support development and application of all aspects of wind energy including the promotion of a suitable policy environment
Danish Wind Industry Association
Offers coverage of wind energy resources and wind turbine technology, meteorology, economics, research and development, and environmental aspects of renewable energy.
Estonian Wind Power Association (EWPA)
Their mission, regulations, and a wind atlas.
European Wind Energy Association
The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) is a non profit, non governmental association. with a membership consisting mainly of national affiliated societies, companies/organisations involved in wind related activities.
Global Wind Energy Council
This site provides a global forum for the wind energy sector uniting the wind energy industry and its representative wind energy associations.
Hull Wind, Hull, MA Wind Energy Project
Home of Hull, Massachusetts renewable energy project. Features video, images, and news about the wind turbine erected on the shoreline in Hull, MA for a source of energy serving the community.
Indian Wind Energy Association
Promotes awareness of the benefits of wind energy among sectors of industry and government.
Irish Wind Energy Association
The site is a resource for IWEA members and others interested in the promotion of wind energy in Ireland. It contains information on the work of the IWEA and its members.
MREA - Midwest Renewable Energy Association
The Midwest Renewable Energy Association is a nonprofit network for sharing ideas, resources, and information with individuals, businesses, and communities to promote a sustainable future through renewable energy and energy efficiency
New Zealand Wind Energy Association
Ensure that the wind energy industry is fairly represented to the general public, to government and to other stakeholders in the New Zealand energy sector.
NWCC - National Wind Coordinating Committee
A U.S. consensus-based collaborative formed in 1994, the National Wind Coordinating Committee (NWCC) identifies issues that affect the use of wind energy, establishes dialogue among key stakeholders, and catalyzes appropriate activities to support the development of an environmentally, economically, and politically sustainable commercial market for wind power.
Offshore Forum Windenergie
Offshore-Forum is an association of German developers of offshore-Windfarms in the north sea and Baltic Sea.
Renewable UK
Information on the wind energy industry in the UK, with news, FAQ, overview of UK wind farms, reports, and studies.
STY Suomen Tuulivoimayhdistys ry - Finish Wind Energy Association
The Finnish Wind Power Association is an organization set up to promote wind power in Finland. It has operated since 1988. Some pages are in English
The World Wind Energy Association
280 members from 75 countries; mainly, national associations, scientific institutes and companies. WWEA promotes wind energy on the global level by being a communication platform, providing technology transfer and influencing national and international policies.
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