Includes all businesses concerned with solar heating and solar hot water. Also includes solar cooking apparatus.

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Installers of solar thermal systems throughout Lincolnshire, UK.
Advance Solar Construction
Solar heating contractors serving the Tampa, Florida area.
Agni Solaar Systems
Makes solar water heaters, lights and power saving lightings.
Alternate Energy Technologies, LLC
Solar rooftop heating systems.
American Solar
Solar thermal roofing system combining roofing and siding technology and solar design. All-weather protection for the building that collects solar energy for space heating and hot water.
American Solar Energy
Specializing in solar pool heating, solar water heating, and solar electric panels.
Apricus Solar Co., Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of solar energy heating systems including solar water heater and evacuated heat pipe solar collector.
ARC Solar International, Inc
Manufacturer and distributor of a low-cost solar water heater that can be owner installed.
Austin Solar Air Conditioning, Inc.
Develops thermal solar air-conditioning technology and systems for homes and businesses in Austin, Texas.
Australian Solar and Air
Energy efficient solar water heating equipment, including household and swimming pools in conjunction with solar electric.
Aztec Solar Water Heating
Provider of solar water heating systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications in the United Kingdom.
China Sidite Solar Energy
Chinese manufacturer of solar thermal products.
Design, manufacture and distribute solar energy equipment for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Products include solar collectors, water tanks and photovoltaic systems. English, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian versions.
East Coast Solar
Supplier of solar thermal products and accessories based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
Eco 2 Solar
Installer of solar water heating systems for domestic and commercial buildings.
Enersol Solar Products, Inc
Manufacturer of a pool heater provides specifications, testimonials, and dealer information.
EnerWorks Inc.
Manufacturer of solar thermal water-heating appliances. Providing resources regarding the solar industry.
Produces heliostat and control technologies that produce electricity for large scale solar thermal plants. Describes the technology, press releases, and their partners.
Manufacturer of solar pool heating systems in the U.S. and provider of IceStor thermal energy storage systems.
Fitch Consulting
Importer and installer of evacuated tube collectors.
Foshan Nanhai Juyang Solar Equipment Co., Ltd.
Heat pump manufactured based in China.
Free Heat Industries
Specializes in efficient swimming pool heating and cooling designs and kits for DIY installation throughout Australia.
Goldwater Solar Services
Supply and installation of solar water heaters for domestic hot water use, solar pool heating, and space heating based in Toronto, Canada.
Haining Reshen
Chinese manufacturer of solar water heater and related products. Offers installation instructions and test reports.
Heliocol Inc.
Manufacturer of solar pool heating systems.
Imagination Solar Limited
Supply and installation, or supply only, of simple effective solar water heating systems for the home, swimming pools, caravans and boats.
Intelligent Energy Solutions
Suppliers and installers of solar water heating panels. Also offered are heat pumps, solar photovoltaic panels and wind turbines.
Megasun Solar Systems
Manufacturers and exporters of hot water solar systems, panels, collectors and water heaters.
NZ Solar
Sale of solar heating for residential or commercial use in New Zealand.
Performance Solar
Solar pool heating: serving Southern California - San Diego - Riverside County - Orange County and Southern Arizona
Professional Solar Products
Makes an all-metal swimming pool solar energy collector for solar pool heating and mounting systems for installing solar panels in virtually any location or situation.
Promethean Power Systems
Company developing a solar-powered refrigeration system for commercial cold-storage applications in off-grid and partially electrified areas of developing countries.
SkyFuel Inc
A technology provider and developer of thermal concentrating solar power collectors. Describes their technology, products offered, news items, and staff profiles. Based in New Mexico, United States.
The small solar company
Accredited solar heating installers in Hertfordshire (Herts), St Albans, United Kingdom.
Solar Components Corp.
Manufacturer of passive solar heating, greenhouses, aquaculture tanks, and environmental containers.
Solar Energy Services, Inc.
Distributor and installer of solar thermal systems for residential, commercial and institutional customers serving Maryland and surrounding area.
Solar Energy Solutions LLC
Providing solar heating systems. Additionally offering installation and consulting services. Based in Kentucky.
Solar Hydronics
Consultation, design, installation and maintenance of heating and hot water solar installations in Australia.
Solar Source
Solar heating for water, pools, and homes. Exclusive Heliocol distributorship in the Tampa Bay area. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Solar Thermal Consulting
Consulting for solar thermal energy projects, company based in California.
SolarAttic, Inc.
Supplies alternative energy technology using the solar heat inside of attics for heating hot water, swimming pools and space. Includes product data and drawings, pool guide, and stock offerings.
Manufactures, sources and distributes integrated, engineered solar heating systems in the US.
Solarnetix Inc.
Design and manufacture of solar hot water heating systems for all types of buildings. Production of flat plate and vacuum tube solar panels, and the Duonetix microcomputer-controlled pump station.
Solco Solar
Supplier and installer of domestic and industrial solar thermal systems. Based in South Africa.
Solfex Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of evacuated tubing, with technical details, online sales, and information for installers. Preston, Lancashire, UK.
Solimpeks Solar Energy Systems Co.
Turkey based manufacturer of Solar Collectors.
Speedyfit Solar Systems
Sale of solar hot water systems, evacuated tubes and underfloor heating with coverage throughout the United Kingdom.
SunEarth Inc.
Manufactures industry standard solar water heating collectors and systems for residential and commercial applications.
SunMaxx Solar
Designs, manufactures, and distributes solar heat and hot water heating products.
Italian manufacturers of uncovered, flexible solar panels made from polypropylene compounds for thermal use.
Supreme Heating
Supply and installation of solar water heating systems in Melbourne.
Thermo Dynamics Ltd.
A company engaged in the research, development, and manufacturing of solar thermal products. Products range from residential solar water and space heating to industrial and commercial process heating.
Thermomax Industries, Ltd
Distributor of quality vacuum tube collectors and stainless tanks since 1989. Proven, versatile heating solutions for 'off-grid' or low-impact living. This educational site includes schematics and manuals.
Thermomax Technologies
Manufactures evacuated heat pipe solar collectors, temperature control and monitoring devices.
Tweed Renewables Ltd
Solar water heating installers in Scotland.
US Solar Heating
Manufacturer and distributor of solar air heaters in the United States.
Zoe Energy
Sale, installation and repair of solar systems, specially thermal. Based in Hudson, NY.
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