Companies that manufacture and/or install various types of instruments for all parts of the oil and gas business.
Anthelion Systems Inc
Manufacturer of industrial instrumentation to monitor torque applied to tubular goods.
Avanti Elektronik Ltd
Electronic custom designs, quartz transducer simulators, telemetry testers and other specialised test gear for downhole equipment. Located in Scotland, UK.
Manufacturer producing instrumentation for control and measurement within the oil and gas industry. Located in Russia.
Chandler Engineering
Supplier of instruments for testing oil, gas and geothermal well cements. Features products.
Concept Controls Inc.
Supplier of gas detection, calibration and safety instrumentation products and services. Located in Calgary, Canada.
Control valves, pneumatic actuators, pressure controllers, regulators, chemical injection pumps, centrifuges, and control valve trim.
D-Jax Corporation
Pump-off controls and dynamometers. Based in Midland, Texas.
Manufacturer of electronic instruments and controls for the oil and gas, petrochemical and maritime industries. Condition monitoring and asset management also performed.
Dynamic Flow Computers
Flow computers for a variety of liquids and gases. Field or panel mounted applications.
Eco-Fuel Technologist Pvt Ltd
Design and installer of LPG dispensing stations, bulk LPG storage and distribution systems for industrial applications. Located in India.
EESITEC Technologies
A company performing research and development into flowmeters for air, gas and liquids using ultrasonic propagation technology. Specializing in prototype development for industrial applications and mass production. Based in Sweden.
Eztek Ltd
Design, development and manufacture of electronic instrumentation for the oilfield and other hazardous areas. Products, services, and brochure downloads. Located in Scotland, UK
Grabner Instruments
Fully automatic testing equipment for the petrochemistry.
Innovative Electronics
Design and manufacture of electronic and hydraulic instrumentation for monitoring and controlling drilling rig operations.
Krohne GmbH
Manufacturer of a wide range of flow and level measurement instruments for technologies and custody transfer applications.
Lennart Hojer AB
Manufacture and marketing of fuel additives and instrumentation, such as flow meters. Located in Sweden.
MacGregor Services, Inc.
Provides sales and service of instrumentation, safety systems, and controls, both new and reconditioned.
Micro-Smart Inc.
Manufacturer of downhole memory and surface read-out gauges for recording well parameters such as pressure, temperature, flow and depth.
Oilfield Instrumentation USA
Design, manufacture and servicing of instrumentation, consoles and laboratories for the oil drilling industry.
Petrotest Instruments GmbH
Design and manufacture of petroleum test equipment such as flashpoint testers, distillation units and penetrometers. Based in Germany.
Phaze Technologies AS
Design and manufacture of hermetically sealed subsea canisters and electronic instruments. Located in Norway.
Pioneer Petrotech Services Inc
Manufacturer of well test equipment, measuring downhole and surface pressure. Based in Canada.
Poor Boy's Instrument
Repair and replacement of drilling instrumentation including weight indicators, recorders and auto drillers.
Powell Industries, Inc.
Design, develop, manufacture, sell and service electrical power generation distribution, switchgear and control electrical equipment. Headquartered in Houston, Texas. (Nasdaq: POWL)
Data monitoring and recording on wellheads, wireline, slickline, coiled tubing and pumping units.
RMC Internet Division
Online sales of process instrumentation equipment, regulators and parts.
Sensornet Ltd
Provider of real time fibre-optic monitoring systems to the oil and gas industries. Enables determination of flow in production wells, optimisation of gas lift, monitoring of ESP motors and sand screen integrity.
Spartek Systems
Provides downhole gauges and surface readout equipment to monitor well temperature and pressure. Includes a catalog of products, downloadable application software, product description flyers and industry links.
Tandy Instruments
Repair, service and calibration of measuring devices including speedometers, rheometers and mud pressure gauges.
Welbor Technology Inc
Design and manufacture of actuators and electronics for use in downhole and subsea environments.
WIKA Instruments
Providing a wide range of temperature and pressure detectors and associated instrumentation.
Zencus International
Wellhead and field production wireless data acquisition and transmission instrumentation. Remote web-enabled data visualization software at the desktop.
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