Companies that provide equipment that is used in wellbore below the casing head. Includes logging instruments, bridge plugs, drill bits, mud motors, etc.

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Advanced Industrial Devices, Inc.
Sales and service of industrial custom electric motors and control panels, AC DC drives, transformers, filters and related electrical equipment.
Allamon Tool
Offers specialized liner and casing running systems for drilling and completion operations. Features a catalog.
AnaLog Services, Inc.
Offer the repair, modification, and calibration of downhole tools and surface equipment. Technical and tips section, classifieds and free software downloads.
BK Oil Tools B.V.
Represents supply and service companies in many parts of the world and is specialized in sand control, low friction zinc alloy centralizers, casing and liner reamer shoes and torque and casing wear reduction for drill-strings .
Bulroc (UK) Ltd
Designs, develops and manufactures down-hole percussive rock drilling equipment.
CAN-K Process & Mining
Design and manufacture of downhole pumps and equipment, drilling tools and mining equipment. Custom engineering and manufacturing. Based in Canada. Manufacturing facilities in other countries as well.
CBG corporation
Logging tools and sensors for production logging, open-hole logging, directional drilling and logging while drilling.
Churchill Drilling Tools Ltd
The Instant Bypass Tool (IBT) prevents problems of caving, cuttings beds, mud loss, packing off and excess ECDs with instant bypass technology.
Offers a targeted friction inhibitor that applies lubrication only where needed.
Globaltech Corporation
Design and manufacture of borehole survey systems including tool testing, certification and calibration.
Hawk Industries Inc.
Design and manufacture drilling tools and equipment including power tongs and pipe spinners. Features a video demo, product catalog and service manuals.
Icefield Tools Corporation
Manufacturer of digital borehole survey tools for the mining, geotechnical, and oil and gas industry. Applications include surveying, directional drilling, and drill steering.
Industrial Rubber, Inc.
Products for oil well cementing: heads, plugs, pin assemblies, swivels, float equipment, collars, shoes, and centralizers.
Lee Oilfield Service Company
Manufacturer of hydraulic jars, fishing jars, and jarring and bumping equipment for the oil and gas industry.
Lee Specialties Ltd.
Design, manufacturing and sale/rental of well logging systems, wireline and pressure control equipment. Canada based.
Magnum Oil Tools
Manufactures downhole drilling tools such as composite frac plugs and cement retainers for zonal isolation.
The Motor Company
Provides downhole drilling motors with field support, repair and maintenance, parts and components.
Oilfield Improvements Inc.
Wheeled and ultra flow rod guides for oil well sucker rods and tubing. Also find paraffin scrapers, rotators, shock absorbers, and sinker bars.
PeneDRILL drilling tool for perforating to use for oil and gas well completion and stimulation. Includes technical details, advantages over other systems, a video and a list of applications.
Pioneer Oil Tools Ltd
Designer and manufacturer of fishing and retrieval systems. Includes a catalog, information about design and manufacturing facilities, job opportunities.
Proficient Oil Tools Ltd.
Specializes in the design and manufacture of downhole flow control and completion products, accessories, wireline products. Includes a catalog.
Reamco, Inc.
Rental, manufacturing and refurbishing downhole drilling tools and accessories, stabilizers, subs, and drill collars.
Rotech Drilling Services
Manufactures a short, all metal hydraulic motor for cleaning and drilling oil, gas and geothermal wells. It can operate in high temperature, underbalanced and corrosive environments.
Scorpion Tongs
Manufacturer of makeup breakout hydraulic chain tongs and backup chain tongs. Includes product descriptions and news.
Team Oil Tools
Provides well completion equipment such as packers, packer accessories, anchors, and nipples. Also manufactures service tools such as squeeze tools and retrievable bridge plugs.
Thru Tubing Solutions
A company dedicated to supporting the coiled tubing and snubbing industry with specialty downhole tools and services.
Offers tractor downhole equipment that conveys intervention tools into horizontal and deviated wells.
Yellow Jacket Oil Tools
Provides a variety of downhole tools including perforating guns, junk baskets, dump bailers, and setting tools.
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