Testing, analysis and advisory services related to the chemistry of a fluid or material.
Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd.
A nonprofit research organization specializing in the chemistry and technology of sulphur and its compounds relating to the sulfur and sour gas industries. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Chempro Inspections Pvt. Ltd.
Third party inspection services for chemical, petrochemical, petroleum, bulk drugs and pesticide storage equipment. Also undertakes inspection of API 5L SAW Pipes. Based in India.
Crude Quality Inc.
Planning and implementing crude oil testing programs.
Fuel Only, Inc.
Fuel analysis, testing and research laboratory providing services to commercial and industrial businesses.
Harris Testing Laboratories
Analysis of crude oil, diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, lube oil, naphtha and petrochemical solvents by ASTM and other standard methods. Based in Houston, Texas.
Herguth Testing Labs
Testing oil, fuel, grease, coolants and refrigerants as well as lubrication studies, tribology and condition monitoring.
Insight Services, Inc.
Independent oil testing laboratory providing ferrography, oil filter tests, tribology, and engine oil tests. Located in Cleveland, Ohio.
International Lubrication and Fuel Consultants, Inc.
Fuel analysis for petroleum vendors, users and environmental work. Cathodic protection services.
Isotopic Ltd
Mineral and fluid analyses for analysis of reservoir connectivity and stratigraphic correlation. Isotope services.
Oil Analysis Lab, Inc.
Analyzes engine trankcase oil and transmission oil to diagnose engine problems and most efficient oil change schedule. Based in Spokane, Washington.
Oil Check Laboratory Services Ltd.
Provides oil analysis and testing for industries and manufacturers requiring oil condition monitoring programmes.
The Oil Lab
Professional oil analysis service for individuals and industry in Blackburn, Lancashire, UK.
Onta Inc.
Petroleum crude oil samples and petroleum crude oil rock samples.
Panair Laboratory, Incorporated
Quality control testing for jet fuel, aviation gas, gasoline, diesel, lubes, and hydraulics to the Air Transport Association, ASTM and Joint Fueling Specification requirements.
Peak Petroleum Testing Services, Inc.
Testing refined hydrocarbons for petroleum suppliers and users.
PetroTech Intel, LLC
PTI provides services to evaluate and characterize crude oil. Products include crude assays, newsletters highlighting crude quality changes and a database on crude fields.
Polaris Laboratories, LLC
Testing and analysis for oils, fuels, coolants and water-based fluids with an emphasis on the transportation, industrial, oil and gas, off-highway and power generation industries.
R&G Laboratories, Inc.
Laboratory tests oil, grease, coolants, fuel and transformer oil. Most results available within 24-48 hours. Based in Tampa, Florida.
Texas OilTech Laboratories, Inc.
Independent ISO 9002 certified petroleum, petrochemical, and environmental testing laboratory in Houston, Texas.
Wear Check Canada Inc.
Used oil analysis for gasoline and diesel engines. Web based software capable of managing sampling programs for large fleets of equipment.
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