Service companies that sell geophysical data. Many of these same companies also sell software to manipulate that data.

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Bell Geospace, Inc.
A privately held company that is the exclusive provider of three-dimensional full tensor gradient data to the oil and gas market. Data collected in the US Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea.
CGG Veritas
Seismic data processing, acquisition and interpretation. Training courses.
de Groot-Bril Earth Sciences
Software for the analysis of seismic and well data for purposes of reservoir characterisation and seismic object detection. Also seismic interpretation.
Provides integrated software solutions, consulting services and seismic data brokerage.
Seismic data acquisition, processing and sales.
Fast Geophysical Positioning Solutions
Supplier of software and services for seismic positioning data processing and quality control.
Geo-Search Affiliates
Licensing 2D seismic data in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Site has maps with line locations.
Gulf Coast Velocity Data Inc.
Database of digital velocity survey well information for Gulf Coast, West Texas and Oklahoma. Also mud weight/temperature databases in S. Louisiana.
Hydrographic, Dynamic Positioning and Underwater Survey
Geophysical, hydrographic and oceanographic survey equipment, services, data and software.
Integrated Exploration Systems GmbH
Multi-dimensional simulators for petroleum systems assessments. Based in Juelich, Germany.
NCS-SubSea, Inc
Provides navigation services to the marine survey and geophysical industry. Products include navigation systems, sidescan and magnetometer surveys, GPS positioning, and gyrocompass calibrations.
New Wave Geophysical Pty Ltd
Providers of advanced seismic scanning solutions for conversion of traces to SEG-Y format. Also maintains a large Australasian database of shotpoint locations, well logs, and bathymetry. Based in Frenchs Forest, Australia.
Paradigm Ltd.
Provider of enterprise software solutions to the global oil and natural gas exploration and production industry.
Parallel Geoscience Corporation
Software developer of interactive seismic data processing tools and applications for the petroleum and environmental industries.
Petroleum Geo-Services
An oilfield service company whose primary business is acquiring, processing, managing and marketing seismic data.
Petrophysics, Inc.
Petroleum exploration service company has specialized in relating digital well log data to seismic surveys. Gulf Coast onshore specialty. San Antonio, Texas.
Pulse Data Inc.
A Canadian seismic data library company that specializes in planning and conducting non-exclusive seismic surveys. Library contains 4000 kilometers of 2D seismic data from northern Alberta and British Columbia. Based in Calgary.
RockWare Inc.
Software for geology, groundwater, geophysics, GIS and hydrology applications. Located in Golden, Colorado.
Seismic Micro-Technology, Inc.
Integrated subsurface visualization software. Includes seismic modules. The Kingdom Suite runs on Windows NT. Based in Houston, Texas.
Seismic Solutions Int.
Consulting and software for the petroleum exploration industry. RFT plot/database software permits interpretation of multicriteria depth/pressure data. Located in Chatswood West, Australia.
SeismicCity, Inc.
Developer of technology for seismic processing and depth imaging, and provider of seismic data processing services for oil and gas industry. Based in Houston, Texas.
Provides software support and geophysical services to the oil and gas industry. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Terrex Seismic
Specializes in onshore seismic data acquisition in Australia.
Western Geco
Seismic exploration, reservoir imaging, and field development.
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