Many vendors of data also sell software and vice versa. This category includes vendors selling data only, software only and both data and software.

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Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
Developers of reservoir simulation software, including modeling and enhanced oil recovery processes, training and technical support.
Control Arts Inc.
Specializes in software and consulting services for refineries, chemical plants and the telecommunications industry including application specific controllers, MVCs, alarm history analysis, and performance metric software.
Crystalline Technology, Inc.
Remote monitoring and control hardware and software. Custom programming for specific applications. Based in Farmington, New Mexico.
Digital Formation, Inc.
Windows software for log data viewing, complete well log evaluation, and well data presentation. Petrophysical consulting services for all size projects, from a single well, to field and reservoir studies.
Oil terminal automation system design and software.
Encom Technology
Develops specialist software tools for the exploration industries and geosciences.
GeoLOGIC Systems Ltd.
A data browser and analytical tools bundled with current well data for all of western Canada.
GeoScience Software Inc.
PC-based geological system featuring petrophysical analysis, well correlations, seismic synthetics, quick mapping, well dipmeter interpretation and HP plotter support. Based in Bradenton, Florida.
Software developer and reseller specializing in geostatistical applications. Features information about software products, training, and consulting services, as well as a catalog of publications.
Integrated Technology Consultants AS
Software, training and services in modern well design, operational well planning and drilling.
Landmark Solutions
Unix and PC applications for mapping, cross-section analysis, modeling, simulations, and wellbore planning. Corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas.
Lexco Data Systems
Membership library and database of offshore well and lease information, including production and well logs.
LoreTech Knowledge Systems Inc.
Saskatchewan oil and gas information and reports. Online oil reserves calculator.
New Century Software
Provides consulting, data conversion, integrity management, and software development for the oil and gas industry.
Oversize Image Solutions
Provides software and conversion services for processing very large images, primarily for the oil and gas industry.
Pegasus Vertex, Inc. (PVI)
Engineering consulting and software company with primary involvement in computer modeling of drilling and completion operations.
Pennwell MapSearch
Oil and gas pipeline maps, power generation research. Paper maps or digital data in CAD or GIS formats. Custom data searches. Based in Durango, Colorado.
Petroweb Inc.
Digital map layers including wells, land, culture, seismic, and pipelines from diverse sources. Offices in Denver, Houston.
Pichler Engineering GmbH
Software for pipeline, storage and terminal automation and control for oil, gas, water and other fluids.
Pipeline Operator Qualification System Consortium, Inc.
Automates the processes necessary for operators of natural gas and hazardous liquid pipelines to comply with the relevant sections of US Federal Regulations.
Platte River Associates. Inc.
Consulting services, software and training in basin analysis, prospect evaluation and resource assessment.
PML Exploration Services
Petroleum exploration mud logging and geological data recording services, electronic and computer monitoring of well site mudlogging digital data acquisition.
Prometheus, S.p.A.
Software and consulting services for refineries. Located in Genoa, Italy. Business alliance partners worldwide.
PC-based process simulators are training tools for the process industry as well as for vocational, technical, and polytechnic schools.
Softbits Consultants
Process simulation for the offshore facilities. Includes flare radiation analysis program for designing flare systems.
Strategic Online Natural Resources Information System of Louisiana
Information portal focusing on oil and gas: coastal restoration, databases, online maps and electronic document images.
Trivision Geosystems
Geological Software, for wellsite geologists and office geologists.
Visible Data
Online databases of Canadian pipelines, gas plants and well production data. Subscription required.
WellSight Systems Inc.
Software product line for horizontal and directional logging, mud logging, core logging, and well log analysis.
Zebra Projects, Inc.
Custom software developers specializing in embedded and SCADA applications. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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