Business Energy Oil and Gas Consulting Reservoir Engineering
Consulting Organizations whose main activities are reservoir studies and estimation of oil and gas reserves.
Acorn Petroleum Services
Expertise and experience in reservoir simulation and optimization of field development.
Argonauta Energy LLC
Worldwide reservoir, geological and facility consulting services. Specializing in deepwater asset evaluation and development planning.
Blackwatch Petroleum Services Limited
International reservoir engineering, petrophysics, asset evaluation, well operations, well testing, and well engineering. Russia, Middle East,Europe.
C&C Reservoirs
Maintains a database of reservoir studies and digital field analogs. Includes an online demo for subscribers and a description of workflow and methodology.
Calvin Resources Incorporated
Performs field studies, reservoir characterization, due diligence and exploration evaluations. Involved in exploration in East Texas Salt Basin.
Cawley, Gillespie and Associates, Inc.
Provides petroleum engineering services such as reservoir appraisal, field development planning and litigation. Located in Fort Worth and Houston Texas.
Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
Sells and provides support for reservoir simulation software worldwide. Offices in North and South America, Europe and China.
Core Laboratories
Provides petroleum reservoir description data and production management field services for recovery optimization. A manufacturer of reservoir rock and fluid analysis instrumentation.
DeGolyer and MacNaughton
Offers international reservoir appraisal, field development planning services. Based in Dallas, Texas.
Field Development Consultants
Provides geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering, production engineering, and drilling engineering consulting services.
Gaffney, Cline and Associates
Services include international reservoir appraisal, field development planning and exploration projects. Principal offices in UK, USA and Singapore.
Garb Grubbs Harris and Associates, Inc.
Provides international reservoir appraisal and field development planning services. Based in Dallas, Texas.
Gary S. Swindell and Associates
Services include oil and gas consulting, reservoir engineering and reserve studies. Offers oil industry data, coalbed methane and Texas secondary recovery database. Located in Dallas, Texas.
Geo Visual Systems Ltd
Developer of geological modelling, well log correlation, 3D visualisation software for the oil exploration industry. New Zealand.
Gleason Engineering
Evaluation and appraisal of oil and gas reserves from producing and non-producing oil properties.
International Reservoir Technologies, Inc.
Worldwide petroleum reservoir management consulting services, including fully integrated reservoir studies. Based in Lakewood, Colorado.
Services include characterization, modeling, simulation, evaluation and management of reservoirs by combining geological, geophysical and petrophysical analysis.
J L Wilson and Associates, Inc.
Integrated petroleum reservoir evaluations for enhanced oil recovery. Generate and evaluate petroleum prospects.
James E. Smith and Associates, Inc.
Reservoir appraisal, field development planning. Based in Tyler, Texas.
Knowledge Reservoir
Reservoir studies and surface transportation systems analysis. Information management expertise integrates consultant's work with client's staff and data resources.
Netherland, Sewell and Associates, Inc.
Field studies, oil and gas reserve certifications, economic evaluations, and operations management. Integrated geology, geophysics, petrophysics and engineering.
Orlando Mendoza
Resume and CV, MsC in reservoir geoscience and engineering, 2006.
PanTerra Geoconsultants B.V.
Geoscience consultancy group providing services to the international oil and gas industry specializing in integrated reservoir studies and consultancy. Based in the Netherlands.
PetroStudies Consultants Inc.
Reservoir appraisal, field development planning, software development. Located in Calgary, Canada.
Platt, Sparks and Associates Consulting Petroleum Engineers, Inc.
Reservoir appraisal, field development planning, litigation. Austin and Midland, Texas.
Ralph E. Davis Associates, Inc.
Reservoir engineering and geological services to the petroleum industry.
Offers integrated field development and reservoir management solutions. Reservoir modeling and simulation software and services. Downhole flow measurement and reservoir monitoring systems.
Ryder Scott Company Petroleum Consultants
Reservoir appraisal, field development planning and exploration projects. Offices in Houston and Calgary.
Serafim Ltd.
A consultancy and software company specialising in using mathematics to solve problems in oilfield development optimisation, reservoir engineering and other areas.
Sproule Associates Limited
Reservoir appraisal, field development planning, training and exploration projects. Corporate headquarters in Calgary, Canada. Offices in Houston and Denver.
Straus Engineering Ltd.
Tactical management of production, reservoir studies, regulatory applications. Based in Alberta, Canada.
Subsurface Computer Modeling, Inc.
Reservoir studies, including engineering, geology and geophysics. Offices in Texas and UK.
TDL International, Inc.
Petrophysical consultant. Based in Forney, Texas.
Welltest Specialists
Advanced well testing analysis, quality control, operational audits, technical audits and other reservoir engineering work for clients in North America, Australia and New Zealand.
William M. Cobb and Associates, Inc.
Reservoir appraisal and management, field development planning, training, litigation and exploration projects. Based in Dallas, Texas.
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