Business Energy Oil and Gas Consulting Management and Financial
These consultants provide advice to management, including advice on planning, technology, financial matters, risk management, and environmental solutions.
Appropriate Process Technology Ltd.
Assistance in selection and implementation of most cost-effective of old and new processing technologies for your onshore or offshore application.
Beacon Petroleum Management, Inc.
Advising independent producers on marketing and transportation issues.
Compass Royalty Management
Fiduciary management of oil and gas royalty and mineral assets for institutions, individuals, universities and endowments.
Deltaic Systems Ltd.
Business management for oil and gas: project management, data infrastructure, contract analysis, technical evaluations, business development studies.
EAG Services
Consulting service specializing in operational efficiencies through business process and information system improvements.
Gas Management Services Ltd.
Managing clients natural gas portfolio on a 24 hour basis in response to supply and demand. Providing software and custom programming for same purposes.
Global Energy Associates Ltd
Consultancy and training service to enable clients to effectively market or make the optimum use of natural gas in their process and commercial applications.
Greenstar Energy
Acquisition and management of producing royalties (minerals) and overriding royalty interests in the United States.
Jardine Technology Ltd
Asset and Risk Management Solutions. Engineering consultants and developers of chemical, oil, gas, power, and transportation reliability availability and maintenance (RAM) software.
Moyes and Co., Inc.
Provides advice on international oil, gas and other worldwide energy investments.
Oil & Gas Royalties
Specializes in buying and selling oil and gas royalties, royalty management, investing software, reporting and mineral rights.
OPS International
Operational solutions for well design, drilling, production engineering, maintenance, recruiting, and technology transfer.
Palantir Economic Solutions
Economic and risk evaluation consulting and software.
The Petral Companies
Seminars and consulting, provides clients with market analyses, supply demand, and price forecasts for a broad array of crude oil and petroleum products.
Assisting International Oil and Gas companies in upstream and downstream business development in India.
Petroleum Development Consultants Ltd
Independent professional international consulting company covering strategy, development planning, evaluations, market analysis, negotiations and expert witness.
Petroleum Equities Inc.
Specialists in the evaluation of oil and gas exploration and production projects.
Planalytics Energy
Web-delivered financial risk management tool for companies buying or selling natural gas taking into account predicted weather-driven changes in gas prices.
Purvin & Gertz Inc.
An international energy industry consulting firm assisting the industry in planning and implementation, market analysis, operational management, third party services, and training and seminars.
Quest Consultants Inc.
Process hazards management. Consequence analysis, risk analysis, process hazards analysis, safety training, safety related research and testing.
Sisu Group, Inc.
Consulting and software for integrated trade and risk management. Custom software development.
Spears and Associates
SAI provides research-based consulting to the petroleum industry worldwide, specializing in equipment and services.
Sproule Associates Ltd.
Consulting for the evaluation of oil, natural gas and by-product reserves and unproven properties.
Stancil & Co.
Provides advice on mergers and acquisitions, project development and management, management of existing assets, as well as technical and economic analysis.
TechLink Group
Technical and economic analysis of Geoscience technology trends. Implementing new technology.
Global trading businesses, including the supply and offtake of crude oil, petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), metals, ores and concentrates.
Versatec Engineering
Engineering, loss prevention, audits, project management and project support. Based in The Netherlands.
Business development and investment counseling for oil and gas industry in Malaysia.
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