Companies supplying consulting services to the oil and gas industry.

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Acock Engineering & Associates, Inc.
Texas based company supplying petroleum property management services from well design to reservoir management.
Advanced Resources International, Inc.
Provides consulting services in geology/geophysics, petroleum engineering and strategic planning, with particular expertise in unconventional natural gas resources.
Attric Group Ltd.
Technical documentation for operations, maintenance, HSE manuals etc. for FPSOs, platforms, and refineries. Offices in the UK, Abu Dhabi and Canada.
BCT Consultants
Designing petroleum and petrochemical storage, including LPG storage caverns.
Channoil Consulting Ltd.
Services for the downstream oil business, including crude oil valuation and marketing, refining, transportation, supply and trading, and marketing.
Chinook Consulting
Wellsite geology consultants serving Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.
Core (Oil and Gas) Limited
Specializing in solving operational problems, optimizing production, and improving the performance of oil and gas installations worldwide.
Dango Training Services Ltd.
Training courses in health and safety, risk assessment, dangerous goods and hazardous chemicals for onshore and offshore operations.
Enbridge Technology Inc.
Training, technology transfer and advisory services to oil and gas pipelines and gas distribution companies.
Entrac Petroleum
Consultancy in the areas of petroleum, reservoir and drilling engineering. Includes training courses, well and casing design, and horizontal technology.
Er-Petro Ltd.
Geological mapping, GIS, drilling, computer system design, refinery work, GPS. Primarily serving Europe and North Africa.
Project management, engineering, manufacturing, plant maintenance, turnaround and turnkey solutions in the Middle East and Pakistan.
Fouling and Coking Technology Inc.
Consulting and laboratory services specializing in analyzing and solving fouling, coking and deposition problems in oil and gas production.
Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants Ltd.
Engineering consulting services. Business improvement consulting services.
Offers seismic and well data interpretation, geological modeling, reservoir engineering and reserves estimates.
GL Noble Denton
Noble Denton provides consulting engineering, marine survey and meteorology services to the offshore, marine and insurance industries.
Offers advisory services for international companies wishing to supply equipment and materials to oil and gas companies in Brazil.
Hohn Engineering
Drilling, production, reservoir, and facilities engineering, as well as environmental engineering and geology.
Holmwood Consulting Limited
Independent consultancy providing worldwide business advice, management consulting, executive briefing and energy training. Expertise in gas pipelines, underground storage and liquefied natural gas.
Kadme AS
Technical consulting for the improvement of knowledge and data management activities in exploration and production organizations.
The Kemp Group
Sales and marketing consulting for the oil service industry.
Developing and implementing solutions for storage, processing, simulation and integration of sub-surface data.
Nor-Chief Consulting Services Ltd.
Provides supervision personnel for oil and gas projects: drilling, completion, workover, pipeline and construction.
OCTG Procter Consultancy, Ltd
Drillstring and well engineering consultants providing services that include drill string design, failure analysis, stuckpipe analysis, jarring operations and jar analysis, fatigue analysis.
Technical and procedural documentation management services.
Oil Consultants
Provides direct contact between consultants and client company recruiters. Annual fee for online database of independent consultants.
Oilfield Production Consultants (OPC) Ltd
Outsourced management and personnel for studies and operations for exploitation and production facilities. Training. Based in Scotland.
Pan EurAsian Enterprises, Inc.
A management advisory firm specializing in the energy sectors and providing project development advice.
Performance Improvements Group LTD
Specialising in process, control, machinery, metering, automation and energy solutions.
Powertech Labs Inc.
Providing testing, consulting and research services to the electric and gas industries, their customers and suppliers.
Independent, consulting engineering company focused on developing new applications for aerospace and defence technology in the oil and gas industry.
Resource Development Corporation
Provider of comprehensive learning solutions for process manufacturing industries.
Stewart Technology Associates
Offshore engineering, hydrodynamic analysis, process engineering, oil and gas separation, separators, software, consultancy, fabrication, pressure vessels, and training simulators.
Team Energy Resource Ltd.
Providing consultants and teams of consultants for project management, drilling, reservoir development and other upstream tasks.
Technology Trade International
Petroleum consulting and management for upstream and midstream projects.
Trek Construction & Environmental Consulting
Providing environmental consulting and wellsite construction supervision services. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Triangle Groups
Provides personnel, consulting services and products within petroleum engineering, focusing on drilling and well completion.
Scientific research institute of the Russian gas giant GAZPROM. Scientific and technological solutions to research, development and project issues.
West Africa Online
An online database for offshore oil and gas field developments in West Africa.
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