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Fuel cell technology is used to react fuels such as hydrogen or methanol with oxygen via an electrochemical path, thereby generating electricity. While the technology has been available for decades for specialty applications, it has undergone much more rapid development in recent years, spurred in part by the promise of a hydrogen economy. Many companies participate in the field, at various stages of the product cycle (research through mature products). Websites for these companies are collected in this category. For more information about the principles behind fuel cell technology, see the corresponding Science category.

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Acumentrics Corporation
Develops and markets solid oxide fuel cell systems for power backup and distributed power generation. Company profile, product information, and technology overview.
Apollo Energy System
Company specializing in alkaline fuel cell technology, derived from ammonia. Company profile, history, management, patents, publications and product catalog.
Ballard Power Systems
Manufacturer of zero-emission proton exchange membrane fuel cells.
A Swedish firm which develops, manufactures and markets PEM fuel cells for back-up and niche applications. Company profile and products.
Fuel Cell Markets
Directory focusing on fuel cell technologies.
Fuel Cells America
Consulting service and commissioned fuel cell sales company, focusing on the Wisconsin area. Overview of market and applications.
FuelCell Energy, Inc.
Develops and markets carbonate fuel cell and advanced nickel zinc secondary battery. (Nasdaq: FCEL).
Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH
Developer and producer of low pressure PEM fuel cell systems, in the 5-150 kW range. Also develops fuel cell propulsion systems. Located in Germany.
Shanghai Shen-Li High Tech Co.
Develops, manufactures, and markets PEM fuel cell products.
Sulzer Hexis AG
Developer and producer of fuel cell systems presents its Galileo line of solid oxide fuel cells operating on natural gas. Overview of company, technology, and products.
Tognum AG
Develops and manufactures stationary carbonate fuel cells for generating power and heat. Overview of technology, applications, and demonstration projects. Located in Germany.
TVN Systems, Inc.
Developers of PEM fuel cells, offering membrane-electrode assemblies, research-scale fuel cell stacks, and gas diffusion electrodes.
ZTEK Corporation
Manufacturer of solid oxide fuel cells targeted at stationary power and transportation markets. Also offers steam-hydrocarbon reforming technology for upstream hydrogen generation.
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