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Distributors, vendors, wholesalers, brokers and representatives are companies that buy, sell, service, or install components used to manufacture electronic products. Companies listed here do not manufacture products. Distributors that primarily service a regional territory (for example, a single US state) should submit sites to the appropriate Regional category.

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Acal PLC
Distributor of electronic components including semiconductors, magnetics, and RF components, plus IT products including fiber channel devices, scanners, and displays. Site lists contact information for worldwide subsidiary offices.
Added Value Electronics (AVE) BV
Distributor of components and subassemblies, including discrete active and passive components, displays, power supplies, and electromechanical assemblies. Focuses on Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg). Lists manufacturers carried.
All-Phase Electric Supply
Distributor of electrical parts and supplies. Product directory and overview of brands carried.
Allied Electronics
Distribution of electronic components and equipment.
Alpha Source, Inc.
Distributor of lamps, batteries, wiring, and other electronic diagnosis and laboratory equipment for the health care market.
A and T Labs
Supplier of audio amplifier, voltage and current test equipment, ethernet testers, and door keypads. Product specifications, pricing, and technical support.
Arotech, Inc.
Manufacturers' representative for semiconductor, passive, opto-electronic and electro-mechanical products for manufacturers in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Online line card.
Battery Electric Mfg. & Service Ltd.
Battery power products including UPS systems, chargers, inverters, batteries, racks, and enclosures. Based in Alberta. Product photos and descriptions, PDF format brochures.
Battery-Biz Inc.
Batteries for computers, cell phones, ac adapters and other electronics.
Becker Electronics
Distributor of a range of electronics equipment, kits, converters, test aids, software, and stereo equipment.
Blair Engineering
Electro-mechanical manufacturer's representative selling mainly to OEMs in the Southern USA. Products include fasteners, EMC products, thermal management devices, and vibration isolation. Site lists line card.
Bush Sales And Manufacturing, Inc.
Distributor and seller of new, used, and surplus electrical power equipment, including transformers, circuit breakers, and motor controls. Utah, USA. Site has company line card and allows searching for products based on part number or description.
Calrad Inc.
Distributor of connectors, cables, audio - video accessories and CCTV products.
Capitol Sales Company Inc.
Distributor of consumer electronics, home theater equipment, and telephones to retailers, low-voltage system installers, and incentive program providers. Site lists represented manufacturers.
Carlton-Bates Company
Distributor of a full line of electronics products from major manufacturers.
Circuit Specialists, Inc.
Distributor of electronics components and equipment offering online catalog and ordering.
Computer Controls AG
Distributor for electronic components, EDA software and instruments for test and measurement.
Computronics Corporation Ltd.
Distributes electronics tools and materials, agricultural monitoring products (Farmscan) and electronic displays. Online catalogue and product specifications.
Crescent Electronics
Distributor of OEM car radio and electronics parts. Canada.
Delaire USA
Supplier of electronic, RF components, test equipment and custom cable assemblies. New Jersey, USA. Catalog of carried components.
Delta Electronics Co., Inc.
Independent wholesaler of consumer and industrial electronics products also providing service and installation.
Dhruva Automation & Controls.
India. Offer components from various manufacturers too the Indian sub-continent. Including reed relays, logic counters, temperature transmitters, i/p converters, and plcs.
Dragon Distributing
Wholesale consumer electronics to dealers only.
Electro Wire
Wire and cable distributor and third-party logistics provider. Lists of products and suppliers grouped by category.
Electronic Resellers Association International (ERAI)
Affiliation of electronics distributors offering reporting and intervention to safeguard members against fraud, lost revenue, and unscrupulous business practices in the hi-tech electronics industry. Online member list and counterfeit part listing.
Elektron PLC Group
Essex, UK based distributor of components, power supplies, power management equipment and high frequency electronics. Product lists and company information.
Distributor of a full range of electronic components, with direct sales in Sweden, Norway and Poland.
Product distributors and technical consulting for electronic and mechanical components, including lighting, surge protection, lathes, and cabling systems. Company overview and links to product manufacturer sites.
Eutex International
Distributor of electrical cable, cable glands, lighting, control gear, junction boxes, and other electromechanical devices in Europe and the United States. Searchable online catalog including photos and datasheets of components.
Ex Industries
Distributor of explosion proof products and systems used in hazardous environments. Product photos and descriptions grouped by type. Anaheim, California, USA.
Frontier Engineering
United States distributor of components for Maplin electronics.
Galco Industrial Electronics
Supplier of industrial electronic products and support services for the plant floor automation market.
Gilland Electronics Inc.
Distributor of printed circuit board (PCB) and cable assembly accessories, logarithmic amplifiers, millimeter wave products, and RF components. California, USA. Site lists represented manufacturers, with general descriptions of available products.
Industrial Partner
Distributor of telecom products. Richardson, Texas.
JH Larson Electrical Company
A full line electrical, plumbing, and HVAC distributor based in the north central U.S. Industry specific tables and calculators.
The Johnson Electric Supply Company
A wholesale distributor of electrical components in Cincinnati.
JRL Electric Supply Co.
California based stocking distributor of circuit breakers. Site lists available manufacturers and products and includes online store.
Jumbo Electronics Company Ltd.
Distributor of consumer electronics, IT and telecommunication products focusing on the Middle East. Site lists product catalog, list of carried manufacturers, and online bulk inquiry form.
Kaito Electronics, Inc.
Distributor of radios, electronic gifts, lamps, air conditioners and wireless microphones.
Klaus Industrial Electronics
Provides EDI and bar coding systems, and quick delivery services for cable, relays, switches, batteries, resistors and test equipment.
Madhu Subtronic Components Pvt. Ltd.
Distributors of semiconductors, passive and electromechanical components and displays, panel meters, connectors and enclosures. Includes line card, product list and pricing. From India.
Maplin Electronics
Distributor of a wide range of electronics products providing an online catalog and ordering.
Mark C. Pope Associates, Inc. (MCP)
Distributor of motive power batteries, chargers, electronic monitoring modules, maintenance tools and computerized management systems. Smyrna, Georgia.
MarVac Electronics
Full line distributor of electronic components, tools, test equipment and chemicals.
Media Elettra
Distributor of metal detectors, georadars, training collars, gate openers, power inverters, forklifts, and other electronics. Italy. Site in English and Italian, and contains product photos, descriptions, and prices.
Micromax International Corp.
China. Company is a representative and distributor of some of the largest producers of electronics, components and software for many industrial electronic applications in industries of today.
Milesek, Inc.
Broad line distributor of electronics components, equipment, and hardware items from connectors, cabling, patching, and switching to signal conditioning, raceway and ducting, racks and tools.
Monroe Infrared Technology, Inc.
Infrared equipment and software including new and used imaging camera and accessories sales, rental, and training. Kennebunk, Maine. Product specifications and list of services.
Distributor for brown and white good components, materials, spare parts, accessories and consumer electronics.
Online database of semiconductors and other active and passive components.
Rexel USA
A stocking distributor of many industrial manufacturers. Site lists USA based sales offices and includes online ordering for registered users.
RS Components International
Wide range of stocked components for the electronics, electrical and mechanical engineer.
Sacramento Electronic Supply
Distributor of data-comm, tele-comm, industrial electronic components, semiconductors, and test equipment. Based in California, USA with access to US network of parts warehouses. Site lists available products with photos and descriptions from manufacturer catalogs.
San-Ace Electronics (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Distributor and retailer of electrical and electronic components, assemblies, and spare parts, focusing on television, audio, video, and computer parts. Site lists available products sorted by manufacturer. Singapore.
Sejin Electron Inc
Korean distributor of computer hardware including keyboards, mice, game controllers, and remote controls.
Shields Electronics Supply, Inc.
Wholesale stocking distributor of electronics parts and accessories, including network equipment, wire, and hand tools. Tennessee, USA.
Distributor of industrial electronic control products such as drives, wire duct, push buttons, and terminal blocks. Manufacturer list and catalog request forms.
Technokey Enterprises Ltd.
Provides high quality ICs and components from Japan, U.S.A. and Europe.
Testco Incorporated
A distributor of Coto Relays, , Isotek Precision Resistors, Johnson Electric Products and also carry thermistors and thermal controls.
Toky Electrical Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of temperature, pressure, frequency, and power sensors and digital counters. Product photos, specifications, manuals, and company history.
Tri-State Electronic Corp
Distributor of electronic hand tools, cables, TV and audiovisual supplies, and networking equipment. Illinois, USA. Online store with line card and product descriptions.
White Lake
Netherlands based division of SPECS Distribution B.V. that distributes memory modules for PCs. Contact information listed by country.

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