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A&S Transformer Department
Distributor of mains-power transformers and parts.
Able Electronics
Maker of AC drive chokes, DC drive chokes, transformers, reactors, Mumbai, India.
Acme Electric
Manufacturing power conversion equipment to the electrical and electronic markets for aerospace and AC, DC power distribution.
Acutran Transformers
Manufacturer of transformers, reactors, and inductors. Also offers repair service.
Advanced Components Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer of encapsulated power transformers rated from .3 VA up to 25 VA at 50-60 Hz. PC mountable. C-UL and VDE listed with CE approvals. UL 1585 and VDE EN60742 5,000 V insulation.
Airlink Transformers
Manufacturers of toroidal transformers for the electronics industry.
Amgis Toroidal Power Products
Designer, manufacturer and distributor of toroidal power transformers and related products, specializing in highly efficient toroidal power products.
Manufacturer of a wide range of toroidal transformers for audio, medical and other applications. Approvals include Kema Keur, CE, Enec and UL.
Arrow Technology, Ltd.
Manufacturer of R-core transformer in China.
Art Mandigo Transformer Winding Services inc.
Provides transformer winding and repair services, transformer winding and repair training and technical support.
ASCO Components
Distributor of products to assist transformer manufacturers including laminations, bobbins, hardware, terminals, channel frames and related items.
Ashita Techno Enterprise
Manufacturer of transformers, power transformers, control transformers, constant voltage transformers and auto transformers. From India.
Asia Magnetic Winding
French manufacturer based in Thailand, manufacturers and distributes toroidal chokes, ferrite transformers and inductors.
Atech Technology Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of communication transformers.
Automatic Electric
Manufacture of electrical instruments, power systems and instrument transformers. From India.
AYA Instruments
Designer of electronic metering devices and transformers for the electric power industry and for process control applications.
B.C.Electrical Techniques Ltd
Transformers, reactors, chokes, inductors and battery chargers. From UK.
Beason Product
Solid state transformers, Neon transformers, bombarder transformers.
Best Windings
Produces transformers and chokes for telecommunications applications, line isolating, audio, surface mounted and switched mode power supply transformers.
Beverly Manufacturing
Manufacturer of custom ferrite transformers and chokes for pulse, RF, switching, power, telephone, balun and other specialties including toroidal shapes. Located in New Jersey, USA.
Botter Elettrotecnica
Manufacturer of transformers, autotransformers, inductors, inductances and power supply units. From Italy.
Breve-Tufvassons is manufacturer of transformers, regulators and power supplies based in Poland.
Buck Boost Transformers
Sells transformers for various applications. Includes product photos and descriptions.
Bultraf, Ltd
A major manufacturer and exporter of power transformers under 1VA to over 20KVA. From Bulgaria.
C.A. Construcciones Electricas Iribarren
Maker of high-voltage (high-tension) transformers. Located in Venezuela.
ChenYang Technologies GmbH & Co. KG
Supplier of Hall Effect sensors and transducers, ICs and elements, current transformers and gaussmeters.
Chetan Electric Pvt. Ltd
An exporter of oil-cooled, dry-type, constant voltage and specialty transformers.
Chokes and Bombarder Transformers
Choke and Bombarder information.
Coiltron, Inc.
Standard and custom transformers, coils and chokes.
Control Transformer
Provides custom engineered magnetics to the OEM market. Online line card and RFQ.
Controlled Magnetics, Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of magnetics products for complex waveforms, special ratings, other unique applications. US and Asian manufacturing capability.
Cortec Enterprises
A US electronics manufacturer specializing in toroidal power products. Specializes in isolation transformers, autotransformers, toroidal chokes and inductors.
CR Magnetics
Current transformers, voltage transformers, power transducers, current transducers and hall effect devices for alternating and direct current.
Custom Coils
Manufacturer of custom magnetic components such as transformers, inductors, igniters, antenna coils.
Custom Transformers Ltd
Specialises in the design and manufacture of transformers and wound components. Based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, UK.
Danis Electric Co. Ltd.
Maker of single and three phase transformers, stabilizer and other magnetics. Located in Turkey.
Datsan Transformer Ltd.
Maker of high-efficiency and standard power distribution transformers including hermetically sealed as well as custom products. Located in Turkey.
Delta Group
Manufacture of dry-type transformers. Online line card, photograph gallery and distributor list.
Dongan Transformers
Transformers for industrial applications. Supplier to OEM control, machine tool and panel board manufacturers.
Dongguan Guanghua Industry Co.,ltd
Manufactures transformers. From China.
Douglas Electronic Industries Ltd.
Supplier of printed circuit board, isolation and ferroresonant transformers. A UK based company.
East Electric Accessory Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of low power transformers, EI and toroidal.
Eastern Transformers and Equipment
Designs and manufactures transformers, inductors, and wound electrical components and supplies standard unregulated or switched mode power supplies, as well as bespoke or custom built units.
ECU Electronics Industrial Co.Ltd.
Maker of R-core transformer, Toroidal transformer, E-I transformer, Reactors and power supplies.
Electrical Products of India
Manufactures and exports air cooled transformers, power supply units, exciter units and other wound components.
Transformers and related electrically engineered equipment. Multilingual site.
Elma TT
Manufacturer of EI and UI iron core single and three phase transformers and reactors. From Slovenia.
Energy Electronics Mfg. Co Ltd
Manufacturer of power transformer, toy transformer, AC adaptor, DC adaptor. From China.
Ensign Corp
Designer and manufacturer of power transformers, coils for 50, 60 hertz operation as well as high frequency applications. Custom and standard models available.
Epco Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of transformers and related magnetic products.
Erea Transformers and Converters
Erea produces transformers and converters for halogen and LED-lighting, industry, and electronics.
Espee Electricals
Manufacturer and exporter of transformers, stabilizers, inverters, chokes, battery chargers. Located in Mumbai, India.
Express Transformers & Controls Limited
Transformers up to 150kVA. Including reactors, inductors and ferrite (High Frequency) products also high voltage transformers, up to 80kVDC isolation and developing up to 60kVAC. From UK.
Manufacturer of inductors, pulse transformers, power transformers, switchmode transformers, chokes, common mode chokes, differential mode chokes, bobbins, ferrite cores. Located in Poland.
Flanagan Transformers
Australian manufacturer of transformers from 30VA up to 50KVA, custom made for all industrial applications.
Manufacturers of split-core and solid-core current transformers, potential transformers, digital and analog panel meters, digital and analog switchboard meters, KWH submetering equipment, terminal blocks and shunt switches.
Foster Transformer Company
Industrial, and high voltage transformers, custom and standard.
Galaxy Transformers
Manufacturer of custom transformers and magnetic components.
General Transformer Corporation
Manufacturer of constant voltage and custom transformers.
Getra s.p.a.
Producer of large and medium power transformers as well as distribution transformers.
Grand Transformers Incorporated
The design and manufacture of custom inductive components used in electrical equipment, communications products, computer peripherals, medical instruments, industrial controls, and power conversion products.
Haining SanLin Electronic Co., Ltd.
Manufacturers transformers, choke parts, plastic bobbins, and mini ferrite cores.
Hammond Manufacturing
Provider of electrical and electronic transformers, dry type distribution and control transformers.
Hammond Transformers
Offers industrial control, drive isolation and distribution transformers. Transformer and line reactor products.
Hans Von Mangoldt Aachen
Designs and manufactures and tests reactors for complex frequency applications including harmonic filters.
Heluka Designs
Independent transformer consultancy. Has 30 years experience in design and manufacturing. Offers technical advice and engineering support to transformer manufacturers worldwide.
Herco India
Manufacturer and exporter of electrical transformers specializing in high-voltage transformers
Houston Transformer Company
Manufacturer of custom designed transformers, inductors, chokes and related magnetic devices. Specializing in products designed for extreme-environment applications including high-temperature 250C and high vibration.
Howard Butler Ltd.
Manufacturers of ring type, moulded case encapsulated and custom current transformers. From UK.
Hytronics designs and manufactures custom magnetics for both the commercial and military markets with both onshore and offshore facilities.
Ideomat Italia
Leading manufacturer of small industrial transformers up to 100kVA.
InduComp Kft.
Manufacturer of inductive components for switch mode power supplies, RF applications and toroidal transformers. From Hungary.
Industrial Test Equipment Co., Inc.
Maker of high-frequency and high-power transformers to 2MHz and 20KVA.
Integrity Technology Corporation
Maker of transformers for modems, telephone coupling and CCFL applications.
Isomatic UK
Manufacture of transformers for welding.
─░zole Trafo
Transformer and power electronic unit manufacturer in Turkey.
J. Combo Electronics Limited
Transformer manufacturer in China specializes in lighting transformer, toroidal transformer, power supply and ballast.
Jefferson Electric
Manufacturer of dry-type transformers worldwide with customer and technical support services.
JianMing Electrical Company
Designer and manufacturer of audio power transformers, chokes and coils.
JM Transformers
Manufacturers of custom wound transformers and specialty wound components for the electronics industry including, ferrite, laminated, toroidal and air coils.
JMS Transformers UK
Provides off-shelf and custom transformer designs as well as toroidal products, inductors and chokes. Three-phase and single phase products available.
Jung Elektroger├Ątebau GmbH
Maker of control transformers, three phase transformers and toroidal transformers.
Justin, Incorporated
Designer and manufacturer of low voltage transformers, UL Class 2 transformers and general purpose step-down transformers for landscape and track-light applications.
Kaizen Electronica
Provider of linear power transformers and adapters. Located in Argentina.
Kanohar Electricals Limited
Manufacturers of power transformers in India.
Kappa Electricals
Manufactures current and voltage transformers up to 33 kv in application, both indoor and outdoor.
Krishna Electricals
Manufacturer of single and three phase transformer, dry typeand air core reactors, located in Mumbai, India
Lap Transformers
Manufacturer of transformers and inductors. Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Leeds Transformer Company Limited
Manufacturer of Transformers for the petro-chemical and printing industries. Specialists in transient suppression, k-factor, isolation, motor starting, high current and D.C. transformers.
Lenco Electronics, Inc.
Lenco specializes in a wide variety of custom transformers such as isolation transformers, ferro-resonant transformers, Autotransformers, three phase transformers, and inductors.
Li Tone Electronic
Designer and manufacturer of transformers and coils for power, telecommunications, including line filters, chokes, linear power toroidal transformers and SMD inductors.
Lundahl Transformers
Audio transformers and transformers for tube amplifiers. From Sweden.
Mag-Tran Equipment Corp.
Design and production of transformers, inductors, reactors, special coils, compensators, magnetic devices and rectifiers.
MagCap Engineering, LLC
Fabrication of pulse components; reactors, inverter transformers and trigger transformers.
MagneComp Inc.
Scott-T, custom encapsulated, pulse and trigger, custom open-frame, current transformers and corona testing.
Designer and Manufacturer of Transformers, Inductors, and Custom Magnetic Components.
Magnitude Lighting Converters
Magnitude manufactures transformers and drivers for the lighting industry.
Mahendra Electrical Works
Manufacturer of current, instrument, control, voltage potential, oil immersed, tape wound, resin cast and moulded case transformers.
Marcie Electric, Inc.
Manufacturer of transformers, transformer disconnects, power supply units and specialty disconnects.
Marcus Transformer
Maker of high-efficiency lighting and distribution transformers for commercial and industrial applications.
Meinna China Biz
Maker or distributor of current transformers, potential pransformers and reactors.
Merrimack Transformers
Design and manufacture of transformers for the Irish market.
Meth Electric Transformers
Manufacturer of industrial control transformers.
Micron Industries Corporation
US manufacturer of power and control transformers for OEM applications.
MRS Elektrik Cihazlar
Maker of three-phase transformers and other magnetics. Located in Istanbul, Turkey.
Neeltran Inc.
Manufacturers of transformers and power supplies.
Newmarket Transformers Ltd.
Producers of toroidal, laminated and auto wound transformers. From UK.
Noratel Sp.
Manufacturer of transformers. Specialized in toroidal as well as shaped transformers of EI type.
Northlake Engineering, Inc.
Manufactures custom magnetic products.
Open Source Meter
Supplier of split-core and solid-core AC current transformers for electrical metering.
Oriental Hero Electrical Factory
Power transformers, AC adaptors, DC adaptors, and electronic ballasts. From China.
Osborne Transformer Corporation
Designer and manufacturer of specialty transformers and inductors, founded in 1932. USA.
Oxford Electrical Products Ltd
Manufacture of transformers for telecoms, lighting, medical, audio and pulse applications together with linear and switch mode power supplies. From UK.
Parekh Group
Transformers and laminations cores. From India.
Perco Transformer Engineering
Providing engineering services in transformer design reviews, witness acceptance testing, forensic analysis, and technical purchase specifications.
Manufacturer of toroidal transformers and autotransformers. Romanian-German joint venture.
Pioch Company
Manufacturer of electrically insulative plastic components and accessories for transformers.
Plan Belit
Official site of CHPUP "Plant Belit". Manufacturing of transformers and other electornic parts.
Manufacturer and exporter of electrical laminations for all types of static and rotating machines. From India
Manufacturer of low-voltage power transformers, inductors, harmonic filters and voltage stabilizers. Located in Spain.
Powertronix Products
Manufactures toroidal transformers, ac and dc power supplies, inductors, current, auto, and 3-phase transformers.
Manufacturer of control and power transformers, power supplies and wall plug-in power supplies.
Designer and manufactureer of inductive components, RFID components, EMC Filters and PLC Components. Online catalog with datasheets and list of sales representatives.
R Baker (Electrical) Ltd
Maker of hazardous area and flameproof transformers with high-voltage and low-voltage windings for outgoing circuits.
R. R. Enterprises
Manufacturer of high voltage transformers up to 120KV, isolation transformers and ignition transformers for plasma cutting equipment. From India.
Radio Electric Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of variac and toroidal transformers as well as roller contact vertical variacs. Custom design capability. Located in Mumbai, India
Rasquinha Electronics
Manufactures transformers with a focus on toroidal cores, including ring, gapped, rectangular and C versions. From India.
Ravi Electricals
Maker of variacs, variable transformers including dimmers, single phase flush type, 2 and 3 amp square box, and three phase variac open. India.
Ravistat Electricals
Manufacturer of variac-style variable voltage autotransformers, single and three-phase, manual and motor-driven.
Manufacturer of voltage stabilizers. Based in the UK.
Rex Power Magnetics
Manufacture of transformers - power, dry type, cast coil, control, auto, motor start, harmony, reactors, inductors, chokes, and enclosures.
Ritz Instrument Transformers Inc.
A manufacturer of instrument transformers, line traps and reactors from 15 kV to 765 kV.
RoMan Manufacturing
Manufacturer of AC transformers, specialty products and accessories including grounder reactors for welders.
Roshe Power Ltd.
Design and manufacture of toroidal and laminated transformers, inductors, and filters. From UK.
S.C. Romanelec S.R.L.
Maker of low and high frequency coils and transformers, antennas, toroidal transformers. From Romania.
Sagaon Energy Equipment Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of power transformers for wide range of power levels up to 500KVA, 11kV.
Salzer Group
Manufacturers of cam operated rotary switches, terminal connectors, toroidal transformers and load break switches. From India.
Samata Electricals Pvt Ltd
Maker of instrument, oil immersed and high-voltage transformers. Mumbai, India
Sandeep Industries
Manufacturer of Variac autotransformers and supplier of spare parts. Mumbai, India
Sanil Electric Co.,Ltd.
Transformers, reactors and sensors. From Korea.
Schonberg Enterprises Limited
Manufacturer of toroidal and current transformers. ISO 9002 and UL insulation certified. Locations in Taiwan and China.
Schott Corporation
Magnetics, transformers, and inductors. Fabrication of experimental and prototype units, through production runs.
Seven Star
Importer of voltage and power converters, voltage transformers, battery chargers, 220V converters.
Shenzhen Sensor Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Designer and manufacturer of current sense transformers, analog and digital voltage and current transducers.
Shenzhen SoCan Technologies Co.,Ltd
Manufacturer of Hall-Effect current sensors, voltage sensors, leakage current sensors and transmitters for electricity measurement.
Shin Iang Toroidal Transformer Co, Ltd.
Manufacturer of toroidal transformers.
Shri Guru Nanak Electrical Pvt. Ltd
Maker of voltage stabilizing and three-phase transformers. India.
Sigma Electricals
Designer and manufacturer of autotransformers, magnetic amplifiers, reactors, control transformers, chokes. Located in India.
Signal Transformer
Manufacturer of power transformers, EI, toroidal, 3 phase and high-frequency. Manufacturing locations in the Dominican Republic, China & USA.
Sin Wen Hua Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Provider of transformers, reactors, inductors and coils. Located at Sanchong City, Taipei County, Taiwan.
SNC Manufacturing Co, Inc.
Manufacturer and worldwide marketer of transformers, coils, high frequency magnetics and value-added assemblies.
Solomon Corporation
Re-conditioned and new pole pigs.
Staco Energy Products Co.
Manufactures voltage controls, transformers, regulators and power conditioners for industrial and consumer markets.
Staco Variable Transformers
Variacs, few hundred VA to hundreds of kVA.
Stancor Products
Manufacturer of global and power transformers. USA.
Standard Transformers
Manufacturer, testor of transformers and rectifiers stabilizers in the voltage class of 11 KV to 132 KV and rating from 10KVA to 40 MVA.
Step Up Electricals Pvt., Ltd.
Maker of transformers single phase, three-phase, control, pulse transformers and chokes.
Success Electronics & Transformer Manufacturer Sdn Bhd
Manufacturer of auto transformer, power transformer, automatic voltage stabilizer, ballast, electronic ignitors and battery chargers.
Suenn Liang Electric Co.,Ltd.
Specializing in manufacturing transformers. Main products: single and three-phase transformer, series/AC reactor, multi-voltage control box transformer, and electric transformer.
Sunbelt's Transformer
New and remanufactured transformers for industrial and commercial clients.
Taylor Transformers
Manufacturer of transformers for industrial, panel type, portable tool and site, site lighting, extension leads, splitters, plugs and sockets. From UK.
Technova Control Systems
Manufacturer and supplier of servo voltage stabilizers.
Provider of three phase, isolation, control, dry-type, step-up/down Transformers and drive isolation transformers, and autotransformers.
TMC Transformers
Designer and manufacturer of electric cast resin transformers, primarily for power distribution.
Todd Systems
Manufacturers of transformers to convert American appliances for use on foreign voltages and foreign appliances for use in the USA.
Toroid Corporation
Manufactures toroidal transformers used in power supplies and as isolation transformers.
Manufacturer of toroids, toroidal transformer products, custom designed transformers compliant to all quality standards in Australia and worldwide.
Software for design of electrical transformers and inductors. Info about CE marking. Free demo available.
Design and manufacture of toroidal transformers, single phase transformers, three phase transformers and resistance welding transformers. Mladenovac, Serbia.
Manufacturer of various types of transformers including toroidal, 3-phase, audio, switchmode and others from 1VA to 10KVA. Located in Sweden.
Transformers, coils and DC power supplies.
Transformer Winding Services, Ltd.
Designer and manufacturer of single-phase and three-phase current, voltage and power transformers to 50kVA. Located in New Zealand.
Transmag UK
Manufacturer of cast resin indoor voltage and current transformers.
Trench Limited
Manufacture air core reactors, instrument transformers, power quality products, earth fault protection, bushings, line traps, relay communications and protection and control equipment.
Distributor of line isolating transformers from both the Critchley and ETAL ranges.
ttf Flieger GmbH
Voltage stabilizers from Germany.
Unitech Transformers Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of transformers, chokes, harmonic filters, ultra isolation transformers. From India.
Urja Techniques Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer of Furnace Transformers, Industrial Transformers, Mumbai, India
Utility Systems Technologies
Manufacturer of electronic voltage regulators and electric power line conditioners for transient power protection in low voltage single phase and three phase applications
Vijay Electricals
Maker of toroidal, constant voltage and other transformers, autotransformers.
Vikarsh Stampings India Private Limited
Makers of transformer laminations,grain-oriented and others, toroidal cores and other transformer assembly materials.
Vinuta Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Manufacturer of inductors, pulse transformers, power transformers, switchmode transformers, chokes, common mode chokes, differential mode chokes, bobbins, ferrite cores. Located in Slovakia.
Virtual Magnetics
Develop planar transformers and magnetics. Components are simulated with finite elemente analysis.
Voltage Converter Transformers
Distributor of voltage converters, regulators, stabilizers, step up and step down transformers.
Wabash Transformer
The company was founded in 1966, and is presently located in Clarence, Iowa. This facility offers a full range of Custom and Standard power transformers.
West Coast Magnetics
Designs and manufactures power and RF magnetics, power inductors, current transformers, common mode chokes, switch mode and 60 Hz transformers. Online ordering.
Yingjiao Electrical Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of linear and switchmode power transformers. From China.
ZAREL Transformers and Coils
Maker of toroidal, encapsulated, clamp mounted, filter, isolation, phase, control and other transformers and inductors. From Spain.
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