Accurate Electro Industries
Manufacturers of winding machines. From India.
Adams-Maxwell Winding Systems
USA. Manufacturers of a range of bench top and floor mounted bobbin and coil wire winding equipment, tensioners and accessories. Technical brochures, including machine specifications on PDF files.
APW Company
Manufacturers of specialized and precision windings, electrical coils, electromagnets, solenoids and vacuum pick-up pumps. Windings from 16 - 50 gauge and electro-magnets from 1/2 inch to 4 inches in diameter.
Armature Coil Equipment
Makes burn off ovens, coil winding machinery, de-reeling equipment, wire racks, winding heads, and tension devices for the electric motor repair, finishing, rubber, automotive repair and plastics industries.
Ashley America Inc.
Soldering Technology and Eurotubes Wire Guide Tubes for the coil winding industry.
Automatic Windings
Winding of most assemblies, including automatic winding machines that produce high volume.
B. M. P. and Equipment Co.
Manufacturers of coil winding and tapping machines, wire tension control units, and manual motor winders. Based in Mumbai (Bombay), India. Company overview, product photos and descriptions.
Bachi Company
Coil winding machinery, including gear, hydraulic and programmable 2 axis bench winders, multi-spindle and stand alone machines.
Bae Yon Electrical Industrial Co. Ltd.
Manufacturers automatic coil winding machines. From China.
Manufacture of coil winding machinery, transformer winding machines, wire tensioners and armature trickling equipment.
Ultrasonic controls and winding solutions for manufacturing processes. Single and dual winding and unwinding stations, paper tensioning and rewind systems, ultrasonic and touch probe controls, as well as precision investment spools. Light-duty powered wind stands.
Manufacturer of core manufacturing equipment, toroidal winding machines, decoilers, and core annealing furnaces. Product photos and technical specifications.
Dia-Netics, Inc.
Custom maker of precision wound toroid coils and three-piece Kapton and Kapton/Teflon Bobbins.
Electrical Manufacturing and Coil Winding Expo
The international event for the design and manufacture of wound electrical components and finished electrical products.
Elmotec Statomat
Maker of coil winding and electrical manufacturing machines. English and German.
Formers Ltd.
Manufacturers of bobbins and coil formers. From UK.
Geo. Stevens
Coil winding equipment. Servicing all Stevens machines, bobbin, transformer, tension and hand winders.
Ingrid West Machinery, Ltd.
Coil winding machinery, bobbin winding and toroidal machines high speed and heavy wire. Shuttles for toroid machines.
Jovil Universal Manufacturing
Manufacturer of toroidal coil, winding machinery, toroidal taping and hook winders machines, along with associated accessories, worldwide distribution.
Kwang Jang Engineering Co.,ltd.
A Korean maker of automatic winding machines for electric components and factory automation.
Marsilli Winding
Manufacturer of winding machines (bobbin winding, copper winding and coil winding) and welding machines.
Mei Ker Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of transformers, choke coils and coil winding machines, in Taiwan.
Meteor-Maschinen AG-Switzerland
Coil and bobbin winding machines.
New England Techni-Coil,Inc.
Electro-magnet and coil manufacturing specialists for the scientific and micro-processing industries.
Peakpower Industries Company
AC, DC adaptors, coil and transformer manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong.
Precision Winding Inc's.
Coil winding, transformers, aircraft cabin, glareshield lighting and 12 volt DC fluorescent lighting.
Renco Electronics
Supplier of transformers, inductors and coils.
Rollring Industries
Manufacturers of linear drive systems, Traverse units and assemblies, spooling, coil winding machines. Collapsible mandrels and layer winding machine. ISO 9002 certified by BVQI.
Samaruis Precision Instruments
Creates custom electrical components, poteniometers and variable resistors.
Sarcem America, Inc.
Single spindle, multi spindle, multi axis winders, thermoforming, foil and paper winding machines.
Shining Sun
Manufacturer of coil winding machines, soldering machines and related equipment designed for transformers and coils production. From Taiwan.
TNK Co. Ltd.
Winding machines and equipment from single to multi-spindle for the manufacture of all coil types.
Ye Chime Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of coil center of zinc coated steel and stainless steel coil.
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