This category will list companies that manufacture and distribute coils and inductors that are used as stand alone components or as components of assemblies such as relays, solenoids etc.
ABC Electronics Group
Manufacturer of inductive and magnetic components.
A manufacturer of inductors, EMI suppressors, chokes, coils and transformers.
AD-Vance Magnetics
Manufacturers of magnetic shielding. Shielding for electrical components, monitors, CRTs, military applications.
Advanced Materials Corporation
Manufacturer in the research and development of advanced materials such as: high energy permanent magnets, soft and hard ferrites, metal hydrides and Acousto-Optic (AO) crystal.
Amidon Associates
Product catalog of Amidon powdered iron and ferrite components.
API Delevan
Manufacturer of inductors, power inductors, surface mount & through-hole inductors, RF coils, chokes & amps, and transformers.
Manufactures transformer, filters, inductance, coils and inverters. From Italy.
BH Electronics
Designers and manufacturers of magnetic components for use at frequencies of 20KHz to 1GHz. Products include transformers, inductors, filters, baluns and adapters. Lynx(TM) coax to UTP broadband video converters are featured.
BI Technologies
Manufacturer of passive, magnetics and microcircuit modules.
Bicron Electronics Company
Manufacturer of solenoids, transformers, magnetics, sensors and monitors.
Central Technologies
Volume manufacturer of inductors that meet industry standard specifications.
Ceramic Magnetics, Inc.
Manufacturer of ferrite cores and materials, including materials in standard and non-standard core sizes and geometries.
Chilisin Electronics Corporation
Manufacturer of SMD inductors, magnets chip beads, coils, transformers, EMI/data line filters, ceramics, chokes.
Classic Coil Company
Thermoplastic molding from bobbins to total encapsulation.
Vendor of magnetic components for RF, power and filtering
Coils Electronic Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer chokes and coils, power inductors, antenna coils, toroids, filters, solenoids and transformers.
Coiltech, Inc.
Manufacturer of inductive products in radial, axial and surface mount configurations. Products include power inductors, coils, wire wound chips, multilayer chips and beads, mini springs and variable inductors.
Communication Coil, Inc.
Manufacturer of filter networks, RF coils, chokes, inductors, baluns, toroids and power magnetics components.
Cooper Bussmann: Electronics
Manufacturer of transformers, inductors, chokes and coils, including toroids, E-core, EMI, RFI, SMT, SMD, steel laminated, for DC-DC and switchmode applications requiring high frequency magnetics.
Cosmo Corporation
Manufacturer of standard and custom precision plastic coil bobbins and components for transformers.
Custom Coils, Inc.
Manufacturing of Air/Water cooled assemblies.
D. M. Benatav Ltd.
Israeli firm specializing in the design, production and winding of custom mini coils, macro coils and transformers.
Deerfield Laboratory
Manufactures video isolation transformers that eliminate ground loop noise and 60 cycle hum from video.
Ease House Ltd
Manufacturer of chip inductors, chip beads, EMI cores, balun cores, rod cores, drum cores, degraussing coils, power transformers and power adaptor.
Easy Magnet Corporation
Manufacturer of SMT power inductors, multilayer chip inductors and filter coils.
Elementos Magneticos Navarra S.L.
Electromagnetic cupper wire coil design and manufacture for electro-mechanic and inductive applications. Prototypes and first series. Spain.
Fair-Rite Products Corp
Soft ferrite component manufacturer offers a wide variety of EMI shielding products and EMI suppressors.
Manufacturer of inductive components (leaded and SMD inductors, transformer and stripwound cores) and high precision sheet metal products.
Frontier Electronics
Manufacturer and supplier for inductors, transformers and coils, also IPC and ceramic capacitors.
General Linear Systems
Manufacturer of small to medium size inductors, toroids, solenoids, current sensors, common mode chokes, custom coils and air coils.
Hical Magnetics
Designs and manufactures transformers for ADSL, planar and wound, power converters, inductors and common mode chokes.
Horst David GmbH
Supplier of high frequency inductors, coils and inductive SMD components. Specializes in CATV, high-frequency inductors. From Germany.
Distributor of materials and equipment to manufacture inductors, coils and transformers.
Itacoil srl
Maker of 50/60Hz mains transformers, high frequency transformers for switchmode power, signal and measurement applications, common mode chokes, differential mode inductors, other PCB inductive components. From Italy.
J.W. Miller Magnetics- A Bourns Company
Magnetic components (inductors, chokes, coils, transformers) in surface-mount and through-hole packages. Now part of Bourns.
Kenlott Electronics, Ltd.
Manufacturer of solenoids, toroidal and air coils, baluns, fixed inductors, SMD Inductors and multilayer chip beads.
Mag Layers USA, Inc.
Manufacture of ferrite beads, inductors and LTCC (low-temperature co-fired ceramic) products. ISO9000 and QS9000 certified.
Manufacturer of cores and wound products based on amorphous and nanocrystalline materials.
National Electric Coil
Produces high voltage coils and bars for turbine generators, hydro generators and high voltage motors including rewind, repair and retrofit services.
Neosid Pemetzrieder GmbH & Co.
Developer of ferrites, inductive components, and RF modules.
NIC Components Corp
Product offering includes power inductors and chips inductors, as well as traditional passive components
Noreast Electronics Co. LTD
Manufacturer of custom inductors, chokes and transformers for the military, industrial and telecom market.
NSD, Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of transformers, chokes and inductors for a variety of applications.
P&Z Electronic (Dongguan) Co., Ltd
Manufacturer of high frequency transformers, inductors and coils.
Patel's Analog & Digital Measurement Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of coil winding, bushing & transformer winding machines. R&D house for making of superconducting magnets winding set up for superconducting magnets and magnetic mapping systems.
Perfect Electronics Pvt., Ltd.
Manufacturer of inductors, coils, transformers, and other wire wound components.
Manufacturer of microelectronic fixed and tunable inductors for through-hole and surface mount technology applications.
PMEC Sumperk
Producer of toroid chokes, inductors and transformers. Application areas include RF suppression, line filters and current transformers.
Prejection Electronic Coil Industrial Corp.
Manufacturer of electronic air and flat coils for smart cards, security systems, computer hardware, printers, CD drives and other applications.
Prem Magnetics, Inc.
Manufacturer of power and telephony transformers, inductors, and other magnetic components.
Quality Coils Incorporated
Manufacturer of electro-magnetic coils, transformers and related component assemblies.
Raycom Electronics
Manufacturer of inductors, chokes, coils, and transformers the military markets. Products are manufactured to MIL-T-27 and are certified to MIL-PRF-1553.
Sag Harbor Industries, Inc.
Maker of toroidal, molded and bonded coils as well as solenoid coils and cable harnesses.
ShinPower Company Limited
Manufacture transformer, coil, core, atx switching power and media speaker coils..
SiGA Electronics
Manufacturer of electronic wound components to the aerospace, medical, offshore and commercial industries. From UK.
Spang Engineered Solutions
Engineers and manufactures custom inductors, specializing in high power designs.
Standard Technology, Inc.
Manufacturer of custom coils, solenoids, sensors and electromagnets.
Sumida Corporation
Manufacturer of power inductors and CCFL transformers. Includes contact information for North American distributors and representatives.
T. Glavan d.o.o.
Producer of custom coils, transformers, and solenoids in Slovenia, Eastern Europe.
A manufacturer of multilayer chip beads and inductors.
Tesla Systems Research
Tesla coil components, sub assemblies and complete units.
Toko Inc
A manufacturer of a wide range of inductors, coils, and RF passive components. Part of the Toko group.
Top-View Coil Products Co Ltd
Manufacturer of coils and inductors. The product range includes surface-mount transformers, choke coils, inductor coils, toroidal coils and watch choke coils.
Tortran, Inc.
Manufacturers toroidal transformers and chokes for scientific and consumer products.
Triad Magentics
Triad focuses on various types of transformers as well as custom magnetics, including chokes and toroidal inductors.
Universal Magnetics, Inc.
Experienced designer and manufacturer of custom coils, transformers and inductors. Expertise with pi and RF coils.
Vanguard Electronics
Manufacturer and global provider of RF inductors, RF, pulse and power transformers, power Inductors, chokes and chip inductors. Emphasis on harsh environment applications such as space and defense industry.
Viking Tech Corporation
Manufacturer of wire-wound and multilayer chip inductors in Taiwan.
Wearnes Cambion Ltd
Manufacturer specialising in electro-mechanical and inductive products such as rfid, rf chokes, coil forms, connectors, terminals and sockets.
Weikai Technology Co, Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of inductors coils and chokes. Located in Taiwan.
Wilco Corporation
Manufacturer of inductors, chokes, and coils specializing insurface mount power inductors, surface mount chip inductors, and ferritedrum core inductors.
Winatic Corp.
Winatic specializes in the design and manufacture of custom medical magnetics with emphasis on high reliability.
Wirewinders, Inc.
Wirewinders specializes in custom wound magnetic devices/assemblies of varying type and size for diverse applications and industries, from concept to prototype and/or production.
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