This category will list companies that manufacture and/or distribute ferrite cores used for induction components magnetic powders and component of magnetic powers and permanent magnets.

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ACME Ferrite Products Sdn Bhd
Producer of nickel zinc soft and manganese zinc soft ferrite products in Malaysia.
Advanced Ceramic X Corporation
Manufacturer of low temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) and multilayer ferrite devices.
Amorphous Metals
Produces inductors and transformers made with metglas amorphous metals have unique and beneficial magnetic properties.
Ceramic Magnetics
Manufactures NiZn and MnZn soft ferrite cores. Processes ferrites powders, machines and presses core shapes.
Provides components for winding of transformers, motors and chokes: ferrite cores, laminations toroidal cores, plastic bobbins, and other accessories for transformers and coil windings.
Core-Tech Corporation
Manufacturer ferrite cores.
Cosmo Ferrites Ltd.
Manufacturer of MnZn ferrite cores as well as MnZn ferrite powder.
Dexter Magnetic Technologies
Supplier of magnetic materials: permanent magnets, soft ferrites, amorphous and naoncrystalline core materials, ferrite cores, powder cores as well as custom-designed magnet assemblies.
E Core Corp.
Manufacturer of ferrite core products, E CORE EMI, printed circuits bead, surface mount bead, drum core, rod core, tapping bead, connector suppressors and antenna bars.
Electro-Matic Products Co.
Manufacturers of electro-mechanical controls and systems for industry, including magnetic chuck controls, gaussmeters, and demagnetizers.
Encore Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of electronic passive components, such as core, ferrite core, power inductor, transformer, converter, inverter, line filter, network product.
Ferro Shield Electronics Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of ferrite and ceramic EMI electronic components.
Ferropribor Plant
Manufacturer of ferrites, ferrite magnets, ferrite microwave devices and magnetic-dielectric materials. Russia.
Hengdian Magnets
Manufacturing and dealing in hard ferrite magnets and NdFeB Magnets.
Huzhou KeDa Magnetoelectricity
Manufacturer of soft magnetic, iron powder cores, sendust cores, inductor and Hig.
Inductor Supply
Manufacturer of Inductors, Transformers, and related Magnetic Components
Jantek Electronics Co., Ltd.
Manufacturers of a range of EMI suppression devices, including ferrite beads, wide band chokes, chip beads, chip inductors, and filters.
King Core Electronics Inc.
Manufacturer of through hole ferrite suppression cores and ferrite chip beads and inductors.
Supplier of ferrite material and manufacturer of winding machinery in Russia and CIS countries.
Magnet-Physics, Inc.
Manufacturer of measurement and magnetizing equipment for magnetics.
Magnetics, Inc.
Manufacturer of soft magnetic materials and components including ferrites, MPP, and tape wound cores.
Metis Instruments & Equipment, n.v.
Manufacturer of magnetic and electromagnetic equipment such as magnetizers, demagnetizes, gaussmeters and fluxmeters.
Mmc Magnetics
Provides engineered permanent magnetic materials and components.
National Magnetics
Makes ferrites, magnets, and dielectric in a wide variety of custom shapes and sizes for many different industries.
New Favor Industry Co., Ltd.
Provider of ferrites, magnets, rare-earth NdFeB magnets, EMI filter cores and inductor. Also provides DC motor parts and magnetic assemblies. Located in Taiwan.
Ningbo SSD Magnetics Co.,Ltd.
Producer of isotripic, alnico and FeCrCo magnets.
One Magnet Electronic
Specializes in sintered NdFeB, Sintered SmCo, Cast Alnico, Ferrite Magnet (Ceramic), Bonded NdFeB and Rubber Magnets.
Panasonic USA Inc.
Manufacturer of consumer products, electronic components, and materials including ferrite cores.
Superrite Electronics Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing and developing of magnetic related products with information on products, company, catalogue and contacts.
TDG electronics corporation
Manufacturer and supplier of MnZn and NiZn ferrite cores in China.
TDK Corporation of America
Manufacturer of electronic components, materials, and applications including ferrite cores.
Vardhman Stampings
Provides CRGO lamination for transformers.
Wiltan Ltd
Manufacture of wound transformer cores.
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