This category contains sites from manufacturing companies involved with primarily electrical test equipment. Such as power line, HVAC, construction or installation of electrical systems.

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AEMC Instruments/Chauvin Arnoux
Manufacturer of various types of electrical test equipment. Products include insulation testers, earth/ground testers, megohm meters, and current probes.
Ajit Electronics
Indian manufacturer of oil test sets, test sets, high voltage tester, ratio meter, phase shifter, and related products.
Test equipment manufacturer for the electrical, HVAC, construction and maintenance markets, primarily hand held devices.
Associated Research, Inc.
Manufacturer of hipot testers, high voltage dielectric withstand analyzers, ground bond, line leakage and insulation resistance testers.
Avatar Engineering Corporation
Electronic loads for burn-in systems, rectifiers and DC power supplies.
Avtron Loadbanks
A line of loadbanks for testing power sources such as generators, uninterruptible power supplies, turbines, or batteries.
Brand Electronics LLC
Manufacture digital power meters and develop, prototype and produce embedded microprocessor electronics.
Calvada Technologies
Manufacturer of electrical test sets.
Chroma Systems Solutions Inc.
Manufacturer of including automated power supply test systems, electronic loads, programmable AC power supplies and related equipment.
Compliance West USA, Inc.
Manufacturers of hipot (dielectric withstand) testers, high current ground continuity testers and large format LED displays.
Digimeter Electronics Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of digital multimeters.
Manufacturer of test equipment for high voltage circuit breakers such as analyzers, timers, production and on line monitoring equipment.
Electronics Product Design, Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of voltage meters and watt-hour meters and a variety of AC and DC electrical power measuring instruments.
This division of Chauvin Arnoux offers systems and fixed equipment for measurement, control, metering, management and monitoring of MV/LV electrical networks switchboards and industrial machines.
ET System Electronic
Provides high technology devices for test and measurement, high voltage power supply, safety test systems and DC-AC inverters.
Executive Engineering
Manufacturer of electronic loads and power supply, and load monitoring test equipment.
Manufacturer of automatic power supply testers.
Gopal Electronics
A manufacturer of epstein tester, single sheet tester, voltmeter, wattmeter, ammeter, frequency meter, pf meter and holiday detector.
Hioki USA Corporation
Manufacture of data acquisition, power meters, power quality analyzer (PQA), LCR meters, battery measurement, multi meters and field measuring instruments.
HT Italia
Manufacturer of power appliance testers, power network analysers, digital multimeters (DMMs) and current clamps.
Ideal Industries
Manufacturers and distributors of a electrical testers and meters for electrical contractors and the wiring installation industry.
Manufacturer of automatic and manual test sets for electrical power distribution systems.
Lemke Diagnostics
Manufacturer of partial discharge and dissipation factor (Tan Delta) measurement systems, cable test systems and PD monitoring systems especially for transformers, generators and cables.
Macrodyne, Inc.
Power line phasor measurement, recording, satellite timing and accessories, data acquisition and recording instruments used within the electric power industry.
Manatronics Pty Ltd
Manufactures DC load banks, data loggers and battery testing equipment.
Manta Test Systems Inc.
Advanced electronic test products and services for electrical power system protection, control and measurement. Manufacturer of protective relay test equipment, power meters and transducer calibrators.
Manufactures, markets and supports products under the Multi-Amp, Biddle, and Megger brand names.
NH Research
Designs and manufactures power-electronics test systems and test instruments for the functional testing of dc power supplies, UPSs and related power conversion products.
Ohm Loads Inc.
Manufacturer of custom passive loads. These load banks are used for testing power supplies.
Omicron Electronics
An international company that develops and manufactures state of the art primary and secondary injection test equipment. Also offer training, consulting and services in this field.
Power Monitors Incorporated
Manufacturer of fixed and portable power recorders for 1,2, or 3 phase services.
Manufacturing tools to help identify and solve power quality related problems, power line monitors and data loggers.
Rishabh Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of measuring instruments, panel meters, digital multimeters, shunts and electrical transducers.
Scope T&M Pvt Ltd
Firm with bases in India and Illinois which specializes in designing portable field testing instruments for equipment used in generation and distribution.
Sephco Load Banks
Load banks for testing diesel generator capacity and automatically providing minimum engine loading for optimum efficiency and life.
Shanghai Glentest Electronics Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of electrical and electronic test instruments and other testers such infrared thermometer, tachometer, etc.
Standard Electric Works co., Ltd.
Manufacture of insulation tester, earth resistance tester, earth leakage tester, loop impedance/PSC tester, ELCB tester, clamp meter, multitester, phase sequence indicator, panel meter, audio impedance tester.
Summit Technology
Handheld PowerSight, measures and datalogs all important parameters of electrical power.
Designers, manufacturers and distributors of unique measurement instruments to the electrical industry. Products include multimeters, cable height meters and remote current measurement devices.
T and R Test Equipment
Heavy current and high voltage electrical test equipment, relay test equipment, primary current injection systems, micro-ohmmeters, DC cable test sets and AC flash testers.
Tabor Electronics
Produces test and measurement equipment and private-labels numerous products.
William H. Swain Co.
Field-portable non-contact ammeters for corrosion protection, fault location, and quality assurance.
Manufacturer of electrical test equipment analyzers for circuit breaker applications.
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