Power factor is the percentage of electricity that is being used to do useful work. It is expressed as a ratio. For example, a power factor of 0.72 would mean only 72% of your power was being used to do useful work. Perfect power factor is 1.0,(unity), meaning 100% of the power is being used for useful work. Power factor correction, then, is the method(s) used to fix the problems that cause power to be wasted. Energy is saved, and penalties levied by power companies are reduced or eliminated.
AIM Europe
Manufactures active harmonic filters and electronic power factor correction equipment.
Cos Phi Inc.
Designers and manufacturers of power factor and power quality correction equipment for industry.
Electenergy Technologies Inc.
Energy saving and power conditioning system.
Enspec Power Ltd
Manufacturers of power factor correction equipment and harmonic filters. Specialists in power quality and high voltage engineering.
Hale Instruments Ltd.
Specialists in power factor capacitors, motor capacitors and obsolete electronic components. Based in Altrincham UK.
Mesta Electronics, Inc.
Digital power factor and harmonic managers.
MTE Corporation
Designer and manufacturer of line and load reactors, broad band harmonic filters and DC link chokes with information on products and technical articles.
Myron Zucker, Inc.
Manufacturers of power factor correction capacitors and harmonic filters.
Northeast Power Systems, Inc. (NEPSI)
Manufactures custom-engineered power factor correction equipment and harmonic filters.
Phaseco, Inc.
Provides design, engineering, equipment and installation services for power factor correction capacitor and harmonic filter systems to the large industrial, commercial and manufacturing industries.
Power Capacitors Ltd
Power factor correction equipment and single to three phase converters. From UK.
Power Correction Systems, Inc.
Manufactures harmonic power correction filters.
Steelman Industries
Electric power capacitors, capacitor cabinets and boxes also power factor correction capacitors.
Yuhchang Electric Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of power capacitor, automatic power factor regulator, series reactor and rechargeable lead calcium battery. From Taiwan.

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