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3M Static Control
Manufacturer and distributor of static shielding bags, moisture barrier bags, grounding accessories and static control workstation products.
Aesops Inc.
Distributes static control products. Range includes personal garments and protective accessories, work station grounding products, cart and product covers, test units, and portable field service kits.
Bennett & Bennett
Distributors of cleanroom and static control products including specialized contract cleanroom product cleaning, conversion, and packaging services. Product photos and specifications.
BHO Tech Supply Co., Ltd.
Manufacturers specializing in anti static equipment and products. Range includes ESD garments and accessories, work station equipment, dissipative tote accessories, and anti static cleaning and coating chemicals. Taiwan.
Boedeker Plastics, Inc.
Plastic materials and speciality polymers distributor for protection and prevention of ElectroStatic Discharges.
Distributor and manufacturer of static control product and handtools, including wrist straps, flooring, benches and chairs, and tweezers. Online parts catalog.
Bystat International inc.
Canada. Manufactures range of static control products. Selection includes personal garments, component and work station protective equipment, and anti-static chemicals.
C.C. Steven and Associates
Distributor of ESD equipment. Line includes ionizing bars and blowers, static generators and power units. Site also includes realtime help and information.
Desco Industries, Inc.
Employee owned company manufacturing and distributing ESD products and systems. Range includes personal, component, and work station protective units. Pages explaining nature, effects, and control of electrostatic discharge.
Distributor of anti-static, anti-fatigue, dissipative, and conductive products and accessories for variety of work environments. Product pages include pictures, descriptions, and prices.
ElectroStatics Inc.
Manufacturer specializing in static control and generating systems for wide range of industries. Installations include measurement, neutralization, grounding, contamination control, and, in certain cases such as coating and bonding, generating systems.
ESD Products
Distributor of ESD products. Line includes wrist straps, esd bags, grounding devices, ionizers and testing monitors.
ESD Systems
Specializing in electrostatic discharge control products designed for the electronics and semiconductor industries.
ESDRAC Services
Australia. Distributor of ESD products and accessories. Site also includes an informative technical and fundamental knowledge base.
GRC Enterprises
Sales of static shielding and pink anti-static bags, plus ESD warning labels, tape, and drum liners. Site has online store with photos and prices.
Haug GmbH
Germany. Manufacturer specializing in ionizing devices for wide range of industries. Products include equipment and systems for measurement, testing, discharging, and safe explosive handling.
Korean distributor of ESD control products. Line includes mats, apparel, storage and packaging materials.
Julie Industries
Manufactures and distributes static control products for electronics and industrial processing companies. Range includes passive and active charging systems, flooring products, ESD furniture, ionizers, and grounding devices for personnel, components, and work surfaces.
Marvel Products
Manufacturer and supplier of ESD products including personnel grounding, work surfaces, and packaging. Mumbai, India. Product photos and descriptions and article on static electricity history.
Mat Depot
Industrial mat manufacturer and distributor; specializing in anti-static mats and grounding accessories. Other matting products include floor mats, door mats, anti-fatigue mats, logo mats, runners, entrance mats and safety mats.
Manufacturer of ionizers, static generation and other ESD related equipment designed to control electrostatic charges.
Manufacturers of inline and spot source ionizers; ion blowers, bars, and guns; and grounding, measuring, and test equipment. Technical information about ionization as a means of static elimination.
Perma Inc.
Manufacturers of ESD floor finishes, cleaners and static control treatments.
Professional Plastics
Distributor of plastic sheets, rods, tubing and films.
Supplier of ESD auditing kits, instrumentation, grounding accessories as well as information on ESD seminars and training materials.
Manufactures range of ionization products, with pictures, description, and availability of technical literature for each main group of items. Applications include converting, electronics, pharmaceutical, and medical industries. Detailed discussion of static and its elimination.
Sno White
Regional distributor (Florida)of industrial matting and supplies, also carries a small selection of ESD products and grounding accessories.
Sohre Turbomachinery
High performance bristle shaft grounding brushes for earthing stray currents on turbomachinery, propeller shafts and compressors.
Static Solutions Inc.
Manufacturers of anti-static products. Range includes dissipative floor paints, coatings, finishes, strippers, and cleaners, as well as measuring, testing, and grounding devices.
Static Technologies
Distributor of ESD control equipment and accessories. Products include foot grounders, wrist straps ESD meters.
Tech Wear Inc.
Specializes in manufacturing garments to protect sensitive micro-electronic components from electrostatic discharge. Choice of fabrics, colours, and styles.
UltraStat 2000 Inc.
Manufactures static control products for manufacturing and consumer applications. Range includes wrist and heel straps, monitors, and field kits. Services include supply and installation of EDS flooring.
Walter G. Legge Co. Ltd.
Manufactures static control products for electronic, industrial, and institutional applications. Range includes grounding devices, conductive and static dissipative items, and anti-static floor care and coating products.
Germany. Manufactures wide range of static control materials, systems, and accessories. Services include availability of data sheets, user manuals, and computer-based training programs in ESD certification.
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