This category will list companies that manufacture or distribute materials or supplies used in the manufacture of electric and electronic devices.

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Advance Reproductions
Provides photomasks, optical, large-area masks, glass masks, digital imaging, prints, photoplot, pattern generation, laserwrite, scanning, and CAD.
Alltemated Inc.
Provider of value added services and products including integrated circuit programming, tape and reel, component forming, custom carrier tape and subcontract assembly.
Choksi Heraeus Limited
Manufacturers of electrical contacts and allied precious metal products for switchgear industry. From India.
Dongjin Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd.
Photo resist for photo lithography processing.
Dow Corning Electronics
Products used to manufacture and protect electronics with information on products, services, tools and contacts.
Edson Electronics Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of production consumables to the electronic industry. Including stencil rolls, swabs, wipes and anti static consumables.
ESE Industries
Manufactures PCBA solder and PCB inks, chemicals and solder paste.
ESL Electro-Science
Manufacturer of thick-film conductor, dielectric and resistor pastes and ceramic tape systems.
Evergreen Semiconductor Materials
Supplier for raw materials and packaging needs (ceramic packages, lids, and silicon wafers.)
Fluoro Co., Ltd.
Vacuum wands, pumps, wafer tweezers, aligners and tubing. ESD safe products and wands for 300mm semiconductor wafer processing also available.
Form Cut Industries
Manufacturer of terminal pins.
Four Points
Source for SMT stencil supplies. Aluminum frames, polyester screen mesh, foil and mesh bonding adhesives, understencil wiping rolls, stainless steel foil, hot plates, heating elements, and cleaning chemicals.
Hi-Rel Lids Ltd
Manufacturer of lids for hermetically sealed packages, including milled, stamped, and formed lids. Also provides etching and plating services.
Illinois Components, Inc.
Provider of taping and reeling and lead preparation services for electronic component manufacturers.
Insulation Plastics, Ltd.
Manufacturer and supplier of heat shrinkable tubing, extruded tubing, and braided sleeving.
Supplies PCB products and solutions.
Interplex Etch Logic
A reel to reel precision manufacturer of volume etched components for the semiconductor, automotive, telecommunications, discrete and connector markets.
Ionotec Ltd
Specializing in the manufacturing of ion-conductive ceramics and in electrochemical research for applications in batteries, fuel cells, sensors and electrochemical reactors.
Isola Group, SARL
Provides single and double-sided and multilayer copper-clad laminates and prepregs for printed circuit boards including FR-4s, BT/epoxy, polyimides, and composites.
Jet Process Corporation
Manufactures thin film coating systems and provides coating services for microelectronics and optoelectronics; gold-tin, copper, platinum, many metals, oxides, nitrides.
JTS Power Ltd
Services include heat-shrinkable technology, terminating and jointing power cables. Also suppliers of silicon insulators, cut out fuses and air break switches. Located in New Zealand.
Lighthouse Lubricant Solutions, LLC.
Manufacturer of lubricants and suspensions for processing silicon and other related materials.
ESD protective packaging and handling materials for semiconductor and electronic products with information on products, company profile and contacts.
Martin Photomask Services
Provides photomask CAD services, data conversion software, reticles and optical, e-beam, laser and large area photomasks for semiconductor manufacturers.
MCI Cambridge Ltd
Offers a range of screen products to support the printed circuit board, medical, hybrid and component manufacturing industries.
MicroChem Corporation
Develops and manufactures specialty chemicals including photoresists and optical dyes for MEMS, displays, microelectronics, packaging, optoelectronics and other dynamic technology markets.
MicroChemicals GmbH
German company offering chemicals for photo lithography and structuring including photo resists, developer and solvents. Site in English, German, and French and including PDF datasheets.
Microplastics Inc.
Production of electromechanical components with insert molding solutions for electronic and electrical connections.
Microtronics, Inc.
Provides photomasks to various industries that include: integrated circuits, resistor networks, hybrid circuits, RF transistors, power devices, and optical devices.
Mid America Taping and Reeling
Electronics automated packaging.
Supplies ultra-high purity, low-alpha lead based products for flip-chip interconnect solutions to the semiconductor industry.
Orbel Corporation
Provides precision photo chemical milling and electroplating of wire, strip and foil to the electrical, electronic and battery industries.
Pacothane Technologies
Manufactures lamination assist products for PCB applications.
Photo Sciences Inc.
Photomasks and reticles for semiconductor industry.
Photronics, Inc.
Photomasks and reticles for semiconductor, LCD, and other microelectronics manufacturing. Photomasks are high precision quartz plates that contain microscopic images of electronic circuits.
Photomasks and reticles for semiconductor, LCD, and other microelectronics manufacturing. Produces 2000 - 3000 sheets of photomasks and large masks per month.
Pure Technologies
Manufacturer of low alpha lead products for the semiconductor industry.
QPL Ltd.
Supplier of leadframes for the semiconductor industry.
Sales of tweezers and vacuum pens for the semiconductor, jewelry and micro electronics industries as well as wafer film frames and cassettes for the semiconductor industry.
SEH America, Inc.
Manufactures polished and epitaxial silicon wafers for the semiconductor industry.
Sichwan Western Minmetals Co., Ltd.
Supplier of high purity metals and compounds including tungsten, molybdenum, and antimony. Product specifications grouped by element.
Taping of surfacemount devices, trimming and straightening of component pins. Manufacture of carrier tapes. From Germany.
Source Electronics Corporation
Provides integrated circuits for the electronics industry. Services include programming, marking, testing, lead scanning, taping and reeling, and materials management.
Specialist Electronic Wire and LCD
Specialize in enamelled copper wire, silicon steel lamination core and permalloy core.
Spherical Power Industries
Solder spheres for BGA and powders for electronics PCB.
Manufacturing ceramic packages and stripline filters in the microwave and millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies.
Sunic Ltd
Thin film multilayer coating systems and its applications.
T.J. Assemblies Inc.
Manufacturer of bobbins, coil forms, and electronic components for the coil winding and electronics industry.
Taiflex Scientific Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of flexible copper cladded laminate and coverlay including coating, adhesiveless-FCCL, chip on film(COF), photo-imaginable-coverlay (PIC), chip on glass(COG) and tape automatic bonding (TAB) for flexible printed circuit(FPC). Includes product descriptions and photographs of flexible circuit applications.
Taiwan Welding Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of electronics terminal, lead wire and pins, used in rectifier, diode, connector, resistor, capacitor, oscillator, inductor, fuses, and pcb. From Taiwan.
Tapco Associates
Distributor of laminates, prepreg, imaging, and drilling products in the Midwest, USA.
Tek Pak, Inc.
Produces automation packaging products for the surface mount manufacturing processes.
Specializing in tinning, component lead forming, custom device packaging.
TLC Precision Wafer Technology
MMIC, module, and wafers produced and offered.
Topsil Semiconductor Materials A/S
Supplier of float-zone silicon crystal wafers and ingots to the electronic industry.
Valley Design Corp.
Supplier of polished aluminum nitride substrates for miniaturization of high power microelectronic circuits and other high thermal hazard-free applications.
Vestal Electronic Devices, LLC
Tape and reel services for axial, radial, SMD and odd-form components.
Williams Advanced Materials
Precious, non precious pure metal and alloys for PVD. Lids, preforms, bonding, ribbon, cald for microelectronics, semiconductor, hybrid packages.
High Precision Cleaning products and processes for all cleaning requirements in the electronic manufacturing industry with more than 20 cleaning systems worldwide.

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